Everyone wants cool and cute wallpapers for his/her phone and desktop screen. Within the few last years, trends have been considerably changed. In place of conventionally popular nature and space wallpapers, the demand for anime wallpapers has risen. Usually people search them on Google images but that is really a time consuming job and most of the time you get bored searching hundreds of links there. Another flaw is the availability of commonplace stuff that is present on everybody’s screen.

If you are really fond of anime wallpapers, you would certainly like to have new and unique ones that are not available with others. This collection of anime wallpapers sites for your desktop brings you 5 most amazing websites that can serve you well and provide you with massive collections. All you need to do is to go through them and you can have everyday a new anime wallpaper for your desktop screen.

WallHaven is full of impressive features and offers tons of high-resolution and unique wallpapers for anime lovers. This website is designed on the format of two smart anime wallpapers sites; 4Scrape and 4Walled that are not available now. WallHaven allows you to search for wallpapers of your desired resolution and size. On WallHaven, keywords and tagging are set by the users.

anime wallpapers for desktop

To access content of your own preference, you can use its innovative filters to remove the unwanted tags and keep your searches child-safe. You can also choose to search for wallpapers by popularity. If you register account on WallHaven, the website preserves history of your searches and you can easily access the wallpapers marked by you.


Wallhere is a brilliant site for amazing and pretty anime wallpapers. Their HD resolution, sizes and images will blow your mind! It features an easy to operate interface and a huge collection of adorable anime wallpapers that will surely entice you at very first glance.

anime wallpapers for pc

Though there is no particular section for anime wallpapers yet there are lots of them. It is pretty good easier to find out them just by typing “anime” and you have plenty of them. The only problem with this website is that you may not find here detailed filters as that of the other similar website. But with a little search you can access your favorite wallpapers. The website’s collection is regularly updated and you can find here something new each time you open its pages.

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If you love manga, anime, J-pop and games, Minitokyo is the best adorable spot for you. The site’s massive collection is expressive by its name. It can entice everybody who I fond of Japanese art. Especially, the website features a massive collection of anime wallpapers that are distinguished for their HD quality, multiple sizes and stylish artwork. You need to go through the various pages of this very attractive website and find stunning wallpapers that are available no other website.

today anime wallspapers

Another smart feature of Minitokyo is the availability of fabulous scans of anime art from the best anime magazines, Japanese art books and posters from the whole world. This would definitely be a fantastic experience for you to have these images in your access. Through this unique website you come across a community of Japanese Art and anime wallpapers lovers. Minitokyo is actually the hub of anime wallpapers and you will find its best ones on other apps and websites too. Sign up for an account and get an unlimited download of the finest anime wallpapers.


Anime Wallpaper website

This website introduces you to another smart option for streaming the superb and cute anime wallpapers developed by Reddit community. The site provides you the best opportunity to interact many people around the world who share the same zest and zeal for fantastic Japanese Art. The keywords and tagging on this site are set by its users but it allows you to set the filters and receive the downloads of what you are most interested in. You need to do a little search on this site to find out the best anime wallpapers.

The posts here are usually tagged with two options that are “Mobile” or “Desktop” but most of the time you will find both the types in one tag. Sometime it even difficult to find out the exact resolution you are searching for but the best part is that you can use here the search functions of Reddit to get your desired wallpaper. If you show a little patience in exploring it, this site will prove a real treasure for you.

Wallpaper Abyss

Wallpaper abyss

Still need to check other rich sources of anime Wallpaper, try Wallpapers Abyss! It features amazing, unique and stylish collection on inspiring wallpapers. The variety here excels all other sources on the internet. This single website is enough to cater to host of different tastes. You might think it would just be impossible to search for your favorite anime wallpapers in such as massive collection.

There is absolutely no such problem. Rather it is quite easier than many other sites as Wallpaper Abyss comes up with an excellent filter and search system. It is supportive to narrow down your search and instantly find out your desired wallpapers. Another adorable feature of Wallpaper Abyss is that you can also filter your search to find out wallpapers of any specific resolution.

Love of animes is now a mainstream trend of desktop users. Animes are no more confined to Japanese only. There are innumerable people around the world who are big fans of Desktop anime wallpapers. The websites mentioned above are meant to support the anime lovers who want access to large collections of anime wallpapers and anime videos to adorn their desktop screens.

These websites are among the topmost favorite websites of a great majority of people. Visiting them will surely save your precious time in searching for webpages by yourself. Begin from any of them; they all have something new and exciting for you. Please share your Amazing wallpaper collection of anime in the comments.

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