Valentine has always been a special event for lovers. For kids, it also means a lot, as little fellows male some interesting crafts to impress their mothers. Do you agree with this? Of course, a mother’s love is unmatched and goes beyond the limits. How kids impress mothers on valentine’s day? Of course, they plan to make crafts to show love and affection with their elders. It’s a day to celebrate happiness with family members by expressive love. A number of valentine gifts are present in the market, but home crafting is awesome for kids, as they remain busy crafting some shapes for parents, siblings, and friends.

Flowers and bouquet also make sense when it comes to choosing the gifts on valentine’s day. Besides flowers, there are so many other options available for kids. No doubt, February is the month of love, so one should do some craft work to make the difference. Everyone buys flowers and bouquets, so kids should do different things on this day of love. Why not kids should try famous crafts at home to enhance skills and creativity? There are plenty of gift options, so we’ll discuss 20 famous options one by one that kids can use for crafting purposes. Here we go with the Valentine’s Day Crafts that moms love.

Shake Paint Hearts

Paint, Hearts, Valentine's Day

The heart is the famous gift shape that lovers present to each other on Valentine’s day. Rather than buying it from the market, kids should make shape paint hearts at home to show some craftwork. For toddlers, it’s a wonderful activity that can keep them busy for several hours. Also, they can boost imagination power by learning crafting skills without creating any mess.

This Valentine’s Day art and craft for children is very easy. It is fun for a household Valentine card or a preschool Valentine’s Day activity.

You’ll require:

  • Clean empty jar with a secure lid. A peanut butter jar works great.
  • Washable paint – we used red and two shades of pink.
  • Cardstock – white and pink
  • Candy Hearts (dried beans or small marbles work well too)
  • Glue stick

You can start by cutting your white card stock to fit into your jar. We cut our’s in half (8.5″x5.5″) and it fit seamlessly.

Then you can insert a few drops of paint to the bottom of the jar. So, just a couple of drops will do! Prudently slide the paper inside and wrap it around the sides. Insert 5-6 candy hearts (or dried beans). Then close the lid firmly. After that, invite your kids to shake it up.

You will this part. Let them make noise, jiggle, and shimmy as much as kids want. After they are done, prudently remove the paper and let it to dry.

Once it is totally dry, cut out heart shapes in any size you like. You can also use these alone for cute little Valentine cards or gift tags. We decided to create them into a fun collage to send to Grandma.

Creating them into a collage was a delightful way for our boys to rehearsal with the glue sticks, and also to work on their spatial relations abilities fitting all of their hearts onto the pink card stock.

Toilet Roll Heart Robot

Toilet Roll Heart Robot Valentine day crafts for kids

Kids can show their creative skills in the washroom by using toilet rolls. They can make a toilet roll heart robot by using toilet paper and supplies to design the roll. Heart robot looks cool in the washroom that can remind of love when someone looks at the robot. Kids can improve their creative skills by making such love robots.


  • Paper roll
  • White paint
  • Red cardstock paper
  • Glue
  • White pipe cleaner
  • Black marker
  • Googly eyes
  • Aluminum foil


  • First you need to paint the paper roll white and let to dry. Then apply another coat of paint if essential.
  • After that cut thin strips of aluminum foil and glue them at the bottom of the paper roll.
  • Then use a pencil tip to poke two little holes in both side of the paper roll and add the pipe cleaner arms.
  • After that cut out a heart from red cardstock paper and glue it to the front side of the robot.
  • The glue the eyes and draw its mouth with a Sharpie.

Cupid Arrows


Cupid arrows also make sense on valentine’s day when it comes to showing creativity. Kids can make these arrows by using twigs and knots. These arrows are easier to craft and take a few minutes to make at home.

If you are searching for an easy heart craft art for children then it doesn’t get any easier than this cupid arrow crafts art. By using just a few craft materials kids and preschoolers can easily create this heart craft to give to their loved one.

The cupid arrow crafts art for kids that we are sharing today is very easy. It makes the perfect Valentine’s Day craft for kids and preschoolers.

Also, you can set up a selection of different sized hearts in different colors to make it even more amazing. This could be a great Valentine’s Day activity to do as part of a Valentine’s Day themed playdate or at a kid’s group.

