Top Alternatives to Photoshop for Photo Editing

Top Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

In the age of high prices, saving money is important. So, brings the solution if you don’t want to pay for Photoshop. We bring the list of Top Alternatives to Photoshop for photo editing.

Paint.NET alternatives to photoshop

This is one of the top alternatives to Photoshop for photo editing. Also, it is a full of tools and features. It has community support for new users. Moreover, it is completely free of cost. It has all the basic tools of photo editing which makes it a good alternative to Photoshop.

However, Photoshop has more tools and features for good editing but Paint.NET is free to use while Photoshop is not free. So, enjoy the free photo editing with this software.

GIMP-Alternatives to Photoshop

GIMP photo editing free

This is a very effective photo editing software. Also, it has many similar tools and options like Photoshop. You can make many layers like Photoshop to edit individual portions of a photo. Moreover, you can make filters and can save in multiple formats. It has list of tutorials for improvements of skills on its documentations page.

PhotoScape-Alternatives to Photoshop

Photoscape free top Alternatives to Photoshop

This photo editing software is very user friendly and has many options on the start menu to get start. The options can vary from image photo editing or to make a GIF. Also, you can use wizard to combine pictures or can take screenshot. This is one of the Top alternatives to Photoshop that is available in the market for free photo editing.

It has many great options for editing. Ease of use makes it a great choice for users. Even beginners can use it easily. It has different versions for different Operating Systems which can be downloaded from the website.


Polarr Photo Editing free

This photo editing software is also very useful. Also, you don’t need to download it for use. You can retouch the photo, can add filters, text, creative work and many other things. You can do specific tuning or undo and redo the photo editing just like Photoshop. Moreover, you can compare the photos very easily.

However, it can get slow sometimes when you do a lot of changes. It has auto enhanced option too. So, its quite a good alternative to Photoshop with some useful tools.

Google Photos

Google Photos free

Google Photos is synced with all of your devices with Google account. So, you can edit the photos easily even on your Chromebook and Android devices. Also, you can do detailed edits to your pictures like exposure, color, saturation and many more. Unfortunately, text cannot be added and some other elements too. However, it free of cost and you can use it online.

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Photoshop is a high-level photo editing software. So, finding alternatives to Photoshop is not an easy task. We tried our best to give near to similar like Photoshop applications. Some are very to use and free of cost. You can do basic photo editing in almost every software mentioned above.  Try them and give us feedback about your experience with these amazing softwares.

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