Cartoon movies made our childhood awesome and fun. We grown up and still watch old series of cartoon movies to refresh our memories and have fun and now in modern age we watch latest cartoon animated movies in theatres or on other online resources to satisfy the child that we still have inside us. It is fun and it satisfies our mind and feelings.

Now a days these cartoon movies are more beautiful and have a good lesson and stories for children. These movies are meant to touch the feelings to make the children as well as adults to learn lesson in a good way.

We have list of cartoon movies of 2022 for you to watch that have great animations and stories for both children as well as adults.



If you are a fan of adventurous type of stories then this is for you. It is directed by Gore Verbinski and from start to end it is very entertaining and joyful.

“Rango” movie is some kind of a wonder: It is an animated comedy film for smart moviegoers. It is delightfully made, great to watch, wickedly ironic, and (gasp!) filmed in wonderful 2-D. Its brilliant colors and surprising characters spring from the screen and remind us how very, very tired we are of naïve little characters bouncing around softly in 3-D.

This is an encouraged comic Western, deserving comparison with “Blazing Saddles,” from which it copies a lot of farts. The more films you’ve seen, the more you may like it. It even enlists big bats to lampoon the helicopter attack in “Apocalypse Now.”

But let’s say you haven’t look lots of movies. Let’s say you’re a child. “Rango” may wonder you because it’s an animated film that plays like a real film and really gets you tangled.

More Details:

The film is wonderfully well-drawn. The characters are wildly overstated, yes, but with a motivation of detail and loving care. The film respects the tradition of thoroughly drawn animated classics, and does interesting things with space and viewpoint with its wild action sequences.

The story of RANGO is circling around a house pet chameleon who lost in the Mojave Desert when is terrarium falls on the car of his owner. He finds a shelter form other dangerous animal of the desert and meets the other character named Beans. Beans lead him to a town which named as dirt. The chameleon named himself RANGO to mix with people of the town. RANGO finds himself and finds out that he belongs to this new world by earning respect.

RANGO received many awards for best movie and for its story and animation. Overall RANGO is a very good and fun story with great voice actors and appreciated by the audience.


The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie is favourite not only for children but also for the people who construct toys and love to play with them. It is directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

The story based on Emmet Brickowski who is an ordinary construction worker. He involves in a fight against evil who threatens to destroy the world. This movie is action packed and contain tiny characters. It has brave resistance characters including Batman. The enemy has some kind of super weapon named Kragle. It is awesome as in envision if “Toy Story” were cheated by Mel Brooks after he ate magic mushrooms while reading George Orwell’s 1984.

Also, it is awesome as in the sort of trivial yet wily kid-appropriate PG-rated presentation by Will Ferrell that you’ve been waiting for ever since “Elf” came out more than a decade ago.

This movie is awesome as in geeking out over the sight of a ugly little Batman hitching a ride on the Millennium Falcon piloted by a smart-ass little Han Solo and with a suavely plastic Lando Calrissian in a flash of a role.

More Details:

To be honest, our enthusiastic reaction might be somewhat skewed by the fact that “Everything Is Awesome” is both the title and most sinister lyric of a catchier-than-a-Norovirus musical number. Its sweeping camerawork over a Lego-ized cityscape is almost as inspiring as the opening sequence of “West Side Story”. Someway, the low ditty has taken up perpetual residence in our mind, snaking into the cubby hole previously engaged by the Pee-wee’s Playhouse TV-show theme.

Usually, we don’t like the inclination of plaything-based filmmaking, mainly when the results are as mind-numbingly awful as “Transformers”, “G.I. Joe” and like “Battleship”. But if those boring efforts had featured not just Michelangelo the Teenage Mutant Ninja but also Michelangelo the ultimate Revival artist as they fight for the greater good of interlocking mankind, maybe they would have changed our mind, too.

The story is fun and contains a very good message and it will also make you laugh.


The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant is a very good action-packed cartoon animation movie. It is based on the novel The Iron Man and directed by Brad Bird. The story of the film based on the period of cold war when some object from the space crashes in the ocean. This object then makes it way to a town. A boy investigates and find a robot 100 foot tall. He became friend with the robot. The Government then finds about the Giant and Army get involved as they afraid that it will harm the people.

Visualize “E.T.” as a high metal man, and you have some of the interest of “The Iron Giant,” an attractive animated feature about a boy who makes friends with a robot from external space. The giant crash-lands on a 1957 night when America is looking up at the speck of Sputnik in the sky, and grinds his way through a Maine village. He eats TV antennas and cars, until he finds a power plant. That’s where young Hogarth Hughes met him.