As this craft is meant at kids and younger preschoolers. Moreover, it is very important to have all your materials ready so they can get stuck in straight away.

Hole Punch Hearts

Hole Punch Hearts Valentines day crafts

Despite using arrows, kids can also show art by making hole punch hearts. The hole punch hearts are used for decorating the windows and mirrors. Flashcards are the best to make these punch hearts.

Paper Plate Woven Hearts

Paper Plate Woven Hears

If you are looking for next-level creativity on valentine’s day, you can go with paper plate woven-hearts. It’s good craftwork that requires hard work and dedication. Only serious kids can try this crafting technique.

Heart Necklaces-Valentine Day Crafts

Heart Necklace

Have you ever tried a heart necklace on valentine’s day? You can make a fine heart necklace by using strings and small size cards. It’s a wonderful activity to improve crafting skills. Try this at this event.

A Pizza My Heart Craft-Valentine Day Crafts

A Pizza My Heart Craft

There are plenty of heart shapes, you can also try pizza shape, as it looks like a heart shape. If you are looking for some pizza fun, you can try a pizza my heart valentine day crafts on this Valentine’s day.

Ribbon Heart Valentine’s Day Card

Ribbon Heart Valentine's Day Card

Heart shapes come in many styles and ideas. If you have plenty of ideas, you can make a ribbon heart valentine’s day card. It’s a perfect activity for kids to improve their crafting skills.

Pipe Cleaner Rose Ring

Pipe Cleaner Rose Ring

Apart from making hearts, you can also create a pipe cleaner rose ring for your loved ones. Your mom will surely appreciate this mind-blowing crafting technique on valentine’s day. What are you waiting for?

Scrap Paper Heart-Valentine Day Crafts

Scrap Paper Heart

It’s time for some hard work and devotion. Impress your loved ones with scrap paper hearts. You can design it by using glue and scrap paper to create a masterpiece. Indeed, it’s a time-consuming artwork that enhances your creative skills.

Paper Heart Bouquet

Paper Heart Bouquet

If you have some unique ideas on Valentine’s day, you can make a paper heart boutique to make your day memorable and lasting. Kids love to make these valentine day crafts, as they like to show art skills on cards.

Button Heart-Valentine Day Crafts

Button Heart

For small kids who are not good at crafting can make button hearts. The only effort is to gather small buttons of various sizes to make this valentine day crafts. It’s simple and attractive for everyone. For kids, it is more like a puzzle-solving activity that requires brainstorming. So, it’s better to engage your kids in such a mindful activity.

Love Monsters

Love Monsters

If you come up with more ideas, you can try some love monsters crafting to have some fun on valentine’s day. It’s an activity that can lighten your mood. So, make some love monsters to make your mom happy.

Paper Heart Wreath

Paper Heart Wreath

Use a stapler and paper to make a lovely paper heart wreath. It’s a good crafting skill that keeps your kids busy on Valentine’s day.

Clay Dough Hearts-Valentine Day Crafts

Clay Dough Hearts

Clay Dough Hearts also grab the attention of your family mates. Try this with basic pantry staples, glitter, marker, and paint.

Heart Glasses for valentine day

Heart Glasses for valentine day

Heart glasses also add value to your crafting skills. If you make a plan to design crafting unique crafts, you can make awesome heart glasses by using pipe cleaner and accessories to design it.

Heart Flowers-Valentine Day Crafts

Heart Flowers

Creative kids always find joy while crafting heart flowers. It’s easier to make on the valentine’s day.

Fingerprint Heart Rocks

Fingerprint Heart Rocks

Fingerprint heart rocks require creativity and art skills to design. You can design these fingerprints for your loved ones on this valentine’s day.

Yarn Heart-Valentine Day Crafts for kids

Yarn Heart

Yarn heart is another mindful activity for kids to make. Kids find it interesting to design yarn hearts because they spend energy and mind to craft this gift.

Heart Suncatchers

Heart Suncatchers

There are so many ideas to cover on valentine day crafts for kids crafting. Heart suncatchers also make a good difference when it comes to showing artwork on this lovely day.

Valentine day is a special day for all of us. Also, making something special with your own hands always a great pleasure but when you made something special on special day, it will surely make someone love you. So, kids are always hungry for love. These valentine day crafts made your love one to fall into you. Share your craft ideas in the comments below.

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