Top Free Photo Collage Makers-Turn Photos into Memories

Combining photos into a collage is a fun way to combine photos. The top free online photo collage makers make the process easy. A photo collage is not only a great way to browse your image collection, but it can also be a lot of fun.

Also, for holidays such as Christmas, you can use family photos, Christmas trees, and holiday gifts. For birthdays, you can add photos of loved ones from infancy, proms and weddings. You can find many mobile photo collage makers apps for photo art, but sometimes it’s easier and more efficient to use your computer’s big screen. So, instead of downloading special software, you can also use one of these free online photo collage makers to create, save and share your creations for free.


Be Fundky top free photo collage makers

BeFunky is very easy to use and makes photo collages fun. First, you can view the layout with multiple line wrapping options for photos, Facebook covers, Pinterest images, featured layouts, and grids. Then, you can add some nice background patterns. Add polka dots, fill with cloth, or create a mosaic.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a photo collage? BeFunky Top Free Photo Collage Makers gives you the ability to easily create breathtaking online photo collages. So, just upload your photos to the photo collage makers and it will automatically create a great collage for you. Or you can choose from vivid, fully customizable layouts. Also, there are layouts designed specifically for Pinterest and Facebook to help make your posts stand out from the crowd. So, arrange your photos to tell your own story.

Moreover, you may want to add some fun pictures to your photo collage. BeFunky, top free photo collage makers app has images you can use grouped by holiday, season and object. Also, you should look at the different styles of neat stickers and text bubbles. You can add photos and edit items on the go at any time during the process.

When you’re done with the collage, you can save it to your computer, BeFunky account, Facebook, Google Drive or Dropbox. Also, you can share instantly on sites like Twitter and Pinterest. BeFunky has additional features such as greeting cards, event graphics, small business templates and photo editor.

Additionally, this collage maker app provides an amazing set of tools to enhance your photos and customize your photo collages. Change the background color, add elegant patterns, or use attractive fonts to speak loudly and clearly. Create masterpieces that no one can match.

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Canva Photo collage makers apps

You may have heard of Canva or thought it was mainly for business infographics, flyers, website banners, and now video tools. It’s perfect for situations like this, but it’s also a great online photo collage maker s and photo editor.

Forget complex photo editing software. With Canva, you can upload images with one click and add beautiful filters in no time, even if you have no editing experience.

Also, use the easy-to-use sliders to increase saturation, balance contrast and turn once colorful images into smooth black-and-white photos. Add shadows or use autofocus for more depth and sharpness.

Create instant mockups with the Smartmockups tool. If you’re using Canva Pro, use the Background Remover tool to quickly erase or replace your background.

No time to mess around with your tools? Tap Auto Correct and move the slider to see the photo come to life. Choose photo effects or apply photo filters to take your images to the next level.

Also, with Canva Photo Editor and top free photo collage makers, you can retouch any image in any collage in just a few minutes. Start by choosing from a variety of layouts or grids. Then, just like BeFunky, you can add subtle backgrounds like patterns, colors, or images.

Click the Upload button and incorporate your awesome photos into your collage. Then, you can align, resize and rotate them as needed. Also, this photo collage maker app provides elements such as free photos, shapes, icons, illustrations and more that you can add to your collages.


If you like the artwork, you can download it as an image file or PDF. Or you can share right now via email, Facebook and Twitter, or get a link and share directly. Also, the great thing about Canva is that with a free account you can save your designs and come back to customize them later if you want.

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Fotor-Photo Collage Makers

Photor image editors

Fotor is another great place to make a free photo collage online. For starters, you can choose from classic, artistic, fun layouts or photo stitching layouts. Just import your image and drag and drop it anywhere you want on your layout. Also, you can apply lighting effects, rotate and zoom your photos.

Fotor online photo editor and free photo collage makers have many great tools to help you enhance your photos. You can edit photos, edit people, remove backgrounds, and apply effects. Explore its most popular photo editing features.

As with other sites, you can use background colors, patterns, or images to give your collage a touch of flair. You can also add text or insert cool stickers for holidays like Christmas, Mother’s Day or Halloween. Or use balloons, flowers and hearts.

Also, you can download photo collages as images or PDFs for free. Alternatively, you can create a free account to instantly share or upload to the Fotor cloud for syncing. Fotor has an easy-to-use interface and also offers social media, banner design and photo editing tools.

Moreover, photo Editor and free photo collage makers Fotor is powerful with multiple platforms. Except for online photo editor, there are versions of photo editor apps including iOS photo editor and Android photo editor, and programs for Windows and Mac. All these photo editing programs are free to download. It also supports data and membership sync, so you can easily edit your images anytime, anywhere with one Fotor account.

PhotoCollage-Photo Collage Makers

Photo collage image editors

Check out PhotoCollage if you want the ability to use templates or create your own collages from scratch. So, start with a completely blank canvas where you can move, resize and arrange your photos as you like. Also, you can use the tools to resize, copy, and move the image back and forth.

When it launches, you can choose from a variety of social media canvas sizes or custom sizes. You can set a background color, use an inline image or upload your own. You can also click the Templates button to view holiday-themed layouts and templates. Also, you can upload photos by clicking the Add Image button and make changes easily using the Share button.

