Smartwatch is the latest invention that has surprised everyone today because of its amazing features. Nowadays, you can see adults love to use smartwatches to stay updated on things around them. Hence, they get sports and weather updates via smartwatches. They need to connect their smartphones with these watches to get updates. Not only adults, but mature people also use these watches for getting updates quickly. Furthermore, smart watch for kids are good for learning purposes, as they can develop some skills by using these watches. Indeed, it’s a wearable tech that works like a tracker.

Thankfully, the touch models are also available in these wearable computers that make the usage easier for kids. How do kids get benefits from these tech watches? Kids can avail of benefits in summer holidays by using it as a tracker, camera, and a great source of information to enhance knowledge. There are so many uses of smartwatches that can teach awesome skills to kids. Do you agree?

Best Kids’ Smart Watches Buying Guide

There are so many types of smartwatches available in the market. How do you use smartwatch matters a lot? Some are good for playing games, while some are purely for learning purposes. If you want to motivate your children, you can shortlist a few watches that can engage your kids in learning activities. For kids, a GPS tracker is fixed in the watches so that parents can track the location of their children. If you are interested in buying a smartwatch, here we have prepared a list for the buyers.


Swimproof tracker


FITBIT ACE 2 is a perfect smartwatch made for kids who are above 5 years of age. The watch has a durable design and water-resistant, as kids can use it freely while swimming. Kids can improve their healthy habits with this smartwatch, as it comes with good updates. One of the best reasons to buy this watch is the battery time that lasts for almost 5 days. The watch comes in attractive colors for kids and eye-catching themes that look awesome. Further, parents can know about the activities of kids by using the Fitbit family account. Overall, the app has nice features and specifications.

If your kid gets Ace 2 wet or sweats in it, eliminate and totally dry the band before they put it back on. Also, make sure child take the band off every now and then, remove the pebble from the wristband and frequently clean the band, pebble and the wrist area around it with clean water. Moreover, do NOT use hand soap, body soap, dish soap, hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes or household cleaners, which can get stuck beneath the band and annoy skin. Children with eczema or a skin condition must talk to a doctor before wearing it.

This band is made of a elastic silicone similar to that used in several sport watches and comprises a plastic buckle. This Ace 2 band has up to 5 days of battery power. Battery life and charge cycles differ with use, settings and other factors; real results can vary. We endorse charging your tracker every few days to make sure you are always tracking. It has Lithium-polymer battery type. It has charge time (0-100%) of Two hours. Also, it has radio transceiver Bluetooth 4.0.



If you are looking for an adventurous smartwatch, you can select GARMIN VIVOFIT JR 2 to enjoy several features in a smartwatch. It’s a watch that covers so many functions that kids can enjoy with its color screen and design. It helps children to complete their daily assignments and important tasks with ease. The watch is easier and comfortable to wear and its battery life is amazing that probably lasts for up to 1 year. Further, the watch allows you to award points after completing the daily tasks and that’s a wonderful feature and becomes a reason to buy for kids. Further parents can watch and monitor the activities via mobile.

With you as their helper, your kid can unlock Frozen 2 app adventures. They’ll ice skate with Anna and Elsa, escape an avalanche with Olaf, explore far off lands and many more. Not only does sixty minutes of daily activity unlock adventure, the more active minutes kids log, the more chances they’ll get to play the heart-pounding click challenge game. Meeting their daily routine goals also rewards your child with crystals. They can use crystals to reveal story art from Frozen 2 etc.

More Details:

With Olaf as their coach, your children can learn basic workout moves from new fitness training cards, together with jumping jacks, downward dog, mountain climbers and many more. With its app, parents can look activity, tasks, sleep, chore data and several after syncing with well-suited devices. You can assign tasks and chores from the app, and label a reward virtual coin value. Those in-app coins can be converted by your children for agreed-upon rewards.

When you assign chores and plan alerts, your child’s band can let them know with an icon that displays what required to be done. These can be set up to repeat weekly or even daily. It can enable child Mode in the Garmin jr. app to give your child limited access to monitor and check off their own chores and to leek at the latest mission in their app adventure.


FitBit Ace

If you want your kids to get moving, then FITBIT ACE plays a fabulous role in your kid’s life. It’s a simple app that offers complete control to parents for monitoring. The app design is slim and good for tracking the activities. Further, it rewards kids with badges and points after accomplishing certain goals. If you are looking at the features of the app, you can find this app water-resistant and superb battery timing that works for up to 5 days.  Parents can make family accounts to supervise the activities and progress of children. The watch is affordable, but the only drawback is the lack of GPS and design. but the design is not kid-friendly.

This Ace 2 has up to 5 days of battery. Its battery life and charge cycles differ with use, settings and other factors. Real results can vary. We recommend charging your tracker ace2 every few days to guarantee that you are always tracking. Fitbit Ace 2 is swim proof, meaning it’s water resistant to upto 50 meters. After children go swimming or get the band damp, we suggest to drying off the band because, as with any wearable device, it’s good for your kid’s skin if the band is clean and dry completely. We do not suggest wearing Fitbit Ace 2 in a hot tub or sauna.


Stylish and Modern

VTECH KIDIZOOM SMART WATCH for kids is best for kids who like to take photos and videos, as a camera is attached to the watch that makes it special for young fellows. The watch is affordable with having cool features, whereas kids can play games by using the app option and it also tracks the activities of children through a motion sensor. The clock has around 50 different 3D effect faces that increase the value of this smart watch for kids. For apps and games, the app seems to be the best choice and the only drawback is the absence of GPS and water resistance options. Furthermore, the battery goes up to 2 weeks.



If you need a small size smartphone on your wrist, you can have KURIO WATCH 2.0 to enjoy a range of features and apps. The app is famous for messaging and kids can take videos and photos by using the fine quality camera. The media player is also attached to the app that makes it adorable. The activity tracker is also a special feature of this watch that helps parents to monitor the activities of kids. The memory is 32GB and you can download games and apps to make your time memorable with the watch. The battery time is 3 days and you won’t find GPS in the watch. But the camera and messaging option are mind-blowing.



If you are looking for a smart watch for kids to teach a variety of skills to your children, you can use LEAPFROG LEAPBAND ACTIVITY TRACKER to teach so many skills to your children. Notably, kids can learn about time management and nutrition by using this smartwatch. The LeapFrog in the game gains points for children after they meet certain goals. Also, they can play games for a long time, as the battery time goes up to 4 days.  Apart from playing games, the app is good for the development of children, and parents can monitor the activities of children.


Built-in Camera, Location SMART WATCH FOR KIDS

Being parents, if you are worried about the location of your children, this smart watch for kids provides you an opportunity to track the location of your children. GPS tracker makes TENCENT KIDS SMARTWATCH demanding tech wear. It provides mental relaxation to parents when they want to track the location of their loved ones. Furthermore, the watch supports calls and messages for better tracking. The battery time goes up to 8 days and the watch is water resistant.

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