Top Free Beautiful Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

We will tell you about the best free beautiful live wallpaper apps for Android. Android OS is known to give users the ability to personalize the interface of their smartphone. You can activate your phone’s built-in themes, install third-party launchers, icon packs or set an image as your home screen and lock screen wallpaper.

Although, regular wallpapers already look aesthetically pleasing. The live wallpapers apps for android makes your home screen more unique. Also, live wallpapers are often animated images that can respond to gestures such as touching or tilting the screen.

In this article, we have listed the top free beautiful live wallpapers apps for Android. This article provide a brief review of the general features and performance of smartphones with the Android 10 operating system and 8GB of RAM.

Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live wallpaper apps for android beautiful top free

Muzei is a live wallpaper application that offers a variety of artworks with the ability to display new designs every day. It’s simple, customizable, and can be used on both the lock screen and home screen. Also, you can adjust the blur, dark and gray of the wallpaper to your liking.

Appendix contains some works of art, such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Claude Monet’s Betheil’s Seine. In terms of performance, the app runs smoothly without draining the battery. The interface is simple and straightforward.

Moreover, one of the great things about the Muzei is that it is an open source application. This means that if you know a little bit about programming, you can access the source code and configure it to add features. You can access the code at

Muzei is a live wallpaper apps for android that will cleanly refresh your home screen with famous works of art. Also, it fades into the background to blur and darken the image to keep icons and widgets in the spotlight. Double-tap the wallpaper or open the Muzei app to fully appreciate and explore your artwork.

Additionally, it lets you choose your favorite photos from your own gallery or other apps and use them on your home screen. To keep your live wallpapers fresh, Muzei reviews your favorite photos every few hours.

Paperland Live Wallpaper

Paper top free beautiful live wallapaper apps for android mobile

Paperland Live Wallpaper is a cute, customizable paper cut decoration that looks like a diorama. The fun thing about this live wallpaper is that you can set sunrise and sunset times in the background.

Also, you can use automatic settings that determine the time and weather based on your actual location. Weather information provided by AccuWeather.  You can choose one of the free themes from apps like Silent Night and Desert Migration. The Pro subscription, on the other hand, includes a lot more holiday themes like Christmas and Easter themes.

Moreover, animation of live wallpaper works seamlessly when used as background for home screen. Fantastic paper cut horizontal scrolling across the screen! Choose a fixed time of day or let the sun and moon rise and set according to the real world around you.

Additionally, current local weather is provided worldwide based on AccuWeather. They added an interactive billboard that supports global, hourly and accurate conditions for users who want to take advantage of real-time weather at no extra cost. Choose the default herb themes Silent Night or Desert Migration from the free version.

The pro version includes several additional themes:

  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Big City
  • Autumn
  • Tundra
  • Papery Land
  • Wilderness
  • Sunset
  • Silhouette
  • Road Trip!
  • Marina
  • Amethyst
  • Rainy Day
  • Winter Drive
  • Christmas!
  • Autumn
  • Tundra
  • Papery Land
  • Wilderness
  • Sunset
  • Silhouette
  • Marina
  • Amethyst

To configure all the colors and objects and save your own themes, download Paperland Pro!

Also, take screen shots of your creations and share them with your friends! Use the Randomize feature to come up with an infinite number of new themes! If you like to change settings a lot, be sure to add the Paperland settings widget to your home screen (Home > Menu > Add > Widgets > Paperland).


  • Internet permission is used for fetching local weather information.
  • SD card permission required for screenshot saving.
  • General location permission is required for live weather and accurate sunrise/sunset time calculation.

Water Garden Live Wallpaper

Water Garden Live wallpaper for android

Water Garden Live Wallpaper apps for android will make you feel the serenity of the garden pond on your phone. This interactive and comfortable live wallpaper app for android allows you to customize the shape of your pond and feed koi of different sizes.

Also, a single tap on the screen creates beautiful ripples in the water. Double tap to throw fish feed into the pond to feed the fish. Despite the high resolution and realistic animations, there is practically no lag when using the live wallpaper.

