Are you a sports lover and want to get updates on every football match? You can get to know all the updates by downloading the various apps on your Android & iPhone devices. It is now easier to know about the updates around different sports played worldwide. For football fans, the apps work great no matter if it comes to national, club, and league matches. They get score updates anytime by using the apps given below.


365 Scores streaming app

First on the list is the 365Scores. The name speaks it all. It’s a free sports app that can give you so many live game updates in no time. You can know the update of matches you miss due to your busy schedule. Not only the results, but this app can tell you the statistics of players who are involved in the sports. If you are fond of watching hockey, football, basketball, rugby, baseball, cricket, tennis, and many other games, you can get to know the score updates quickly by using this app. The most interesting thing is to know the updates of your favorite team anytime in detail.


ESPN Sports App

ESPN is one of the most sports channels watched worldwide. In addition to the channel, the app has also been launched for serious sports lovers. The fans can download this app on all Android and Apple devices to get match feedback of different games. If you have missed any match because of some commitments, you can get to know the result by using this wonderful sports app. Further, you can watch highlights of best shots and goals with ease. Further, you can create an account to get notifications around different games. Also, you may get to know the updates about your favorite team and events you like to see.

Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News

Cricbuzz Cricket Score app

Are you a cricket lover? Download Cricbuzz to find every update about cricket matches played in the world. The app works great on ordinary days, but it works extraordinarily when some cricket event continues like ICC World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, Champions League, Big Bash t20, Pakistan Super League and Indian Premier League, etc. The app covers so many cricket tournaments at the same time and that is the specialty of using Cricbuzz. The channel updates every single moment to keep fans happy and well-informed. A true cricket lover gets the ball to ball update and that’s what makes this app special.


Live Score App

LiveScore is another special app used for different sports lovers especially cricket and football fans. The streaming works 24/7 and you may come to know updates around different sports leagues and championships. The app covers more than 10 sports at the same time to make users happy and satisfied. Overall, the app is user-friendly and easy to handle by fans who download it for the first time.


Sofa Score Live

If you are searching for a free app to get sports feedback, just download SofaScore to get quick updates about different sports events. The app is 100% free and offers a wide range of feedback about games like football, hockey, basketball, cricket, tennis, rugby, water polo, badminton, and motorsports. You can also do polling in the app by voting your favorite sportsman or athlete. Further, you may see stats and dates of upcoming events easily.

Football Live Scores

Football Live Score Apps

If you are a die heart fan of football, don’t miss Football Live Scores to download on your smartphones. The app features quick updates around football matches whether it comes to national games, league games, and club matches, you always get to know the results of the missed games. Further, you may also see the stats, results, and points table of leagues going on. For more fun, you can also watch highlights of best goals along with player rankings. Broadcasting is also a concern that some fans look for. Thankfully, this app provides you the broadcasting facility, and that what fans expect from a football app.


Flash score live app

FlashScore is a popular sports app available for sports lovers. If you are looking for quick match updates including the stats, results, and other information related to the match, this app makes sense. Don’t worry if you have missed any matches, this app will cover all your missed events in no time. You can get updates around more than 30 sports.


Super Sports app

SuperSport is also featured with maximum game updates that you want to know. The app brings you the best results in the quick time of different games that you missed. Whether it comes to international games, league games, and club games, the app comes with live updates to bring a smile to your face. Also, you can choose your favorite team to get daily updates, live scores, and other related information.

Sport TV Live – Television

Sport TV Live

If you are a true sports lover, you can watch highlights, live streaming, and results of previous matches with the help of Sport TV Live – Television. The app is good for fans who search for various sports events around the world. Now, fans don’t have to search over the web by making guesses, as this app features the best results and updates in a quick time. Further, the sports events are categorized in the app that allows users to find the ease of use. Moreover, live streaming is the specialty of this app that makes it the best.

fuboTV Live

Fubo TV Live sports

fuboTV Live is also a top-rated app for fans who want to see updates around different soccer matches. The app tells you the quick live updates and game results whenever you want. It also covers more than 10 channels, so never get upset. Download this app and get what you want to know about soccer games.


Live Stream App

Livestream is also a top-rated app used by millions of fans around the world. The app is good for watching live matches whether it comes to cricket, football, or any other sports. The working of the app is tremendous.

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