Have you played Skyrim? It’s a wonderful game designed for game lovers who like action, thrill, and suspense. The game comes with all the best action that gets the attention of adults. The interface of the game is so advanced to grab the attention of players. Everything is designed as per the expectations of potential players who like to explore new challenges in hunting games. Similar to Skyrim, we have got a collection of games that can give you the same battle field and environment. These games are not exactly like Skyrim, but you feel the same features. Here are the games!

Block Story

Block Story game skyrim

Are you ready to play a game that looks similar to Skyrim? Let’s try Block Story to begin new adventures! The game is about a block story that comes under a terrific design. You find yourself blocked in a world, where you have no other option except to fight against your enemies. You are supposed to explore new things and fight unless you reach your final destination. You gain points when you move on after defeating your enemies. Also, you learn new things during your adventure and that is the best thing to enjoy in this game that makes you expert as soon as you advance.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls is known as TES, an ideal game for those who are inspired by Skyrim. The game was designed in 2019. The game features cool results when we talk about the interface and brightness mode. The pattern of the game revolves around blades, where you are to hunt the resources to find resistance. Accept tasks while moving forward to pass your mission. To get rid of the monsters, your target is to fight till the last breath. Never give up!

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG

Iron Blade

Are you up for the challenges? Let’s download this Iron Blade game that comes with amazing features! The game is full of entertainment for players who like to do some adventures. The game was launched in 2013, still it gets the attention of internet users. You come across mystical creatures in the game that creates suspense and horror. The graphics are cool that develop your interest in the game.

Hence, your goal is to complete your mission by defeating powerful enemies. Every new enemy is powerful compared to the one you faced in the previous level. Further, your hero learns to attack and defense while moving forward. Looking at this point, you should download this amazing game.

Dungeon Hunter 5 – Action RPG

Dungeon Hunter

Are you searching for an action-packed game that comes with elegant features and an interface? Dungeon Hunter 5 seems to be the perfect choice for you. The game brings you horror creatures like monsters and dangerous people who are there to kill you. Being a hero, you are not supposed to give up at any stage of the game. Keep moving and fight like a legend to defeat strange creatures. You have to behave like a true warrior to clear all your missions. Interestingly, you discover new weapons and treasures as soon as you advance in the game.

Order & Chaos 2: 3D MMO RPG

Order and Chaos

If you like Warcraft games, then you must download this game on your Android and IOS devices to have unlimited fun. The game is identical for adventurers, as they come across various monsters in the way. The mission is to kill monsters who stop you from moving forward. Now, the time is to choose your favorite character that you think can easily smash the enemies. The graphics and interface are also supportive and the guidance is excellent as soon as you start the game. You get all the instructions before you start a monster hunting adventure.

Wild Blood

Wild Blood

Wild Blood is a splendid game for action lovers. You fight against enemies at a place that looks haunted and strange. The fighting atmosphere is created in the game, where you advance with some skills and perfection. The battle goes on until you finish your enemies. The multiplayer mode is available to make you feel pleased with the stunning features of Wild Blood. The name speaks it all. Your mission is to visit Haunted Castle to find weapons and hunting enemies at the same time. You come across wonderful weapons that help you to kill haunted creatures. The game also lets you know about King Arthur when you reach the final level.

Celtic Heroes 3D MMO

Celtic Heroes

Want to start a fantastic journey? Download this perfect game to pass time. The game is based on so many characters that keep you busy when you look at each character. You can play along with your friends just to beat your enemies. The location where you are to defeat enemies is fully haunted and fantasy. Thankfully, you come across heroes that have a traditional mindset. Further, you can upgrade your characters to become Celtic heroes. The mission is to hunt enemies and move ahead to discover new levels.

The Shadow Sun

The Shadow Sun

If you belong to the era of the 90s, you must be familiar with The Shadow Sun. The game covers so many discoveries and thrill. You stay in the classic mode when beginning your adventure in the game. Your goal is to participate in battles and to finish the enemies. Also, your job is to discover new cities and do effective communication with others at the same time. It’s a sort of learning game that teaches you so many things as soon as you advance. Further, you find some weapons to easily kill monsters that stop you from moving forward. Of course, you come across unusual and strange locations to start your journey, so never get disappointed and search for better and safe places. Above all, you also find a dog during the battle that becomes your guide.

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