Moreover, a gorgeous 3D live wallpaper that instantly transforms your phone screen into an incredibly beautiful and surreal body of water full of spiritual koi fish! Use your finger gestures to create stunning, velvety smooth waves and incredibly realistic waves!

Also, watch the adorable koi fish having fun exploring the pond! Finger feeding or teasing these naughty koi fish will make you happier! Choose from a rich selection of fantastic natural scenes. Almost every pixel has been specially polished for your enjoyment! So, a shop full of magical items and advanced features lets you personalize your water garden the way you want.

3 reasons Water Garden is the best app in its category.

  • Best-in-class water ripple effects with virtually no additional power loss. Behind this is an incredibly fast C++ engine designed exclusively for underwater modeling, built from scratch!

  • Koi fish bodies are created from real 3D models, this is the only way to create expressive carp animations and subtle carp movements.

  • High-definition graphics maintain high quality on both small displays such as telephones and large displays such as televisions.

No other water related products or coil related products meet all three of the above requirements like this. This is what makes Water Garden the best top free live wallpaper app for android in its category!

Forest Live Wallpaper

Forest Live wallpaper

Forest Live Wallpaper is one of the top free live wallpaper apps for Android that can synchronize your wallpaper scenery with weather and location in real time. Basically, you get a minimal forest landscape with swaying trees and moving clouds.

Also, customize your scene by changing colors, multisampling, custom weather, changing themes and activating 3D parallax effects. So, you can experience different animations when you tilt your device.

However, one of the downsides of the app is that it isn’t supported on all devices. So, if you are interested in installing this app, you can install it and see if it works well on your phone. Forest Live Wallpaper Pro version includes more fun themes and events such as New Year fireworks.


  • Day/night cycle that fades colors from day to night, in accordance to your location.
  • Animated trees.
  • Local weather (wind, rain, snow and clouds, so far).
  • Parallax effect with several layers when scrolling.
  • 3D parallax effect when tilting the device.
  • Customizable colors and weather.
  • Simulated scrolling.

What to expect in the future?

  • Infrequent updates (I’m lazy -_- )
  • More weather effects (visibility, lightning…).
  • And a lot more planned!


Asteroid HD beautiful wallpaper for android free top

This top free live wallpaper app is for astronomy lovers is perfect for your Android phone. ASTEROID on has an asteroid floating in blue space. Also, you can swipe in any direction to see the other side of the celestial body. Or, simply tilt your phone to trigger movement.

Asteroid type, asteroid color rotation, background and background color can be customized. Also, the app has a static image mode where a new photo is displayed every 10 seconds. Ideal if you don’t like live wallpapers or want to minimize battery drain. If you need access to more customizable asteroid colors and patterns, you can upgrade to the premium version of the app.

Moreover, in three-dimensional space, you can observe asteroids coming from the deep corners of the galaxy. In the application you can customize the background color, asteroid color, choose the asteroid type and many parameters. All parameters can be set in the app.  The options are available under the flashing plus (+) button in the upper left corner of the screen. Also, tapping on it will open the settings menu. You can also set asteroids as live wallpaper. In Settings, select SET LIVE WALLPAPER and set the wallpaper to your phone.

Additionally, settings button (+) is only available in the app and is not visible when Live Wallpaper is installed. It does not appear on the phone’s desktop. Click on the ASTEROID icon and enter the application, you will see a plus (+) button and set your options.

In static image mode, the application displays one picture every 10 seconds. This mod is useful if you want to install live wallpapers and keep battery power to a minimum. Then you will see your phone’s wallpaper refresh every 10 seconds. Please disable STATIC IMAGE first as this is not the best mode for color adjustment.

4D Live Wallpaper – 2021 New Best 4D Wallpapers HD

4D Live wallpapers for android

4D Live Wallpaper is one of the best top free live wallpaper apps for Android. It is best due to its wide selection of  home screen and lock screen. There is a wide collection of wallpapers with categories of 4D wallpapers, live wallpapers or 4K wallpapers.

