Basically designed as a VoIP application, Discord is a digital distribution platform that links communities to connect with each other and exchange images and videos. Discord is similar in many respects with Skype or TeamSpeak.  This application is built for multiple systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS etc. Discord has gained tremendous popularity with users. It has also attracted a large majority of games and anime lovers who have ample opportunity on this application to engage with each other via voice, video and text and coordinate to play. The users can develop their groups for a particular game or opt for studio. They can share screen with their playmates and join them to play fancy discord games with them.

Discord has also the credit of introducing third party applications on its platform that enhance your Discard gaming experience. The most prominent among them are Discord bots which have evolved with the passage of time as fully developed text/image-based games. While most of the servers are related to gaming and anime on Discord, you can easily build your community for games and animes of your interest. This list brings three best Discord games for gaming and anime fans that provide them with the most exciting gaming experience.


This interesting game on Discord features 70,000 adorable anime characters as cards! The game is named after the famous Japanese card game “Karuta” and offers a great gaming opportunity to those who are already fans of bots like Mudae or WaifuBot. The players run commands on a scheduled server which initiates rolling of cards and allows the players to select them tapping their numbers. The players can earn, trade, upgrade, and do a lot more! Before you enter in the game, get familiar with commands and they are numerous. Particularly, the new players need to establish their grasp on them.

Trading cards is the most stimulating feature of this amazing game which allows you to enter in an interesting trade economy. You can trade every card and item that is found on Karuta with other players and even on other Discord servers. This game is an open invitation to the skilled traders to try their expertise and get gold, tickets, anime cards and even blessings, bartering cards. The game offers a special treat for anime lovers. There is a never-ending supply for those who want to collect cards of their favorite characters.

In Karuta, you can opt for both manually rolling waifus or choose the spawns coming to you.  This game is supported by a Discord vigilance team which checks each and every move in the game. Any attempt of abusing selfbots or tempering accounts is easily traced and the players are banned immediately for foul play. There are everyday new features for you to add to your amusement.



Pokécord bot gained much popularity among gaming and anime fans. This wonderful game engages people on various channels, spawning Pokémon automatically on the server. To initiate the game, find out “Pokecord BOT” in the members list of Discord server. Now scribe P!Catch command to get an entry into the fun game. It will start the game by displaying the image of the Pokemon without a name and the players have to respond immediately to type the correct name. The one who types it first get the Pokemon.

This game offers the players a typing contest. The more speedily they type, the more extensive collection of Pokémons they can create. When you succeed in catching your first Pokemon, type command “p!detailed” to get information of your starter Pokémon. If you type “p!order IV”, it will give your Pokemon the highest IV.

The IVs, or Individual Values of each Pokémon varies and the ultimate goal of players is to catch Pokémon with perfect IVs.  With speed, the other important thing is to know Pokécord commands to run the bot efficiently and catch more Pokémon. This game allows you to collect, duel, search and trade Pokemon on any server that has the Pokécord bot. You grasp on commands can help you enjoy more enticing and advanced features.



If you are an Anime fan or a diehard gamer, this top Discord bot is for you and should find a place in your server. It is a waifu generator and is also popular for its Pokémon Rocket casino and many other exciting features. You have access to 42,000 enticing anime/game characters like waifu, husbando from Manga, comics or video recreations. In additions to these, Mudae also provides you over 100,000 images and GIFs for you. Mudae also allows you options to customize fight and catch Pokémon into the rocket casino and participate in several original multiplayer games which include word-based games and multiquiz.

This amazing platform also provides you anime quotes which you can add in multiple servers. On Mudae you find every week new features to fill your time with more fun. Mudae empowers you to generate and set commands too. With this unique feature, you can customize your waifu as per your likeness and amass kakera to benefit your harem. Like other Discord bots, Mudae offers hundreds of commands to the players to enjoy multiple features of this fantastic game.

Like the previous two Discord bots, Mudae also allows individual servers to run economy but with a little difference. Karuta and Pokécord allow players to transferring their progress to other servers. However, they have no such freedom at Mudae but the users get complete control of how the game works. Mudae is available with complete French translation whereas it is partially available in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and German.


Discord bots are currently in use by a great majority of gaming lovers for their intuitive designs and heaps of customizable options. Their adorable features have made hundreds of thousands fans across the world. The above repertoire introduces to the game and anime lovers the best three Discord bots to entertain them. Try them setting your own server and enjoy their highly customizable features. Still to amaze you further, Discord broadens your options by allowing you to add bots and add more functionalities to your server.

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