Drawing is one of the best hobby of almost every person because your creation gives you joy even if its bad. When a person starts drawing his first thought is what to draw so usually people make cartoon for drawing so here are some top apps which will make your drawing experience awesome no matter you are doing for fun or you are a professional artist.

Art Rage: Draw, Paint, Create

Draw, Paint, Create - cartoon drawing appsThis app gives you full feel of realistic drawing because all the tools with you work with feels full realistic. Some realistic features include Smear oil paint on textured canvas, draw with pencils or pastels on realistic paper, or blend watercolours to create delicate gradients. Even after having so many realistic features this app is very easy to use and even fun to use. Interface is quite simple to use and understand even if you are new. This app also has powerful digital utilities like layers and blend modes, Tracing and references Images to act as guides while drawing.

Artecture – Draw, sketch, paint

Artecture Draw, Sketch, Paint - cartoon drawing appsThere are a lot of reasons to count this app in the list of top cartoon drawing apps. The most interesting and beneficial thing in this app is its unlimited zoom which allows you to create more details and makes your cartoon more perfect. There is plenty of tools and the developers of this app have done a lot of work on the interface of this app and have made interface simple enough to be understand and learned in few minutes. The plus point of this app is that it has no ads, no log in required just install and start working on your project.

Sketch book – Draw and paint (cartoon drawing apps)

draw and paint - cartoon drawing appsSpeed is the thing which is in demand in market for almost every app and this app fulfills your demand of speed. In some mobile models this app may not work properly but in almost every mobile its performance is appreciating. This app also has a variety of tools like pencil which is key of drawing it has pencils for every type of drawing no matter its sharpe or depth drawing. This app supports all type of format and stylus. This app has a tool curve tool which is i think the plus point of this app.

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Paper color: paint draw sketchbook & paper draw

Paint Draw Sketchbook - cartoon drawing appsThe format of this app helps you to focus more on your content and make it better . Features are great : variety of brushes, textures, basic layers with changeable order, eye dropper, color selector, reference layer awesome. People love how they get to create their own cartoon drawing apps piece/content except that they can draw or color on the go, and they have many options to chose from and it just really leads then into the artist path. It also gives you a chance to just relax and doodle and on the other hand you can be creative. The interface of this app is very artistic.

Art flow: paint Draw Sketchbook

Paint Draw Sketchbook - cartoon drawing appsThis app is really great for art loving people specially who loves to make drawing of every thing. To make a good drawing you should have a good app and here is the app you want. This app is so much have to draw cartoons like adjustment of eyes and other stuff have layer layout so you can put a realistic feel in your cartoon. This app is a worth time saving for such kind of people. This app is easy to use so no problem for beginners.

Flipaclip: Cartoon animation

Cartoon animation - cartoon drawing appsAs the main topic is that bring your dreams to life through animation so any app which says this has its full attention on the drawing and sketching. If you want to make complex and detailed drawing this app is a good choice for you. Another very interesting feature of this app is that it makes frame by frame animation easy. Main purpose of this app is drawing, story boarding, animating, or simply learning, so this app is useful for almost every type of drawing maker trying to be good or trying to learn. Its control are simple but very efficient to use.

MediBang – Make Art!

Paint - drawing - cartoon drawing appsMediBang paint is one of the top cartoon drawing apps out there on play store. There are so many reasons of being at the top one of them is its awesome features. Its features include lot of brushes, fonts, pre made backgrounds, and permission for other resources. One more reason professional artist love it is that it allows you to transfer your work between different platforms easily. On the other hand after containing so many features this app is very light weight., It also comes with comic creation tools so if you are making comics then this app is for you.

Layerpaint HD – cartoon drawing apps

LayerPaint HD - cartoon drawing appsThis app has a very awesome feature which most of the other great apps dont have. The feature is pen pressure support. This thing gave you a full realistic feel and an artistic feel so you can draw an image with out interupting the layout or layer on which you are working and it can save a lot of time like change for every time you have to change formate but with this you dont have to. This app also supports the social media sharing so you dont need to worry about that how you will share the stuff.

Clover paint – cartoon drawing apps

Clover Paint - cartoon drawing appsClover paint is not a very famous app and did not has a lot of downloads because it is not free. Although this app is very amazing to use and has a lot of great features to use. It also has some advance features like layer lock which gives you a lot of grip on your work and grip means perfection. Transparency (alpha) lock which provides you a better understanding of what and where you a re drawing it also provides clipping, in addition with 11 blend models. It also supports social media sharing direct from the app.

