Make your own cartoon story, records your voice or attach any music and then generate a beautiful animations on your android device. We got some very powerful and playful tools to begin your animation adventure. You can instantly create breaking news, Game design or a gorgeous family albums, or anything else you can imagine!

This is the era of animations and cartoons. With the passing time every one wants to create their own animated videos with ease and fun. Following are the the most rated and beneficial Android apps for making and editing cartoon videos. You can earn, have fun and be your own star by using these apps with minimal effort.


FlipaClip: Cartoon animationThis is one of the most downloaded app worldwide by Android users. This app has more than 10 million downloads. It provide you with different drawing tools and you can customize your canvas size too. The app works on the principle of frame-by-frame. You can share your videos with your friends on different apps. They also organize contest events for their users and you can win exciting prizes through that.

Its simple controls are easy to learn and powerful enough to bring your animation ideas into life.

• Draw with Simple tools; (Shapes, Brushes, Lasso, Text Fonts, Ruler etc)
• Different Canvas sizes
• Stylus Support
• Free 3 Layers/10 Layers for Paid
• Frames viewer
• Overlay grids
• Add or edit audio or voice recording
• Animate images or draw on top of clips.
• Save as MP4 or GIF.
• PNG sequences with transparency.

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Draw Cartoons 2 - Cartoon Videos AppsThe process of creating cartoons become easy through this app. The best features this app can provide is adding music or voice over your created cartoons . You can use their library of characters to bring changes to them and make your own. You can also create cartoons from scratch. Creating smooth animations by key frames is a special feature of this app. Most of the features are for free but you can unlock some special features by purchasing them. The app was released in 2015. Their items editor has AutoSaving feature now and they have fixed their many nasty bugs now.


Stick Nodes Stickman Animator - Cartoon Videos AppsThis app is basically inspired from famous Pivot stick figure animator. The app is gaining popularity among young animators. The app enables the young animators to create their stick figure based movies which can be exported as MP4 videos and even as GIFs. You can choose more natural colors for your characters, zoom in and zoom out to make them look real. Interesting dialogs can be added with the animations. Using their sound effects you can give your animations a touch of reality. The number of vast downloads make this app more interesting. This is also a great app for learning animations for all newbies.


Toontastic 3D- Cartoon Videos AppsThis is the most interesting app so for. All you have to do is create your cartoon, move it around the screen, narrate your story while doing that and this app will record your animations and voice in a 3D video for you. Any thing as easy as that? Definitely no. The features of this app are unlimited, the top most is their toy tool box having a trillions of characters boosting up your imagination. You can mix your soundtrack with your favorite songs. The 3D videos can be shared anywhere.

ANIMATE IT – Cartoon Videos Apps

Animate it! - Cartoon Videos AppsThis is such a useful app for people who want to animate in their free time, for professional animators, for game content makers, for storyboard artists and for learners. The app is the simplest of all controlled merely by your fingers. You can turn the camera, zoom in, zoom out and move the body parts of the character made by your two fingers. You can add your wanted backgrounds to your animations. For each clip is set up number of cycles and the amount automatically added in between frames for smoothness and speed of playback.


Rough Animator - Cartoon Videos AppsIt is a hand drawn animation application for Android. This app has several distinct features which includes layering of your animations to previewing them. You can customize your tools and create special brushes as per your needs. The app is handy for professional animators as well as newbies. The app is easily available on app store for Android users. You can add lip synchronizing by importing audios to the app. They control framerate and resolution and you can add flash and after effects to the animations. They have a new feature of adding splitting selected drawings onto a new layers.

PIXEL ANIMATOR – Cartoon Videos Apps

Pixel Animator:GIF MakerIt is one of the best and renowned cartoon video maker app and GIF creators. This app provides more than creating only pixel art, you can turn previous images and animated characters into pixel arts by using this app. You can add unlimited frames to your GIFs. You can transform and share your tools by only touching the screen. This app enables you to create animations from scratch and edit a previously created GIF with ease. This app also provides you with the feature of sharing your cool content with other people.


Animation Desk – Cartoon Videos AppsThe best feature of this app is their 46 brushes you get. This app is amazingly easy and interestingly fun to work with. You create drawings by using your fingers and the app turns these drawings into cool animations for you in just few steps. You can create your animated work by your own choice, using your own imagination. They provide you with grading color palettes and adjustable sizes brushes along with the choice of adding background. You can blend different layers of animations in a scene. They support 9 layers.

PUPPET PALS HD – Cartoon Videos Apps

puppet PalsThis app takes you to the world of puppets and more puppets. You can spend several hours playing here, putting puppets together, creating amazing puppet stages, dressing and coloring them. There are three types of puppets here Bob the boy puppet, Mary the girl Puppet and Bruno the dog puppet. There are more than 10,000 downloads for this app which makes it an interesting one.

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Cartoon Sound EffectsCartoon Videos Apps magical app with being your actors and stories come to life. They provide you with interesting background, dresses and accessories to make your own characters. You can bring your fantasy world to real life and surprise people with your ideas and talent. You can share your innovative stories with the world by this app.

These were some interesting apps to create your own animations. Now creating fun characters is a piece of cake for you using these apps. Try these and show the world your hidden talents and imaginations. Choose your favorite one and show people what you are capable of.

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