First thing that comes to you when you customize your phone is to set a cool wallpaper. Mostly people loves cartoon because its every one’s childhood memory and also it looks cool, so here are the top cartoon wallpaper apps from where you can select your favorite cartoon wallpaper for free.


Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)- Top 10 cartoon wallpaper apps for androidBackgrounds HD wallpaper is one of the most famous apps on play store. Backgrounds is a lovely app because its interface is so simple and it allows you to chose category of wallpapers and every one can has its own type of wallpapers and you just have to put your cartoon name in search and you will get a lot of wallpapers for your phone  and on play store it has 100 M + downloads and 2.4 K users gave it rating 4.6 out of 5.0. The most interesting feature of this app is that its like social media you can also upload you wallpaper on this app.


ZEDGE™ Ringtones, Wallpapers & Video Backgrounds - - Top 10 cartoon wallpaper apps for androidZedge is one of that top downloads apps with 300M + downloads on play store. Its interface is quite simple and it provides you wallpapers ringtones for every purpose. You just has to write cartoon type or name in search and you will get a vast variety of cartoon wallpapers. It also has live wallpapers or 3d wallpapers of cartoon so if you are a fan of 3d or live wallpapers this app is definitely for you. The interesting feature of this app is that you can set your custom size of wallpaper while downloading so it covers you whole screen.

Kartun wallpapers

Kartun Wallpapers- Top 10 cartoon wallpaper apps for androidThis app is not so famous on wallpaper because its a limited category app. Its only focus is on cartoon wallpapers. It also supports all type of cartoon wallpapers 3d wallpapers, live wallpapers or just images. It has all sort of cartoons and game characters which are also cartoons it also has different wallpapers which are not really cartoon but their cartoon format is in this app. This app is very light and interface is quite simple. This app is new on play store so some people complaining that it does not has a wide variety but on daily basis this app is adding more and more wallpapers.

Anime X wallpapers

Anime X Wallpaper- Top 10 cartoon wallpaper apps for androidThis app has 1M + downloads on play store which makes this app so good and it also has a 4.6 rating out of 5.0 which means this app is really quite good for wallpapers and its also specialized for a cartoon category anime which are most famous cartoons all over the world and you will find hd anime wallpapers in this app. This app has a immersive UI for better experience. You can also browse wallpaper by character specifically. This app claims that their latest wallpaper section is updated every minute which make this app one of the great app out there.

Cartoon anime wallpaper

Cartoon Anime Wallpaper- Top 10 cartoon wallpaper apps for androidThis app is not so famous on play store and does not has many downloads because it supports oy cartoons in wallpaper and anime. This app claims that their each wallpaper is 4k in resolution. This app has multicolored wallpapers which will look awesome in every type of screen. This app is accessible all over rhe world. This app consumes very less space as compared to other apps available on play store. This app also not wants your id to log in just download the app from play store and start downloading your favorite Cartoon wallpapers.

Cartoon hd wallpaper- 4k & full HD wallpapers

Cartoon HD Wallpapers - 4k & Full HD WallpapersThis  app is not so famous on play store and not has a large no of downloads but its rating and people response is quite amazing people are satisfy and happy with this app. But keep in mind this app is only for cartoon lovers not for every one. This app has easy navigation through wallpapers. You can also add a wallpaper to your favorite album so it wont disappear somewhere. You can also share a wallpaper with your friends. This app also claim that its live wallpaper will not drain your mobile battery while sleeping or inactive mode.

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Cartoon wallpaper

Cartoon Wallpaper- Top 10 cartoon wallpaper apps for androidAnother amazing app for downloading cartoon wallpapers is cartoon wallpaper  by Pinza. You can chose among hundreds of cartoon wallpapers in this app and cartoons all for all types of ages. This app has some very nice features like full support for landscape mode this is an important and very helping feature for those who use tablets or big screen mobiles. This app is very optimized so it will not drain your battery and you will see not difference in your battery usage. This cartoon wallpaper apps also allows you sharing on social media and with friends which makes this app very flexible.

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Cartoon anime wallpaper

Anime Live Wallpaper- Top 10 cartoon wallpaper apps for androidCartoon wallpaper app is awesome if you love cartoons and anime because this app provides you anime and cartoon wallpapers for free and they all are hd. They are amazing and sharp color wallpapers. This app supports all big mobile companies out there in the market. This app also allows you to change the size of the wallpaper according to you smart phone screen and let you crop the picture and let you allow to set any part of wallpaper. This app also allows you to share the wallpaper to your love ones and share your joy with them or on social media.

Anime couple wallpapers 4k

Anime Couple Wallpaper 4K - Top 10 cartoon wallpaper apps for androidBest cartoon wallpaper apps edition is so much joy to use for people who supports love or want to see lovely couples. This app’s wallpaper are specially designed after the characters love in the anime series or TV shows and real anime lovers love this app because they love animals also this app’s speed is amazing because its image loading is very fast and people want fast because there is no time to wait in this world. This app also allows you to share the media or wallpaper to any other platform like social media.

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Cute cartoon live wallpaper HD – cartoon wallpaper apps

Cute Cartoon Live Wallpaper HD - Top 10 cartoon wallpaper apps for androidThis app is the most adorable live wallpaper app on the play store this app has an amazing collection of live cartoon wallpapers. This app specialty is that it only has a large no of customize live wallpapers. wallpapers of this app is completely live means every thing on the wallpaper is moving or may be moveable each particle. All the wallpapers are so optimized that you will see no difference in your daily battery usage. This app also allows you to share the wallpaper on the social media or with some one other ( any platform).

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All above are really amazing and all are hd and very customizable you will really enjoy them if you love cartoons.


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