Also, you can choose animations, idols, vehicles, animals, games, and more. The live wallpapers have subtle animations that help create a pleasing illusion of depth. With this app’s wallpapers, you will experience almost no lag and battery drain.

Moreover, you can set the wallpaper so that it can be controlled by the sensor of the smartphone. Another cool feature is that you can use your personal video as a live wallpaper for your home screen and lock screen. You must watch an ad lasting longer than 15 seconds to unlock wallpapers.

Awesome AMOLED 4D HD backgrounds and gyroscope animated live wallpapers to get you amazing 3D depth effect. It is in 4D Live Wallpaper.


  • Totally Free.
  • An endless selection of free backgrounds
  • High-quality wallpaper for all categories(Fancy a dark dope stylish, or maybe a superhero poster? You’ve got it!)
  • Battery efficient!
  • 4D depth effect like real.
  • Supports full HD and 4K live wallpapers
  • Supports stylish video effects as background
  • Set a new background without leaving the app

Also, from trendy geometrics to Various super cool technical 3D&4D effects. Even combining various functions of the phone, live wallpapers is experiencing a bona fide renaissance in the design world.

If you are a technical addict:

4D Live Wallpaper app for android have a totally new approach of making 3D parallax wallpapers with real 4D depth effect! Choose and apply an amazing wallpaper. Also, tilt your device to witness the stunning 4D depth effect controlled by your device’s motion sensors (gyroscope or accelerometer).

If you have style on personality:

You will have endless selection every day. Dope 4d wallpapers, 3D superhero, space HD wallpaper, black neon style, flaming skull animated Wallpapers and so on!

If you are determined to be a delicate girl:

Puppy Wallpapers are so cute! Rose Gold is so charming, marble stylish simple and gentle, kawaii Unicorn is dreamy style, glitter wallpapers and sparkly is a favorite of princesses! Top anime wallpaper is also essential!


Galaxy interface, natural landscape, supercar, abstract 3D backgrounds 4K, dark – black wallpapers, 4D animal, funny Emoji/stickers, Mandala wallpapers, bohemian wallpaper for hippy fans, hipster HD wallpaper, mustache photos, couple or glitch 4d wallpapers, Donut Wallpapers etc. 1000+ super 4D backgrounds are waiting to beautify your screen. And it will update it every day!

Also, it turns out highly personalization wallpapers is a much more dramatic way to express yourself that than say, wear.

Phone is staying put before you change a new one, so rather than keeping things original same to everyone, they’re more willing to show their personality.

This is why they launched 4D Live Wallpapers, a creative 3d live wallpapers app for your screen. It is to make sure you always have a cool homepage at hand and will definitely catch up with the trend earlier than others.

So, they want to bring you the best experience they can. Also, it offers all free wallpapers for you to try. If you feel that its 3d live wallpaper quality is satisfactory after the trial, don’t forget to recommend to your friends.


Some models may not have a gyro sensor, which may result in the 3D effect not being used properly. But, please do not worry, they are currently working on the development of a variety of sensor support solutions. We will inform you as soon as this issue is resolved.

Also, if your screen is AMOLED, while using any AMOLED 3D wallpaper, or any black background, battery usage is measured below 0.5%!

Live Wallpapers, Screen Lock, Ringtones – W. Engine

Android Live images

Walloop Engine Live Wallpaper app is one of the best top free live wallpaper apps for Android. When it comes to talking about categories and designs ranging from anime, games, vehicles, superheroes to minimalist and quote designs.

Also, some designs include high-quality sound. They also have ringtones available. You can apply this wallpaper to your home screen and lock screen. You will be prompted to log in to start using the application.

Moreover, the wallpaper is opened using a key as a currency. If you do not have a subscription to the premium version of the app, you will need to watch an ad to get the key.

Wallpaper Engine for Android (mobile phone) provides free ringtones, notification sounds, alarm sounds, HD (low power) live wallpapers, videos, GIFs, 4K/HD/4D wallpapers and 3D wallpapers to easily customize your phone, tablet or other device, can be specified your mobile device in minutes with the highest quality content.

