Top Screen Recording Apps for Linux to Capture Screen

There is a lot of screen recording apps for Linux which can help to capture screen and desktop in HD. Also, Screen Recording apps are now become essential for computers and mobiles. For example, you can record your gameplay or YouTube tutorial or any other work. So, you can record or capture your videos for the audience or any other purposes.

It is not easy to find screen recorders for Linux OS. brings the list of some Top Screen Recording Apps for Linux to capture screen. Also, all of them are open source or free of cost.

Top Screen Recording Apps for Linux to Capture Screen

OBS Studio

OBS Top Screen Recorder Apps for Linux to capture Screen

OBS Studio or Open Broadcaster Software is a Top Screen Recorder application for Linux. Its main purpose is to use for advances users. Also, you can get experience of professional level by using OBS Studio. Moreover, its very easy to set up and configure. You can set it according to your choice and need. Also, you can record the videos by using its many features.

You can edit the audio and remove noise from the background. Also, you can change colors of video, size and ratio of video very easily and many more. You can select the format of video to save. It has online forum for help and guidance.

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vokoscreenNG-Top Screen Recording Apps

vokoscreen NG for Linux Screen Recorder Applications

This top screen recorder app for Linux to capture screen allows you to record easily. You can record desktop screen and webcam video in area mode or full screen. Also, it supports many different video formats like MP4 or AVI etc.

This application allows you to set the duration of recording. Also, you can insert the delay in the end or at start to hide unnecessary details. It has good support to guide the users.


Record my Desktop for Linux

This is a very powerful command line screen recording app for Linux or Ubuntu. It is rich in tools and features. Also, it is very easy to use. You can record and edit videos in two different modes or interface. Also, you can insert annotations in it. It will not over use the resources of your computer and gives a seamless smooth experience even on old devices. You can add light weight distros for top performance.

Moreover, you can insert audio files from the device. It is very good to make tutorial like videos. You can highlight any part of the video with this Top Screen Recording Apps for Linux to capture screen.

Peek-Top Screen Recording Apps

Peek for Linux Ubuntu

This is also a very good screen recording tool to make short vide clips like GIFs. You can change the video formats too in this app.

Like other screen recording apps for Linux and Ubuntu, you can record the whole screen or specific screen or area. Also, you can add delay on start. You can change the rates of frames. Overall, it is top quality screen recorder or screen capture application for Linux.


These are the Top Screen Recording Apps for Linux to capture screen, by the We hope that you will enjoy our suggestions and share with others.

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