Animated cartoons are far more enticing than the static ones. Through the moving images you can better express your emotions and covey messages. This is the reason that advertisement developers use them to grab attention of their targeted audience. Here you have fine collection 10 gorgeous 2d cartoon apps for your android to translate your ideas into animations.

This collection will save your time in sorting out the top apps by yourself from an indistinct flood of thousands of apps available online. Each app given here is unique in itself and has something distinguished and amazing. Well most of them are 2d cartoon games but we tried our best to include as much verity as much we can.

The Sandbox Evolution – Craft a 2D Pixel Universe!

The Sandbox Evolution - Craft a 2D Pixel Universe!

This state of art 2d Cartoon app introduces you to a world of art and allows you to generate an animated gaming world, exclusively after your own heart. Think of innovative ideas and translate them pixel by pixel on your android screen with the ease of using hundreds of innovative features. It gives you access to 170 elements like Mud, Water, Sand, Fire, Metal etc., and music and technology features to build your world from a scratch. The app is an open challenge to your creativity!

Toon 2D – Make 2D Animation

Toon 2D - Make 2D Animation

Toon 2D is best suited to those who want to generate animated movies, documentaries, visual storytelling, cartoon making etc. Take a start by importing images from your storage and begin to change them into animations with lots of effects applying its intuitive tools. Opt for 2D text in multiple fonts and add it with just a click. The app is also supportive to undo, save and share your work with others.

2Dimensions Showcase

2Dimensions Showcase

This fine app provides you excellent support to develop a cartoon game with its smart 2Dimensions’ animation tools. You can also opt for skeletal animations and deformations. The animations are vector and raster and run in real-time. Think of an idea and its user interface elements and animated graphics and 2D tools will help you execute that idea into a fantastic creation in no time.

Adventaria: 2D World of Craft & Mining

Adventaria 2D World of Craft & Mining

Love adventure? If yes, Adventaria is your destination. The app is replete with amazing features to develop an unlimited world filled with zombies, bosses, skeletons, hornets, monsters, werewolves, golems, wizards, Wyverns and much more. It provides you the best platform to test your craft skills and knack of creativity. Also, it is also the best support to execute a story comprising fighting terrains displaying mobs, crazy weapons, snowball, campfires etc. It allows you to add complete gaming instructions.

Bullet League – Battle Royale

Bullet League - Battle Royale

Bullet League excels all 2D cartoon battle royale gaming apps. It is capable of creating the modern day technology warfare with multiple layouts. Loaded with 32-PvP 2D shooter, it sets free a world of excitement and fun fighting with real human players. There are fabulous bullet physics options such as transforming our little gun into a helicopter, weapons recoil systems. There are three distinct game modes for players that allow you play solo and with friends.

Miku 2D Anime LiveWallpaper

Miku 2D Anime LiveWallpaper

If you are crazy for cartoon movies, games and avatars, you would certainly like also to decorate your homescreen with cartoon animation. Miku 2D Anime LiveWallpaper is particularly meant for this purpose. Build live wallpapers; support them with voices in the background, date, time etc. There are easy to manipulate options for scale change, display changes, standby, enable or disable to preserve your battery power whenever you like.

Fist of Rage: 2D Battle Platformer

Fist of Rage 2D Battle Platformer

This app brings you an enticing platform to play Fist of Rage, an animated game, packed with excitement and exploration. It encases solid controls, unlockables, collectibles and engaging and thrilling gaming twists. You have option to customize your hero altering his look and embellish him with different accessories. It also provides you possibility of upgrading hero’s features. If you want to play the game without the interruption of ads, go for its premium version.

2D Shooter

2D Shooter

Another treat for cartoon game players! The 2D Shooter is super stylish, interactive and engaging. The hero is in your control to give him the line of action. Build your own adventure, using hero’s gun, kill enemies and cross various levels. You have to collect coins to move ahead this fun mobile game. Each of the levels is time bound and is the test of your skills and promptness.

Dice 2d – 2d Cartoon apps

Dice 2D

Simple yet interesting dice app that meets well all the fun genius of a 2D cartoon app! It gives you 6-sided dice with 999 sided dice and options such as checking dice rolling history to prevent cheating of your partners. The feature ‘Roll by gesture’ liberates you from holding your phone in hand. Playing options are free from complicated and confusing features but adorned with nice and attractive features.

2D to 3D

2D to 3D

This app is meant to develop fantastic and impressive wallpapers from your own photos. The app features special built-in graphic and editing tools for our help. Go to “creation mode” and initiate an unrestricted fun time. You can easily turn the photos into the most stunning wallpapers just apply your own artistic mind.

The most amazing feature of this app is its capability of calculating the depth of each pixel based on shader algorithm and polygons. This special feature gives you the most realistic 2D effects and options of reviewing and enhancing your work. Thus it becomes the very helpful to create something distinguished, not possible on other apps of this nature.

Mouve – animated video maker for Insta, Snap


An app to create amazing videos for your social media at the tap of a button, Effortlessly and Instantly. No design or technical degree necessary. With beautiful, hand-curated and easy-to-edit photo and video templates, Mouve app helps you create impactful content that will make you stand out.

Over 200+ professionally designed templates for Fashion, Food, Business, Travel, Vintage, Love, Festivals and Events based on the latest trends. Share high resolution videos for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and others. Specialized templates and plans for Businesses and Influencers to create customized videos for social media and video based marketing.

Breaking Gates – Action Adventure Platform (Early Access)

Breaking gates
Breaking Gates is a 2D action platformer RPG game with vibrant and colourful visuals. It is inspired by the venerable classic games of similar genre such as Castlevania, Metroid and Mega Man series. In the game, players are treated with an endless world of hack-and-slash action while, at the same time, collect experience to level up and improve their character. Who knows, you may also unlock special abilities and skills which would help to further your journey into the dangerous unknown.
In the wild, players are able to collect resources from hidden treasures and defeated enemies. These resources are used to craft equipment to further enhance the fighting ability of the main character. If you are looking for an adventure with a new fresh beat-em-up style game with RPG element, Breaking Gates will not disappoint.

Stop Motion Cartoon Maker

sTop Motion

Recently, the Internet and television are full of spots using frame animation. This and advertising, and individual inserts for films or clips. It looks a little cartoonish, but quite spectacular. Especially since the creation of such animation is available to almost everyone and has a number of advantages compared to conventional video. Roughly speaking, it is a technology of video creation based on frame photography. It shoots the scene, then makes minor changes to it, and it is shot again. This achieves a motion effect that is grouped and mounted on a computer.

The most common specimen of stop-motion is puppet and plasticine cartoons. The first cartoon in this technique was made in 1896 in France. Make stop-motion cartoons or videos with this super powerful and easy app. Take photos of your work with plasticine, Lego, drawings, and create your own cartoons. Take a series of photos that can be combined into a video and the output get a ready-made cartoon.

The application

provides a special mode of the translucent overlay of the already filmed frame and what is now obtained in the frame. Thus it is possible to define precisely where which objects in the frame should be shifted relative to each other to get the necessary movement in the frame.

Your smartphones replace the need of developing animation only on desktops. You need not an more to fix yourself before your PC. These highly capable and packed with smartest features phone are sufficient to give your creative genius a real form whenever you like and wherever you are. You only need a supportive app which list is replete with and can serve you well.  Go through the features of all of them and see which suits you the best and set free an unlimited spring of fun and mirth. You can view our 3d cartoon apps collection here.

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