Why Choose Walloop Engine?

  • Live lock screen ⇨ Use live wallpaper as lock screen.
  • Live Wallpaper ⇨ Thousands of exclusive free HD wallpapers.
  • Ringtones & Alerts ⇨ Find the best ringtone or best alert tone among hundreds of options.
  • 4K wallpapers ⇨ Real 4K backgrounds and the first 8k format.
  • Automatic wallpaper change ⇨ You can change your favorite wallpaper or live wallpaper automatically.
  • My Videos ⇨ You can use your video as a live wallpaper.
  • Battery Saver ⇨ Focused on the latest technology to make a great battery saver app.
  • Upload ⇨ You can easily share videos, images, and ringtones with anyone.
  • Collection ⇨ Enjoy the best premium artist content.
  • Optimization ⇨ Get stunning visual design and user interface style, optimized previews that load quickly.
  • Categories ⇨ It offer a variety of live wallpapers, backgrounds and ringtones categorized in over 30 categories, including: Legend (TV Show, Superhero), Material, Minimalism, Mountain, Landscape, Quote, Scenic, Space, Universe, Texture, Tilt Shift, Vaporwave, Glitch, Cutie, K-Pop, Video Game and more!
  • Beautiful 4K Wallpapers & Live Wallpapers HD
  • Search or browse millions of backgrounds or live wallpapers to match your phone’s home screen or lock screen.
  • Themed collections including brand name HD wallpapers and lock screen backgrounds from major movies and sport events.
  • Free live wallpapers let you set moving images as your background or lock screen.
  • Update your wallpaper and lock screen as often as you’d like for free!

High Quality Audio-Live Wallpaper Apps

Preview and download millions of ringtones, notification sounds and alarms to personalize all your device sounds.

Just Save & Upload

  • Save lets you create a single login to access all of your favorite wallpapers, and ringtones from any device.
  • Add a sound or wallpaper to favorites without downloading.
  • Access your ringtones and wallpapers across all your devices with one simple login
  • Always new special holiday live wallpapers, wallpapers and ringtones for every occasion from the most popular holidays like Mothers Day, New Years, Halloween and Christmas plus cool customizations for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more.

Also Check:

Wave Live Wallpapers-Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

Wave live 4k hd wallpaper for android

Wave Live Wallpapers app for android has a collection of vivid and realistic designs for live wallpapers, keyboards and call screens. Also, you can choose wallpapers according to your artistic taste by selecting wallpapers from the gallery and selecting hashtags that serve as categories.

You can choose from categories such as nature, animals, sports, art, and more. You can also create your own wallpaper in the My Studio section. There are Parallax 2D and Parallax 3D wallpapers as well as touch animated backgrounds and video wallpapers. Also, the design you choose can be applied to both the home screen and the lock screen.

Moreover, you have to pay gems to unlock different wallpapers. You can get gems by buying gems or watching ads. Each ad offers 30 gems. There are also daily rewards to help you get gems. There are also wallpapers that you can unlock by viewing only one ad.

Also, the user interface of the app is easy to use and fully functional. The app developers have also put a lot of work into optimizing the battery usage of the live wallpapers. The app pauses video rendering when the app is running or the screen is closed.

Over 10 million people already use this personalization app! Check out our gallery to enjoy awesome animated wallpapers and be a part of our beautiful community.

About Live Wallpapers 4k & HD Backgrounds by WAVE

This app is an impressive collection of live wallpapers to help you personalize your smartphone’s aesthetic. We think it’s pretty cool to use products that reflect your personality, like a custom 4k 3D wallpaper. Also, you are different! Why wouldn’t your device be?

