Many small and emerging companies, website owners, YouTube channels, applications or programs, or other projects on the Internet, need to design professional logos to express their vision and identity. As everyone knows that the unique and distinctive logo is essential to the success of business and projects. Besides, it is a critical element that cannot be forgotten when creating any project.

professional logo designs

However, creating a distinctive and well-designed logo is not as easy as you think. As many business owners face, some complications are that when they want to do their logo and express the nature of the content they provide. Of course, this is a problem for those who are not good at dealing with design programs, whether Photoshop or its alternatives from professional design programs that require high skill in drawing and design. Or, you may need to agree with a logo designer to fulfill your request for a specific amount of money. Luckily, with the proliferation of sites that provide professional logo designs, which give the user an online design tool that contains all the tools needed to create a distinctive logo. In this article, you will learn about one of the best these sites, which is DesignEvo.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a website you can use to create an excellent logo for your brand. You can choose your favorite design from the huge template library, and then customize it to be unique. In addition, it also provides many great editors to help you create the logo professionally, including millions of free icons as well as attractive fonts and various engineering shapes. By investing these resources with some creative ideas, you can design many innovative and new logos quickly and professionally without design experience.

customizing the size, fonts, colors, changing the background

How to do DesignEvo work for you?

Through DesignEvo, you will always find the right options for you to create the logo in different categories such as real estate, technology, photography, restaurants, games and others. You can customize the logo across the site easily and quickly, such as customizing the size, fonts, colors, changing the background, etc. with the click of a button.

There will be no need to register a new account to try this tool; all you should to do is visit the website and start creating the logo for free. After designing the logo, you can export it directly to your device and it will be saved as a zip file. But in this step, it will require you to register to download your works.

DesignEvo Main features:

  • You can control design steps by rolling back or re-executing.
  • The site provides graphic design instead of traditional design.
  • The application gives you a lot of designs in all different fields. DesignEvo contains a large number of various fonts.
  • It provides you with many forms and icons for use in many fields.
  • DesignEvo provides you with control over the logo size.
  • It is easy to use and provides all its services for free and without requiring design skills.
  • You can get the logo of the highest quality, in various formats and ideal for printing. You can save logos that you have created on the cloud in your account to edit to them at any time.

a lot of free designs

Wrap up

What did you think about this tool? DesignEvo is intuitive, so you can easily create a free logo. If you have the needs for a logo, then DesignEvo would be a nice choice to do this job.

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