Top 10 Video Editing Apps for Android

In today fast pacing world, the video editing skill is an essential. This is the easiest skill considering the below powerful video editing apps, that will help you earning through your smart phone (android) in no time. All you need is try below apps and start playing around with these apps’ features. Once you pick up the one video editing app that best suits to you. You can start producing video content for your social media channels. Within few months, you will be able to produce high quality video content, which would ultimately become your source of income through YouTube or other sponsored short videos.

Let’s explore the top video editing apps for android.

Video Editor & Maker – InShot

Inshot is the best Video Editing App for the android. Its offer professional level video editing with simple and smooth controllers in the android. You can replace the recorded audio with some tracks, remove the irrelevant scenes, add transition effects, hide some faces by using emojis, add some text animation in the video for title or ending purpose and many more. You can also make a video using images slideshow instantly. Further, its photo editor helps you fix some images to tune to match up with your video theme.

Top Features of Inshot includes:

  • Crop, trim, cut, copy, paste split, Rotate, flip, Reverse and rewind, combine and compress videos and images.
  • Simple color fixing tools such as brightness, contrast and saturation adjustment controllers.
  • Professional video and audio effects and filters with 60+ Video transition effects.
  • Speed management in the video by Slow motion and speed up and freeze options.
  • Tons of animated emojis, stickers, memes, fonts, backgrounds and borders.
  • Convert videos, make images slideshows and collage.
  • Virtually no limit on the length of video editing.
  • Export videos and images in required Aspect ratios in HD quality with Built-in sharing feature for YouTube (16:9), TikTok (9:16) and Instagram (1:1).
  • Built-in tracks for your videos editing need. Further you can extract sounds from other videos to use in your own video.

CapCut – Video Editor

CapCut is powerful video editing tool on the android. It can edit your videos with filters and effects, stylish text animations, colour correction with huge collection of emojis to enrich your video content. It will turn your ordinary video into a masterpiece in no time. It does offer advance features for free such as keyframe animation, slow motion effects, chroma key, PIP, text to speech and background removal. You can redo and undo the last actions. A little playing around with app will make your expert in the video editing. Latest effects and trending styles added through the update, which makes this app even more attractive for new users.

YouCut – Video Editor & Maker

Youcut is a simple video editing app, all you need is select a video or multiple videos to start editing. You can trim the clips, mute and unmute the audio. Record your own voice on the clip. Flip, rotate and crop the videos. Dedicated tabs to download video for different social media platforms for example Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. You can manage the speed of the video through a slider that is very convenient from 0.2x to 100x. Pro version unlock the premium features such as premium transition effects, premium music and fonts, premium gradient palette and unlimited import of videos.

KineMaster – Video Editor

Make stunning videos for your Instagram and TikTok using Kinemaster video editing app for android. It provides tools to achieve your creativity potential. Built-in projects help you to add video or images to get started in the video editing world in no time. Edit video on the portrait mode with several powerful editing tools such as layers, handwriting, rotate, mirroring, Pan & zoom, stickers, effects and much more. You can impress anyone using this video editing tool immediately. This software is packed with tons of backgrounds, audio clips and animations that cover all type of genre including promotional and cinematic content. Further, you can save and share video in 4k, 2k and 1080p resolution with variable frame rate options such as 30 frame, 25 (PAL) or 24 (cinema).

Video Editor – Glitch Video

This video editing app for android provides options to select existing video for editing or make a new one using real time glitching effects using this app. You can select music on the go and record the videos that are ready to share in no time. You can cut the unnecessary parts, merge the old video with the new one. Its precut feature helps in trimming, cutting and splitting the video. Further, you can save video in the high resolution. You can remove the watermark from the videos without premium but for most of the advance effects and filters you need to have a premium version. One of the best features of this app is that You can get audio online for your video. It also includes canvas, crop, speed and rotation features.

Video Maker – Video.Guru

If you are looking for a simple and fast video editing app, then Video maker is here for you. Its smooth timeline helps you in adding audio, trimming video, Text & animation addition, 50+ transitions effects (Mix, Blur out, Spin R, Noise and many more), 60+ effects and 50+ filters (Story, Natural, warm, pink, film and many more) to tune your video mode. Overlay video with images and objects with simple controllers. Like all above apps you can modify speed of the video, trim, cut and split based on your choice. One of the best features of this app is its stylish material collection.

VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow

VN is a super-fast and quick video editor. Although Its features are very advance, but you can still play around with them to get started. You will enjoy a humanized interactive experience with this app. Its special effects like curve, keyframe and mask take your slow-motion game to another level. Jitter, chroma and cinematic filter LUT also included in the mobile video editing app. Fancy fonts helps you to stylish your simple video with some drama.

VivaVideo – Video Editor&Maker

Vivavideo is all in one video editor for android. You can turn off original sound and select multiple tracks instead. Add text, animation or stickers in the app using its timeline. Adding Text is very easy using its simple text option. Massive Unique fonts and styles collection for cover and vlog titles and ending credits. Further, you can edit the placement, size and length of text on the screen. Stickers helps you in creating a vibe for your video. There are enormous number of giants emojis and gifs files. Sound effects also available such as fade in, fade out with volume controllers. You can use overlays to edit your video to next level. Fx effects are perfect for every moment. Keyframes helps in making your own video animation.

VFly: video editor&video maker

This video editing tools helps you convert your simple video clip into a social media viral clip by providing amazing overlay effects, text inputs. You can either use the existing written text templates or use your own text on the frames. Urdu and English lyrics video can be prepared using this uncomplicated video maker tools. Further, you can magic toon your pictures to present your video as animation. Frames and borders help you improving your videos. Cool effects help you further enhance your video clip.

Video Editor & Maker VideoShow

This video editor provides ready made templates to kick start your video editing journey. This app made mobile video editing easy. You can choose premade theme to instantly produce high quality video. You can choose popular BGM from the selection offered by the app. Professional features like multi-layer editing are also accessible in this app.

All the above apps can produce amazing content, only if you know, how to use them. Although many features are available in the premium version but once you comfortable with your favorite video editing app, you can buy a premium version. Which will eventually support you in producing high quality viral content. Let us know the comments, which of above is your choice.

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