8 Dope Editing Apps for iPhone Users

The importance of image and video editing is gaining a significant boost day by day. Whether creating a marketing campaign video, a music video, or requiring photo editing, the proper editing process is crucial for all. It improves the content’s general quality and increases awareness among viewers. This article will highlight some of the best dope editing apps for iPhone.

Why Is Video Editing Important?

To appealingly merge photos and sounds together with several special effects, video editing is crucial. In today’s technological world, there is no more need to acquire top skills. One can easily download and install an app for fabulous editing.

Filmmaking or video recording requires editing to create an emotional masterwork by balancing technical efficiency and imagination. Sometimes, you need to edit or convert images just because the default format is not widely supported.

For example, the images that you click are stored in HEIC format, which is not supported by the majority of apps and operating systems. This calls upon the need for converting HEIC to JPG on Mac to make it more compatible.  

Best Dope Editing Apps

Let’s discover the best dope editing apps to use on the iPhone.


People who are looking for an excellent application for outstanding video editing find InShot the perfect choice. You can release your unlimited creativity using this app. From trimming video, merging clips, deleting the middle part, and adjusting speed to splitting video, you can do a lot more. It comes with in-app purchases as well. This highly intuitive app has a great selection of special features and free music collection.

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Want to capture all your beautiful memories in a single frame? Use Effectshop pic and collage maker that offers powerful features for exceptional quality. HD saving feature supports the generation of high-resolution images. You can add multiple graphics and apply various filters. Edge fading allows setting the text or graphics edge to the fade-out effect. The newest versions are equipped with performance improvements and bug fixes.


This app is specifically designed for professionals such as filmmakers, video professionals, and journalists. This pro video editing app offers in-app purchases to recapture the magic of storytelling. This is a number one multitrack mobile video editing app that enables easier sharing of edited content to any social media network. Editing the endless number of projects with varying aspect ratios is quite easy with this app.

Video Merger

Available for free and with in-app purchases, Video Merger allows video editing and merging under a single roof. It combines multiple clips into a single engaging video. All you have to do is simply import the required clip and edit them with this ultra-simpler editing app. Its simpler interface allows trim, crop, and edit each clip. Even the users can also add background music from the iTunes library or their recordings.

iMovie Mobile

If you are a beginner and searching for a free video editing and animation app, then you could go with the iMovie Mobile app. It includes six basic scene transitions. You can use around 80 free audio tracks to automatically adjust and better go in coordination with movie length. No matter whether the content is in landscape or portrait orientation mode, you can edit them easily. Hence, if you wish to turn your video into movie magic, then use this app.


Polish is specifically designed for iPhone, is available for free, and offers in-app purchases. This is an all-in-one practical photo editing application dotted with almost every feature you need to edit your image. It is rated among the best apps by pro-level users. You can apply more than 100 filters and beautify your images with appealing emoji stickers. Over the top, you can share high-resolution photos on social media.

Photoshop Express

This is one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone that delivers an excellent range of free editing features and photo effects. It also offers in-app purchases. Its eye correction feature will automatically make eyes open. You can transfer makeup from several beauty templates to your photo. You can save the edited high-contrast pictures in the PNG file format. You can also edit and merge images saved on your iPhone.

GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik is one of the easiest and the free dope editing apps for iPhone that comes with subscription options. As the name indicates, this app quickly edits any videos shot on your phone. Its subscription provides unlimited cloud backup at 100% quality. AI finds the best shots and automatically improves them with special effects. The free version makes it easier to remove the GoPro Quik watermark at the video end.  

The Conclusion

Give your photos or videos the look you want using the marvelous editing apps mentioned in this article. Some of them cost nothing, while others are paid. After editing, make sure its format is fully supported on your device.

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