A family portrait is very special memory. In today’s busy life, it’s not happened very often, where all your family members gathered like a dinner table or at a party. Even if they gather, there is very little chance of a perfect family portrait, because it is difficult to gather them all at one place and click a beautiful family picture. And once everybody is gathered and family photo is clicked, someone eyes are closed, someone in awkward face and so on. All in all, it’s very challenging to have a perfect family portrait, where everybody is smiling. All group is looking like a big happy family. So Best Cartoon site is hopeful that you have a family portrait but is not as awesome as you want. But don’t worry, we are here to make your imperfect family photo to a perfect family cartoon portrait, sounds interesting? Let’s roll.

Why to make a family cartoon portrait?

The answer is simple, to make its shortcoming its advantages. As we observed, once a terrible family portrait is gone through cartoonist effects and filters, it came by as work of genius. As your ugly smile, closed eyes, sticked out tongue, embarrassing face impression converted into a beautiful cartoonist portrait, that is your own masterpiece. This artwork of family portrait has taken your all flaws and transformed them to excellences. Your bad pose is now your style, your living room shortcomings are converted into stylish settings. Now, may be your convinced, to give it a try.

How to convert a simple family group photo to family cartoon portrait?

Again, the answer is quite simple. There are many online and offline tools, photo editors on android and iPhone to make this difficult job easy for you. We have selected an incredible catalogue of android apps to start with.

Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art

This power pack cartoonist app helps you convert into best cartoon family portrait in one tap. There are hundreds of smart filters, AI based filters, customizable effects that will not only transform yourself into cartoon but also the background. Its editor is very robust, you can control exposure, color, lighting, makeover, and overlays. Its also offer amazing pops and frames to elegant your cartoonist family portrait. A Search feature is also available, that will help you find hashtags i.e., #family and you will get a list of pre-made template to get started.

ToonApp: Cartoon Photo Editor

This cartoon family portrait app offers you simple options to get started. All you need is select the family photo and every member are converted into cool caricatures. ToonApp also recommends trying their new profile picture caricatures and 3d cartoons of yourself. Further, you can turn yourself into a funny character as well using this app. Ads may also annoy you in this app, at each step of the conversation.

Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor

The Prisma app is very popular in the android world due to its 700+ artwork styles, That can turn your photo to cartoon in numerous ways. You will be surprised once you have start using this photo art effect App. A lot of Customization and AI based filters. This the best option to enjoy the cartoon family photo in no time. Open app, click the family photo and your masterpiece is ready to rock the world.

ToonMe – cartoons from photos

Another app from Photo Lab, that have unique cartoon effects and filters. Update on day-to-day bases. You can apply a trending filter on your family portrait. A free 3-day trial is also available to test full potential of the app before monthly or yearly subscription. Cool animation is used while toonification your family tree or group photo.

ArtistA: Art Photo Editor

This cartoon family portrait maker app will take cartoonish pictures in real time. Once you launched the app it will open camera and you are ready to click an artwork in no time. A lot of customization is also available. Ads may also annoy you in this app, but you can always purchase the subscription.

Voila AI Artist Cartoon Photo

Voila app is very simple to use app. Basically it offers amazing cartoonish effects on your family portrait instantly. The best feature of this app is “Be A Star”, where you can be a Hollywood star using its AI magic. You can convert your whole family into old Hollywood actor/actresses. Also, if you can your family as cave age, you can also use its prehistory option to do so.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the list. And will give a try to them to change your family portrait to something fun. This photo can be shared in family WhatsApp group or can be printed to be part of your wall, just for fun. Another good use of this painting is; giving it as a gift on someone birthday or marriage.

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