The apps given on this page are consciously chosen collection of hottest 2D animation apps which are highly supportive to novices particularly kids and let them enjoy the most. These apps feature powerful drawing tools, color options, voice recording, playback and background options and so much more to give your animations a life-like look. The results are of retina quality up to 16k by 4k on iPad Pros,iphone, Windows and even for your android mobile devices. Click the app you like the most and start creating awesome 2D cartoon animations and give pleasant surprises to people at home and on social media.

As a 2D cartoon artist these all 2d cartoon apps will be very help to get started as most of them are free to try and use. You can make high quality animation from them in no time.

2d cartoon apps


painting program for professionals

Krita is designed especially for novices who have not much experience of developing 2D animations. To encourage them to display their artistic skills, this app offers them the simplest animation tools yet with a range of options. The app features over 100 professionally designed brushes and additional option to add stabilizer to the brushes. This feature will help users to move brushes smoothly. The app also boasts built-in vector drawing tools and also allows drawing images on the x and y-axis to give them perfection and accuracy. In every respect, it is an impressive 2D animation app!


intuitive tool to make 2D hand-drawn animations

Pencil work fascinates a great majority of people and this app serves them as their ultimate destination! It is composite hand-drawn animation software and is best suited for stunning 2D animations. Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, Pencil2d is packed with wonderful features. It is equally helpful to sketch, ink & paint. It would be enormously easier to concentrate on your drawings, using its simplest options. This app is supportive for TIFF format and perfectly back cross-platform as well as switch between raster and vector workflows.


production of 2D animation

Opentoonz is basically based on the most popular animation app, “Toonz” which is in fact the original version of this software. Brimmed with easy and interactive features, Opentoonz is available absolutely free and can be used both for entertainment and for professional work.  It can also be used for four different types of scanning along with making 2D animations. It professionally designed option of ink and paint, color design and digital composition are highly supportive to translate your mind on screen.

Animate CC

Design interactive animations for games, TV shows and the web

Designed to help you create interactive bitmap and vector animations! Now you can create your own animated games and add rules and tutorials for players. Think of any sort of poses for your characters, attach voice recording with the best lip-sync and voice inflections. This app supports you to export 360 VR animations easily and there is no fear of resolution disruption.


create awesome videos by themselves

A nice app for creating animated videos with many characters, following 6 different video styles. The app features an extensive range of sound options and over 100 music tracks to use as playback. It also allows you to record your own voice for different characters. It is equally helpful for doing professional work for organizations or run freelancing projects making icons, properties, BGs, charts and maps. If you select this app, there is an instant download ready for you!

Moho Pro

 animation software game. We’ve combined the most powerful animation technology with state-of-the-art professional animation tools

Moho Pro is the improved form of formerly known animation software, Anime Studio. Moho Pro features excellent 2D animation tools that are capable of helping you develop any sort of animation. It boasts powerful animation technology, scarcely available with other apps. Its bitmap brush, powerful vector animation support and the unique bone-rigging system give you the best animations you ever thought of. Use the latest Moho Pro 13 to ensure an efficient workflow and get results of the next level.


professional 2D animation software for films, TV series and commercials. It is the software of choice for many leading animators, and represents the state-of-the-art in high quality, high volume production.

If you are looking for a professional 2D animation application, CelAction would prove the best choice for you. It is used by the experts for developing movies and commercials for business purposes. CelAction is capable of creating all types of animations with maximum range of layers. You can use both bitmaps and vectors options at the same time with ease. With a little practice, you can learn to develop shortcut keys and make your animation-making easier. The other notable options you get on CelAction are floating and dockable panels, massive range of colors, and option to produce deformable and morphable shapes.


Showing your creativity on your terms

Being creative and efficient tool, Harmony is a comprehensive and complete platform for well-organized 2D animations! It is replete with tools that allow you develop easily 2D artwork and animations adding sounds and special effects in the background. The editing tools have several supportive options such as stabilizer for smooth lines, curved perspective guides and also the option of combining 2D or 3D images. Using this wonderful app, you will feel at home with all features as they have been created to make animation-making easier and interesting.


Highly supportive software for multipurpose tasks! It enormously helpful for drawing whatever 2D animation you like! It has been designed to cater all the needs of the animators with easy yet the smartest options. Its speed is also worth-appreciating which enables you to develop animations within no time. You can make changes even when the scene is looping and get the best results. FlipBook is also supportive to add sound tracks, backgrounds and overlays.

Stop Motion Studio

With the help of this powerful app, you can paint images and develop stunning 2D cartoon movies. There are wonderful editing tools to support you. You can delete what is undesirable with a single click. It is also helpful to see all the animated images frame-by-frame in a chronological order. It provides you access to select your animated specific portion of your movie and use it as a playback. To enhance the impact of your developed animations, Stop Motion Studio provides you several music clips and sound effects.

here are some bonus apps for you;

Kung Fu Z

Kung fu z animation app

Kung Fu Z brings the nostalgia of classic arcade-style fighters right to your pocket. The world has suffered an outbreak of biblical proportions. Zombies are taking over the cities and Zak is our only hope. Zak’s a martial arts enthusiast ready to test his skills against hordes of the undead. Punch, kick and headbutt your way to earning your black belt. As you progress, you’ll learn new kung fu moves, collect awesome butt kicking sidekicks and save the world from the walking dead. It’s non-stop action and difficult to put down.

Tiny Rails

Tiny Rails

You’ve inherited your grandfather’s old wooden train. As the new owner, your job is to manage the single car company into a multi-car enterprise. Explore a beautifully constructed pixel world while managing your crew, delivering cargo and collecting beautiful and rare engines, cars and cabooses. Tiny Rails is a wonderful blend of simulation, management and calming gameplay that has collected almost 10 million downloads worldwide. All aboard for an immersive journey around the world!

Dash Quest 2

Dash Quest

Dash Quest 2 is the third installment of the Dash Quest franchise and the ideal blend of RPG and action gameplay. Living an ordinary life, a growing sense of purpose grows within. A great darkness has befallen the Kingdom and you must answer your ancestral call. The world needs a hero. Begin your journey with the most basic of gear. Hack and slash otherworldly creatures. Explore new lands. Collect legendary gear. Battle epic enemies. Your journey awaits in Dash Quest 2 – the action RPG adventure.

This unique assemble of 2D animation apps will save your time going waste in searching for apps by yourself. They offer you numerous distinguished options individually and are helpful for drawing characters and backgrounds, supported with vector and bitmap graphics. Having gone through their features and editing options, it would certainly be easier for you to try a few to test your artistic skills. This collection is also helpful for freelancing and personal projects and to make animated videos for presentations.

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