Once done, you can save your photo collage as images, PDF files, or high-resolution images. You can share directly to Facebook, Twitter or Google+, or directly via a link. PhotoCollage also gives you the option to order your creations in a variety of sizes and prices.

This site is easy to use and allows you to create collages as easily as using photo collage apps for Android and iOS.

FotoJet-Photo Collage Makers

Photojet online image editors photo editors

With layouts ranging from modern and artistic to classic and creative, FotoJet is another great choice when you’re looking for a free online photo collage editor. By selecting a template category, you can see additional layouts and narrow the options according to the number of photos you want to include.

FotoJet Photo Collage Maker lets you create the perfect photo collage using a huge variety of templates and layouts. Just add and edit photos to create a photo collage, an easy and fun process to let your personality shine through. There’s no better way to showcase your photos and share stories.

Whether creating creative collages for fun or working grids, FotoJet Photo Collage Makers makes it easy and elegant to express your thoughts. So, see what you can get from popular collage templates like birthday collages, wedding collages, anniversary collages, love collages and more.

Layouts:-Photo Collage Makers

Has a library of easily customizable collage templates. FotoJet’s ease of use and your creativity allow you to choose a layout and edit it to your liking. Awesome photo grids and classic collages won’t take you all day. Or, if you wish, you can create a photo montage from scratch!

Put photos of yourself and your loved ones into 3D hearts or use holiday dinner photos for family memories.

To get started, simply upload an image from your computer or import it from Facebook. Then drag and drop your photos into the layout you want. Rotate, flip, layer, crop or add neat effects with individual settings such as opacity, brightness and contrast.

Then, save your collage as JPG or PDF or share it instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr. FotoJet offers photo editing tools and designs such as posters, invitations and social media banners. So, check out the photo collages and find other features for your business or personal design.


Every moment of falling in love is memorable and worthy of an amazing love collage. Online photo collage makers FotoJet helps you save these love stories. It does in a way that will make you smile and appreciate the time you spend with your loved ones. From heart-shaped collages to Valentine’s Day collages, you can easily find templates to create romantic creations and turn photos into memories.

Special Day:

Sometimes you need a photo collage to remember a special day in detail and turn photos into memories. Whether you need birthday collages, wedding collages, anniversary collages and more, come to FotoJet and get creative with collage layouts and templates.


This Collage Maker celebrates your creativity! It also provides templates for creative collages, art collages, and more. So, you can get your own collage ideas and create your own art.

Important and Interesting People:

Creating collages is an aesthetic way to gloriously preserve family time, childbirth, first steps and other adventures, stories with friends and other life events. So, just put your photos into a collage template and communicate your message. It will warm your heart and make a great collage that your friends, family and loved ones will continue to enjoy and appreciate.


Photo collage ideas are born not only from beautiful templates, but also from life itself. Songs you’ve heard, foods you’ve tasted, places you’ve been, all of which inspire you to create collages about fashion, music, food, and anything else that grabs your attention or catches your attention.

Adobe Spark-Photo Collage Makers

Adobe Spark photo collage makers

Another free photo collage makers app is Adobe Spark. Start by choosing your edit size, including the specific size for your social media platform. Then you can choose from a variety of great stock photos or upload your own. If you want to do it later, you can skip this step and go straight to the editor.

Also, several tools are readily available. Some features are free and others require a subscription to unlock. However, you can change the position and background of the photo, edit the text, add icons and logos, and then upload or share the collage.

Artwork created in Photo Collage Maker can be uploaded in PNG, JPG and PDF format. Sharing includes posting, uploading a collage to Google Drive, suggesting as a template, and inviting people to collaborate. When it comes to keeping your brand consistent and effective, Adobe Spark is the best online collage maker.  So, take your photo collages to the next level with multimedia with the Adobe Spark Post.

Moreover, upload an image or choose from Adobe stock images. Add text and get creative with typography and fonts. Add stickers, badges and eye-catching colors. Create simple collages or collages full of details.

How to create a collage of images.-Photo Collage Makers

Start with inspiration.

Offers thousands of professionally designed templates so you don’t start from scratch. You can turn your photos into memory. Search by platform, work, aesthetic, mood or color so that inspiration is always at your fingertips. When you find a picture to start with, tap or click to open the document in the editor.

Remix and make your own. 

There are many ways to personalize the photo collage template. Change the copy and font. Add images to your photos. Or, view thousands of free images right from Adobe Spark. Take as much time as you like to personalize your graphics. With the premium plan, you can also apply your brand logo, colors and fonts automatically, so you’re always #onbrand.

Increase your talent.-Photo Collage Makers

It’s easy to add flavor and personality to your projects with exclusive Adobe Spark design materials. Add animated stickers or animate text to short graphic videos in GIPHY with just one tap. It can taken care of all the boring technical stuff so you can focus on the message and style. You also have more options to bring your designs to life by adding collaborators to your project.

Resize your content to evolve further.

