This collection of high-grade cartoon talking apps alike tom cat will introduce you to a whole new world. Having them on your handy device, you can enjoy a lot of fun during your leisure time. Each of these apps has something new to allure you. Their exciting and innovative features are extremely impressive. The best part of the apps mentioned here is that they are absolutely free and are designed to work excellently on both android and IOS devices.

My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom cat

My Talking Tom is already an iconic hit and has an extensive fan group. This hilarious pet game has a number of features to keep everyone at absorbed in it. The funny pranks of Tom are endless and it can engage you for hours. It mimics your voice and makes you laugh. There is a whole range of mini games inside from puzzles to adventure and sports. There are options to customize and dress up Tom and take Tom on visit to visit foreign countries. All this extravaganza of Tom’s world can be enjoyed paying nothing!

My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela tom cat

Much like My Talking Tom, this app features a virtual pet! The antics of Angela are numberless including her bathing, dressing and eating and along with these a variety of mini games. She can even sing and dance ballet, K-pop or disco. Playing with her is the test of your reflexes, intelligence and problem solving skills. You can download My Talking Angela free but you need to subscribe monthly $4.99 to enjoy all its features.

My Talking Tom Cat 2

My Talking Tom 2 cat

The next version of My Talking Tom Cat that has come with many alluring and innovative features! Like the previous version it is also free to download and enjoy the funny adventures of Tom. At every step, you have tons of fun as Tom gives you its funniest reactions to whenever you touch or interact it. My Talking Tom 2 performs funnier and livelier here than all other its apps and their versions and it brings to you new surprises every day. This latest version is packed with new mini games and offers you to explore a lot more for your interest!

Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat for android

Another funny pet app by Outfit7 that combines animated sports and fun and can fill your leisure hours with excitement and amusement! Play with your friends or alone, Tom will never let you feel bored. The app features Tom’s fun reactions in multiple ways. Play with Tom by poking his head; let him purr or fart or feed him when he is hungry. He won’t bear spicy chilies and will give a severe reaction. You can also play games with him and try to beat his intelligence.

Talking Ben the Dog

Talking Ben the Dog for android

Ben poses a retired chemistry teacher and is apparently indifferent to you unless you succeed in getting his attention. He’ll stop his newspapers reading and will respond you being vexed and reactionary. But don’t forget to bother him long enough, if you really want to enjoy his funny responses. For further enjoyment, you can enter into his lab and mess with articles there. Talking Ben the Dog brings you really the best fun time.

Talking Tom & Ben News

Talking Tom & Ben News

This funnier app multiplies your joy with two amazing talking characters. Playing with them, talking or watching their pranks will make evoke tons of laughters! There are plenty of features to engage you with your android or IOS screen as the app is fully compatible with both the systems. The funnies part is that when they repeat what you say and their comical voice amuses you. It is also hilariously amusing when Tom & Ben interact with each other!

Talking Pierre the Parrot

Talking Pierre the Parrot

Another free app to enjoy a talking cartoon parrot with so many amusing and dramatic feats! Beware Talking Pierre is a fiery bird. It can break guitar, rocks Smoke on water and if you throw tomatoes on him, he can easily dodge them. Like Tom apps, Pierre can also repeat what you say, showing as he is mocking at you. He can even utter a few sentences to make you laugh.

Talking Parrot Couple Free

Talking Parrot Couple Free

Talking Parrot Couple is special treat for kids and provide them hours of fun and laughter! No subscription is required to download this app. The parrot couple is able to repeat your words and sentences in their funny voice. You can customize your parrot and enjoy their reaction by touching, poking their heads and bodies or watch them dancing or flying. There are also mini games loaded in this tom cat alike app for your further amusement.

Chhota Bheem Talking Toy

Chhota Bheem Talking Toy

This wonderful talking cartoon app features a famous cartoon hero – Chhota Bheem! The app brings you the opportunity to play with Bheem, let him sing for you and dance on different songs. Bheem can also play various musical instruments for you. You can also feed him, give him a bath and clean his teeth and lull him to sleep. He can also count for you and play nursery rhymes. Thus, with entertainment, there is also education for kids in this app! This the Indian version of the tom cat indeed.

Bolo: Learn to read with Google

 Bolo helps to improve their reading skills

As the name of this app reflects, this is designed especially for nursery kids. It helps them learn reading skills with “Diya” – an interesting talking cartoon character that acts like a real reading tutor and encourages kids to read along with entertaining them. This app can be used offline as well. The reading stuff is available in many internationally spoken languages that make this app useful for a great majority of people. There are also word games for kids to enhance their interest in reading.

After having a glance on the above tom cat alike cartoon talking apps, you can see that not only these apps have the best entertaining cartoon characters for kids but they also help them in learning. The tom cat alike characters provide the kids healthy entertainment and let them enjoy copying their voices. A few apps allow you to customize characters and play mini games with them. These apps stand unique in their features and will prove the best selection for kids of all ages.

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