Download cool wallpapers from a fantastic set of premium designs. Or use the live wallpaper maker to create your own. Its library includes a wide range of dynamic wallpapers to delight a diversity of tastes through themes like:

  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Sports
  • Art
  • Romance
  • Technology
  • Fantasy
  • Animation
  • and much more in-app

Moreover, it has loads of free wallpapers for any aesthetic addict in search of great tools to personalize their smartphone background. Its free library is always updated with new cool wallpapers to customize your awesome phone look as often as you like. Also, your creativity is encouraged by a live wallpaper creator.

Aesthetic live wallpaper types-Live Wallpaper Apps

Various themes are expressed in different aesthetic concepts as the basis for its live wallpapers:

  • Parallax 2D: creates alive backgrounds based on a 2 layers depth play, when you change the point of view to your display.

  • Parallax 3D: uses up to 4 graphic layers for a background to create a 3D wallpaper around the main element when moving your phone.
  • Live 3D interactive: touch-sensitive animated backgrounds reacting to your fingers.
  • Video wallpaper: animated wallpapers based on amazing video footage and special 3D effects.

All free wallpapers meet the high-quality and high-definition (HD, Full HD, 4K) demands. Also, every wallpaper will perfectly fit the phone resolution.

How to use the Live Wallpapers 4K app

You’re just a few steps away from applying your aesthetic choice to your smartphone background:

  • Open this free wallpapers app.
  • Select a background / Search for a theme (e.g. “glitter”, “Holi”)
  • Unlock wallpapers (with GEMS you get for free by watching ads or by buying them in our shop)
  • Optional: choose fancy overlay or touch effects to style the animated background (so satisfying!)
  • Apply the live wallpaper 4K
  • Use My Studio live wallpaper maker for your designs
  • Find all your cool wallpapers in My Studio ->My Wallpapers
  • Creating an account is optional, but it offers the best experience with this wallpapers app (your backgrounds and animations are safe if you change your phone or uninstall the app)

Custom home screen and lock screen-Live Wallpaper Apps

3D Live wallpapers app can customize both the home screen and lock screen, or just the home screen. However, some manufacturers won’t allow you to customize the lock screen with an animated or live wallpaper. Also, please check your device compatibility.

Live wallpaper maker in My Studio-Live Wallpaper Apps

Express yourself more and make your own 3D wallpaper using the My Studio feature. Here you can explore your own aesthetic wallpaper ideas:

  • Use the live wallpaper maker to create your own animated wallpapers: image, parallax, 3D photo, boomerang, video, slideshow.
  • Customize our designs
  • Share your wallpapers with the community and get likes or keep them private

Battery optimized-Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

WAVE Live wallpapers app is optimized for battery life. While an app is running or the screen is closed, video rendering is paused.

Remove ads

Everyone deserves inspiring visuals daily. It aims to delight the community with live wallpapers 4K they connect to on different levels, daily. So, this free live wallpaper app is for everyone if you don’t mind the ads. If you’d like to enjoy a premium ad-free experience, you can buy any of the gem packs in the shop.


They always seek to improve the live wallpapers app. So, any thoughts are welcome via the feedback form. Through this app, they empower you to make your phone as wavesome as you.

ZENTALED Live Wallpaper-Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

zentaled wallpapers

ZENTALED Live Wallpaper is a development of which is especially compatible with smartphones with OLED displays. Also, their live wallpapers seem to have light projection working on dark backgrounds. Especially, various models such as “Lion” and “Fan Art Darth Phlegius” can be accessed. Moreover, the wallpapers are touch sensitive and activate when the screen is tilted. You can also get more wallpapers by watching ads.

This app is perfect for those who like a stylish and technical look on their home screen. Also, dark wallpapers help optimize battery usage while maintaining great aesthetic appeal.

Personalize your smartphone-Live Wallpaper Apps

With Live Wallpaper, you can more conveniently explore your creative personality on your smartphone. Also, the best live wallpaper apps for Android on our list allow you to choose all kinds of live backgrounds to suit your style. In the end, best of all, they are all free to install, so take your time and see all your projects, moving from one app to the next if you want.


So, this is the list of some top free beautiful live wallpaper apps for android. We hope that you really like these beautiful live paper apps. Also, enlighten us about your experience in comments and share with others too.

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