Gone are the days of having to remember the image size of each platform. Pick a design you like, and use Adobe Spark’s easy-to-use auto-scaling feature to easily resize it to fit your print or social media needs. Also, duplicate your project, click resize, choose the platform you want to apply to, and AI does the rest. Deliver content for any channel in seconds.

Save and share your photo collages.

Adobe Spark stores all your designs in your Adobe Spark project folder. So, you can pause and return to your collage whenever you’re ready. Download the finished collage at work. From there, you can print your collage in any format you like, such as postcards, flyers, invitations, etc. You can also share your collage online with friends, family or the world.

Creative Collages with Adobe Spark Post.

Photo collages to hang on your wall or as a wallpaper for your smartphone are a great way to celebrate the best times with the best people. No design experience required. You can create your own collages and create all the great memories with your creativity. Make your collages special by adding color, graphics and text to them. Adobe Spark Post makes it easy, free, and fun to create and publish designs, so you can instantly create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Give your favorite images new possibilities.

Free online collage maker Adobe Spark lets you customize your designs the way you want. Why pay for software when everything you need is in one place and completely free? No programming or design knowledge is required, you can use photo collage templates and creativity to visually remind you of the most important moments in your life. This free photo collage maker is a tool you can use to create special moments in your life. Adobe Spark is super easy to use, yet still fun.

Picsart-Photo Collage Makers

Pics Art

Another collage maker website worth exploring is Picsart. You can go straight to the editor and start assembling your collage. There are many free options, but some items are only available on premium accounts.

Also, an impressive feature of the Picsart Collage Editor is its range of sizes. In addition to the standard sizes of all popular social networks, you can also create photo collages for t-shirts, album covers, or email headers.

Not only that, you can use filters and stickers to edit every element of your collage in a variety of cool ways.

Regarding export of finished projects, the free version allows you to upload JPGs up to 2160 x 2160 pixels and publish to Picsart as photos or stickers. Premium accounts offer more formats and larger sizes.

Life is a moment. A special spark of joy and light that makes everything worthwhile. But they can pass in the blink of an eye and the memory will soon fade away. That’s why photos that capture those moments can come to life. Whether you need a nostalgic, contemplative, bragging or enhanced advertising campaign, Collage Maker will give you the best possible image results. Also, it’s so easy to use that the process completes as quickly as a moment that’s too short to help compile.

In requirement of Inspiration? Check Out These Collage Concepts

Creating photo collages that anyone can do is very easy. Picsart Collage Maker offers a variety of free and premium templates and layouts to choose from. It’s the simplest online collage editor available and a great way to show off your artistic skills. You can collect everything you love and use it to create a virtual mood board. Also, when you find a photo you like, just add it. Do you like Polaroids? Create unique retro collages. Need some business inspiration and visual stimulation for a brainstorming session? Collage Maker helps you unleash these creative juices. Or, maybe you need to create a virtual birthday card for someone special and quickly. You can do all of this with Picsart Collage Maker. Also, you can shape and use it however you like. Create photo collages using grids, frames, or freehand.

Picsart Photo Collage Maker will be in charge.

If you’re feeling more experimental, you can use grids, frames, or freeform. The point is, there are no rules when making collages, so go where your creativity is needed. Start easy by choosing one of the Picsart grids, or use themed frames for something more specific, like a special day or holiday collection. For the Freeform option, you can choose up to 10 images and experiment with their placement. Up, Down, Twist, Turn – Transform the vision in your head into the collage you want by doing things that look and feel good.

Bring your memories to life and share them with others.

Whether you’re creating family reunions, weddings, birthdays or summer parties, Picsart Photo Collage Editor has templates to use for almost any occasion. Check out Picsart’s perfect templates to capture precious memories for your next special celebration. Back to school? There are many suitable frameworks for this. Get married? There are many save date templates available. When you’re done creating your collage, share it with the world on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Choose from millions of free images and stickers.

To bring your creations to life, you can access our amazing collection of free Picsart stickers and images. With a growing library of over 100 million images to choose from, you can find almost anything you want. Try it yourself. Just enter a keyword in the search bar and select a sticker. However, if for some reason you can’t find one that suits you, you can create your own by cutting the sticker from your own image. If you don’t have what you want in our library of free image variations, you can easily create your own stickers. The operation speed is also fast.

Go Ahead With Free Editing Tools. The best thing about the Picsart Collage Maker is that it doesn’t require any design skills. You can make your images look as smooth and professional as possible. Also, this free photo editor allows you to add photos, stickers and text to your photos to make them really impressive. There are plenty of ready-made picture frames and photo grids, so you don’t run out of options and customizable details to truly make your own.

Fast, easy and anyone can use it.-Photo Collage Makers

With different photo collage frames and templates, anyone can create stunning collages in seconds. Forget complicated editing software. Picsart Collage Maker is made specifically for everyone, from social media fans and artists to bloggers and business owners. Also, it’s so intuitive and easy to use that you can play with it and become a master until the end of your break.


So, provided you the list of top free Photo Collage makers to turn your photos into memories. We have listed useful features and ease of use to create photo collages online for free. It’s a great way to make a gift for someone special, create your own memories, or have fun with friends while you make it together.

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