Abode illustrator draw – cartoon drawing apps

Adobe Illustrator Draw - cartoon drawing appsGreat apps always wins awards and this app has also won an award. This app has won tabby award for creation, design and editing and play store editors choice award. This app has a great no of amazing features which include zoom up to 64x to apply finer details. Sketch with five different pen tips with adjustable opacity , size and color, work with multiple image and drawing layers, rename, duplicate,merge and adjust each individual layer in this app you can also take advantage of other creative cloud services. This app also allows you to share your content on social media.

Drawing is a fun activity for kids. Today, kids want to show their drawing skills on different platforms, but the role of technology is also positive these days when it comes to enhancing drawing skills. Gone are the days when kids used to show their drawing skills on white paper. Now, learning has gone to the next level. Online apps have been launched that teach exceptional drawing skills to kids. So, it’s great to be an artist online. Drawing apps play a phenomenal role in teaching art skills to kids above 5 years old. If you get the support of a Chromebook, then learning drawing skills will become easy.

If you want to be an artist, you have plenty of options to utilize to learn drawing and art skills. Mostly, online apps are full of ads that can put a bad impression on kids. Some apps come with horror Halloween ads that can frighten kids. If you are looking for user and kid-friendly apps, then you must use the Chromebook option to learn drawing. In this article, we have got some exceptional drawing apps free of inappropriate app and ads. Here we go with the safe apps for kids to learn drawing.

Google Keep

Google keep

Google Keep is a great tool for enhancing art skills. It works according to the needs and requirements of kids. For basic drawing sessions, the tool is just awesome. You can see a highlighter, a marker, and a pen of different sizes and colors. You’ll see a huge variety of colors with different thickness levels. In the tool, you’ll also find an eraser for rubbing purposes.

You can erase a particular drawing section that you want to remove by using an eraser and that’s the special feature of this drawing tool. Whenever you lift your pen for drawing, you’ll retain your sketch. A variety of papers is also available for managing your drawing on this app. For keeping a check on drawing activities, you can synchronize the app with your Google Account.

Chrome Canvas

Chrome Canvas

Chrome Canvas is a fantabulous drawing app specifically created for Chromebooks. Just like Google Keep, you can find a range of similar tools available on this app. You’ll only see a minor difference in the tools when compared to Google Keep. If we take a look at the tools, we can find the tip market, calligraphy pen, eraser, and a smudge stick. As far as colors are concerned, you’ll come across a huge variety of colors to use on the drawing app.

With the help of a wheel selector, you can customize any color to make your art. Further, you can control the brightness and thickness of the image by using a slider. Additionally, you can use it as Photoshop by making layers to merge and mix up the images. In today’s computers, you can find Chrome Canvas already installed on the PC’s. Just start using it to make art.

Kids Paint

Kids Paint

Kids paint is another drawing app that your kids can operate offline. The app has got a range of colors and brush sizes for kids. As far as features are concerned, the app has got fewer features when we compare it to Keep and Canvas. Despite looking at the limited features, kids enjoy drawing sessions using this app because of its fancy features. There is no need for any such guidance for using this app, as it is friendly and easier to operate. Kids can download it from Google Play for free. If we look at the drawbacks of the app, it doesn’t fit well on the screen. The app is ideal for phones not for desktop, so kids should use it on phone.

Coloring Games: Coloring Book, Painting, Glow Drawing

Coloring games android

If you have kids over 10 years, then you can freely download Coloring Games for your kids to have some drawing fun. The app is attractive for kids, as it comes up with superb drawing features and tools. It’s a family drawing app that works smoothly. For seeking guidance, kids can watch a tutorial to get started. The app is free from ads and inappropriate content, so the main job is to download and start the operations. Further, the app contains painting, coloring, water paint, and so many options. The glow pen is also available that helps to create a masterpiece.

Learn to Draw (Kids Painting)

Learn to draw

If your kid is a beginner and hasn’t started drawing apps before, then Learn to Draw is full of learning materials for your kids. The app provides complete support to beginners who are eager to learn drawing. If you are looking for easy drawing options, then this particular app never disappoints kids. It comes with multi-color options that make the day of kids when they create a range of designs by using tools. Also, the colors come in a huge variety that makes this app fantabulous.

Learn Coloring & Drawing Car Games for Kids

Learn Coloring

If you have a boy who is crazy about cars, then you should download this app for drawing cars. Learn Coloring & Drawing Car Games for Kids is a perfect app for kids who want to draw cars. The app covers a wide range of colors with brush sizes. For toddlers, the app is ideal because it’s a source of learning. If we look at the tools, we can find crayons, pencil, eraser, and bucket fill to manage drawing. The app also plays music, but you can mute it from managing the top options. Also, the app is user-friendly and kids can handle it from home settings.

Now learning drawing has become so easy for kids by using various drawing apps. Google Chrome apps are safe to use and free from inappropriate content and this is the reason that these apps are highly demanding.

All these apps are very flexible and people who have tried this are really happy with these apps you should also gives these apps a chance.

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