Do you know Chess is the most interesting and mindful game on the planet earth that intellectuals play, Seriously. It is so interesting that any one can become its fan in minutes. If you are intelligent, then you would love to play chess its tactics fascinate you, as everyone is not capable of applying its principle in a live game. It is indeed one of the most reputed game in the world. A Good chess opponent can made your day, event he result of the game what so ever. Gone are the days when chess was played in a room face to face, but nowadays the game has gone digital. Chess Players from all around the world play this game online and 24/7. Thankfully, bestcartoonapp present you the top free chess apps that have thousands of active players.

A user can play this game with a real opponent on the other side in sec or also against a computer offline. With the help of these chess apps, you can enhance your chess playing skills. Let’s take a look at some of the best chess apps for android and IOS.

Chess – Play & Learn

Chess Play and Learn

Chess is an interesting game that requires proper brainstorming. To groom your chess skills, you can begin your chess campaign from the Chess – Play & Learn app. More than 5 million users have downloaded this chess app that shows their interest in chess. If you are a new player, you can see tutorials to learn chess. Further, you can choose different levels to play chess with your opponents, the choice is yours whether choose easy or difficult modes to enjoy chess. As far as the app is concerned, it is easier to use and has a terrific design. The more you play, the more you become an expert. It is the editor choice from the pool of chess apps.

You can enjoy free unlimited chess games and enhance your chess rating with 150,000+ strategies puzzles. It has interactive trainings and videos and a very powerful computer adversary. You can unlock your inner chess master with this game.


  • You can play chess totally free with your friends.
  • You can encounter with new friends and chat while play.
  • Also, you can join compete with thousands of other online players.
  • You can play games in real-time from one minute per game to 30 minutes or long.
  • In this game, you can play daily mail chess for low-pressure games on your own timetable.
  • You can also try thrilling chess variants like 960 chess (Fischer-Random) or blindfold chess.


  • You can enjoy 150,000+ unique puzzles.
  • Its rated method systematically adjusts to your skill level to help you improve.
  • You can race the clock to beat your high score in Puzzle Rush.
  • You can also exercise puzzles with specific themes in learning mode.

Chess with Friends

Chess With Friends

If you want to play chess at a very difficult levels, you can choose to play Chess against Computer opponent. But if you want to enjoy this game with your Friends, than Chess with friends is the best option for you. As it will instantly connect you with the facebook friend playing chess.  It is one of the wonderful chess app that comes with good functionality and features. You can play the game with robots and active players on the other side. The app is based on a rating system, the more you make smart moves, the more you get the highest ratings. It’s a way to motivate players and you can also login to Facebook to join your friends in this game. Overall, the game has amazing entertaining features.

In this game, take no prisoners and defend your King at all costs. It is brought to you by the makers of Words with Friends, Chess with Friends Free is the fine way to play the classic Chess board game on Android OS.

You can connect with friends and challenge them to one of the oldest, most famous strategy games in the world. Also, you can play several games at the same time. Moreover, you can track your moves and enhance your stats. You can download Chess with Friends Free and start playing the most communal chess game.


  • You can connect with Facebook to play with family and friends or find and challenge a random opponent.
  • In this game, you can track your record, skill rating and head-to-head stats to enhance your game play.
  • You can size up your enemy by viewing their matches and stats on their profile.
  • It has PRACTICE MODE – Select your skill level, train your mind and study new tactics by challenging Chesster the Chess coach. Also, you can play him online or offline to refine your skills.
  • You can also relive the glory by replaying moves on the board in existing and past games
  • You can INSPIRE, boast or taunt your enemy with in-game chat.
  • Moreover, play several chess games at once across Android and iOS.

Chess Free-Chess Apps

Chess Free

Looking for a chess game to play on your Android device? Chess Free is made for all Android devices that you can freely play on your smartphones. The game is comprised of 12 levels with different modes. The hints for levels are also available for smart players that tell them to know their next move. The game is free to play, as you don’t see ads pop up on your screen. The app design is awesome, but you can’t play online. The best is to download and play on your smartphone.

This Chess game is the best free Chess game on Android Mobile. It has been top ranked chess game among the 600+ chess apps listed for years. Its first-class instructor makes it big for both developing Chess Strategy and refining your chess abilities. This is totally free. Also, it is not a demo and has no options locked.


  • This game now shows the chess line you are in e.g. Queen’s Gambit.
  • It has 12 play levels (Novice->Expert). This uses brainy weakening for lower levels. Good for novices.
  • It also has casual and Pro modes. You can learn on casual and progress to Pro.
  • This game has chess tutor free. This powerful tool shows a suggested piece to move, excellent for enhancing chess strategy and avoiding simple errors.

Analyze This Chess

Analyze Chess

If you are a true chess lover and love to do analysis, then Analyze This Chess is the best choice for you. You can download this game in PGN format without facing any problem. You enjoy every single move in this game, as it is composed of two chess engines. The game design is simple and user-friendly, so there are chances to increase chess skills by using this app. Immatures get a chance to become professional by playing this chess, as it improves the game analysis too.

Online chess free Chess Heroz

Chess heroes free

If you want to beat real players, then you should try this lovely Online chess free Chess Heroz. It’s a wonderful game that allows you to play with real players online. No artificial intelligence is involved in this game. The game is made for intellectuals who want to make the best of their time. You can enjoy this game in offline mode as well. Furthermore, you get hints to make your next move in this game. Also, you can watch how others play chess. It’s an interesting feature that makes you skilled and competent.

Chess Live-Chess Apps

Chess Live

Do you wish to play chess in a love mode? Immediately download Chess Live on your smartphones to make the most of your time. The game is full of advanced features that come with various modes. It’s up to you whether you play with your friend or you choose random players, you improve your chess playing skills with ease. The game is easy to handle and operate, even the design is magnificent with cool sound effects.

Real Chess-Chess Apps

Real Chess

The game is ideal for Android devices. It comes with exceptional 3D graphics and awesome features. You can find this game interesting; as more than a million people have experienced playing this tactical game. You can do chat with your opponents while playing Real Chess that makes the game more interesting. As far as game levels are concerned, you get hints to make moves. Beginners can also get training before becoming expert players. To avoid difficult situations, it’s better to get the proper training to become a good player.

Play Magnus Chess-Chess Apps

Play Magnus Chess

If you are an addicted chess player, you must be aware of Magnus Carlsen, who is the World Chess Champion of the present time. Magnus has won many chess championships, and that is the reason he has introduced this wonderful chess game. A user can get training before playing chess with a competitor. The design of the app is superb and you get the impression of a championship when joining the chess club.

iChess – Chess puzzles

iChess Puzzles

If you are an Apple user and finding a chess game. Look no further when you can play iChess – Chess puzzles. You are not authorized to play this game with a competitor or AL. It’s a different game, where you are supposed to solve chess puzzles. So, it’s a great opportunity for a player to enhance chess skills, as it also gives you hints.

Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles)

Chess Tactics

It’s another puzzle-solving chess app. You have to solve the puzzles by showing your skills and intelligence. The app has got different levels that keep you busy when you start playing this puzzle. You can also play offline and get points after you solve different levels. Overall, the app is awesome.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the chess apps. You are always welcome to share your favorite in the comments below. Lets see on best cartoon which chess app the most rated.

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