More details:

Hogarth is a 9-year-old boy who lives with his single mother (Jennifer Aniston) and dreams of having some kind of pet. She said they make too much of a chaos around the house, little dreaming what a 100-foot robot machine can get up to. One night Hogarth learns their TV antenna is missing and follows the Iron Giant’s track to the power plant. There he saves the robot from electrocution after it chomps on some live electric wires. That makes the giant robot his friend forever. Now all Hogarth has to do is keep the machine robot a top-secret from his mom and also the federal government. The story is very beautiful and contains a message to accept others who are different.


adventures of tintin

The Adventures of TinTin is a remarkable animated movie based on a Belgian comic book series with the voices of many great actors.

The story follows a journalist Tintin and his pet dog named snowy. They purchase a small ship ‘unicorn’ and after that they questioned by the Interpol. They found out that ship was broken during a fight between snowy and a cat. He founds a parchment paper from the ship and finds out that there are many models of that ship each contains a parchment paper which all together makes a map. Its an adventure to find a lost treasure. The story is adventures as well as it kept the audience on the edges of their seats with a great soundtrack.


ernest and celestine

Ernest & Celestine is a beautiful story includes many star voices and directed by French and Belgian directors. It is also nominated for the best animated movie awards.

The story evolves around a mouse named Celestine. She is an orphan and lives beneath the ground. She founds out from her caretakers that the world above ground is full of evil bears. Once a family of bears catches her and chases her. Next day a starving bear Earnest finds her trapped and tried to eat her. She convinced him not to eat she helps him to eat from a candy shop. He founds out by the police and she also help him escaped. The rest of the movie shows how they run and try to hide from the police.

It’s a very heart touching movie and original in French with English subtitles also dubbed in English.


The Secret of Nimh

The Secret of NIMH based on dark adventures story novel.  This is not much appreciated although it is a classic directed by Don Bluth.

The story follows a widowed mouse. She lives with her children in a farm. After farmer working on the field, she gathers her children to move on safe location. Her younger child falls ill and advised to stay on one place. With the help of her friends, she tried to stop the farmer until child is recovered. On the way she met a mystical character and a leader of mouse group with special intelligence.

As the movie received many critical reviews but it is still a classic and unique from others.

HAPPY FEET-Cartoon Movies to watch

Happy Feet cartoon movie

Happy Feet is the story of love and acceptance of others along with their differences.

The movie assumes that each penguin emperor has unique heart song which matches with a mate. The movie contains many popular songs. A couple meets and laid an egg. Males take care of it and female fishes. The egg hatches normally. When he went to school, he finds out that he cannot sing and he is different and tried to find himself. In his journey he meets many characters later.

Happy Feet is fun and entertainment with a unique story. It also won an academy award for best cartoon animated movie.

WONDER PARK-Cartoon Movies to Watch

wonder Park

Wonder Park has unique history as a cartoon animated movie directed by Dylan Brown. The also caused a few issues.

The story follows an intelligent girl, who makes a fictional amusement park named wonderland. Her mother helped her. The mother fell ill and sent away for treatment the girl destroys the blue prints and went to a summer math camp. There she finds a kind of wonderland and it is overtaken by darkness. She faces many issues while trying to free the park from darkness. Wonder Park is an imaginative story with original songs and fun to watch.

CHARLOTTE’S WEB-Cartoon Movies to Watch

Charlottes web

It is an animated musical drama from 1973. It contains original songs.

The story follows a piglet who was saved by from slaughter by the daughter of farmer. She took care of him and named him. After he grown up, he sold to the farmer’s brother. He discovered from other animals that animals were slaughtered. He begins to cry and hear a voice of a spider. She promises to help him and they work together to handle the situation. It’s a classic and became best selling in 1994.

PERSEPOLIS-Cartoon Movies to Watch


 It is based on a autobiographical best seller novel.

The story follows a young girl lives in Tehran during the 1979 revolution. Her family also involved in politics. Her family was devastated when shah of Iran deposed. They tried to adjust new life. As she grows up, she kept her rebellious spirit. Her parents sent her to Austria to avoid her arrest. It is a story of finding herself and place in the world with the obstacles and hopelessness feelings.

The story throws light on the side of life which people don’t know much about and it was also nominated for and academy award.

Please let us know in the comments what are your favorite cartoon movies of all times and we will add new movies in this articles of your choice as well.


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