Top Free 3D Animation Apps for Android and iPhone

You don’t need to use your desktop to create exciting, fun and thought-provoking 3D animations. In fact, more and more people are moving away from using desktop animation programs to creating great 3D animated videos with their top free 3D animation apps for android and iPhone. There are many good reasons to create 3D cartoon videos on your phone or tablet. So, no need to carry a laptop or use a desktop all the time to get the results you want.

Part 1: Top Free 3D Animation Apps for iPhone

Bot3D Editor-3D Animation Apps for iPhone – iOS

Bot3D top free animation apps for iPhone iOS

Isn’t it difficult to make 3D animations? You’re welcome! This top free 3d animation app for iPhone/iOS has everything you need at your fingertips! There has never been a 3D animation editor for smartphones and tablets of this quality.

Importing sound files makes lip sync animation easy! Enjoy the freedom to create videos of colorful 3D characters talking and dancing, assembling your own “virtual YouTuber” video, recording your own voice and customizing your character.

This top free 3D animation app for iPhone promises to give you “everything you need at your fingertips”. Also, it is one of the most efficient 3D animation apps for smartphones and tablets on the market.

Finished work is easy to export and share. Also, the top free 3D animation app is pretty much compatible and can work with iPhone and iPad.

Moreover, create poses in seconds and animate instantly. This top free 3d animation app for iPhone has main tools include whole-body inverse kinematics algorithms, sound data import, HandEditor, Face Editor and SceneEditor.

Also, you can create a character that can lip sync with your voice by importing your own photo. This top free 3d animation app for iPhone allows you to create vertical and horizontal videos.

  • This 3D animation app well-matched with iPhone/iPad.
  • Braced Languages and writings: English and Japanese.

Create poses of your Choice. Animate them according to your choice.

  • This top free 3d animation app for iPhone-iOS is simple and Easy to use! Create a location and create a key frame.
  • It has invented 3D animations on smartphones from the beginning.
  • You can enjoy a whole new creative experience!
  • When you pull your hands, please tilt your body.
  • This application uses a main body kology algorithm that allows natural behavior! Also, you can easily make movements!
  • Create a symbol with a hair that can be heated to record votes and to represent live emotions!
  • You can get sound data, so the character is told and dance. So, you can get the endless possibility!
  • Its charming characters have created by a famous CG designer!
  • Add a symbol setting and a male character model!
  • You can also use it as a digital location doll.

Groundbreaking HandEditor

  • HandEditor allows you to create hand and finger movements, as well as microscopic movements of joints!
  • The secret to the usefulness of this top free 3D animation app for iPhone/iOS lies in extensive experience in learning 3D sign language!
  • Extend and bend your arms to create all kinds of gestures using just a slide switch!

FaceEditor-Top Free 3D Animation apps for iPhone-iOS

From irritated frowns to sunny smirks, you can make all kinds of feelings. Also, adjust grins to big smiles at your resolve!


  • Zoom in and out, rotate and pan frames.
  • Move your camera like a director to create awesome animations!
  • You can change the background and the scene.
  • In this top free 3D animation app, you can insert photos from your camera roll!
  • You can make your own creative scenes!
  • Create vertical videos for smartphones and landscape videos for social networks!
  • Your creative work is saved in the Photos app. So, you can share your work on social networks!

Character customization

You are free to dress your 3D model character from head to toe. Mix and match various hairstyles, makeup, eyes, eyebrows, tops, bottoms, socks, and shoes freely. Customize your selection using the Coloring feature.

Live Recording-3D Animation

In LIVE, you can use the many movements created in the Bot3D editor to move your character around to create a real-time video recording the fun life of a VTuber. Also, all features are now unlocked in the campaign!

Moreover, the headtrack gives you the freedom to control the movement of your character’s neck with your own movements. Let’s move the character by pressing the movement button and the expression button at the right time during the real-time conversation.


  • Customization is decent to use
  • Easy to use and make your posture
  • Numerous sentiments to use


  • You can’t download your individual characters
  • Limited mixture and they can’t be mixed up

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Toontastic 3D-3D Animation Apps for iPhone

Toontastic 3d animation app for iPhone and ios in 2022 top best free

This top free 3D animation apps for iPhone/iOS allows you to draw manga, create animations and make voiceovers. Also, this is the best 3D animation app that lets you record voices and animations and save them to your device.

Many people use the 3D animation apps for iPhone / iOS to create photo albums, write news bulletins, create adventures, and more.

Moreover, animation Creator has received rave reviews from many major media outlets and was even named Best Kids App of 2017. Download the app to make and create villains, pirates, robots and different kinds of characters.  Also, you can choose from default songs and 3 stories. You can also add yourself to the story.


  • This app has a Parents’ Choice Gold Award.
  • You can plan your own 3D drawing tools.
  • You can directly upload it to Photos library.


  • Requires more characters in one scene.
  • More crutches or extra sound effects are needed.

Part 2: Top 3D Animation Apps for Android

Maya For 3D Animation

Maya app for android

Maya was developed by Autodesk, Inc. and can be used to create interactive 3D animations such as visual effects, animated movies, video games, and more.

Also, 3D assets created in Maya can be viewed in a variety of movies, TV shows, and games. People looking for a solid solution for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and image manipulation will find Maya comfortable.


  • This top free 3D animation maker is easy to make
  • You can ingress your work to Maya


  • Some bugs may appear for several times

Animate It!Top Free 3D Animation apps

Animate it top free 3D Animation app for android

This top free 3D Animation app for android contains many useful features for today’s ambitious animators. The top free 3d animation application lets you sketch and pose on your mobile, tablet and any of the smart phone whenever your inspiration hits.

Also, it provides simple and intuitive controls. It allows you to perform various actions such as touch, tap and drag with your finger.

Moreover, this top free 3D animation app for android is loved by students, game developers and professionals. Also, it can be used by children for creating animations. A variety of skins and props and ground crafting tools are available for your character.


  • Information about characters, lists (up to four in each scene) and create, edit, and open the land (up to four).
  • Create and edit animation clips (up to 32 key frames, up to 20 files);
  • Each animation clip can be played in place or edit. The number of cycles is set for each clamp and the amount is automatically added to the frame for the softness and playback speed.
  • Copy, insert, mirroring and reset;
  • Previous and “Ghost” of the next insert frame;
  • Selection of characters;
  • Selection of skins for character;
  • Adding a user skin (up to 10 PNG images);
  • Select props;
  • Earth (building) Cube creation and editing.


  • You can choose your characters simply
  • You can insert user skins up to 10 PNG images


  • No tutorial or training offers
  • Icons are unclear

Animate Me

Animate me 3d animation maker app for android ios iPhone

This top free 3D animation app for android is especially suitable for children but also suitable for adults. Children around the world use Animate Me to create breathtaking top 3D animations and upload them to YouTube.

Also, this top free 3d animation app for android has built-in cartoon characters to help children and newcomers to the anime world learn the basics. You can make your character perform various actions, such as walking, running, jumping, and talking with the app.  Also, there are video tutorials to help you get the most out of the app. The Everyplay feature allows you to share your work on all kinds of online platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as YouTube.

This animation app is a top free 3d animation application for android for creating animated videos. So, you can see and view animated videos like Fairy Tale, ghost story, rupkata, Panchatantra, history, story, history and so many more. Also, you can select a beautiful “kathuriya o saras bou” video episode from one page in the Videos tab of the animation app. You can also use this app in light or dark mode. When you launch the application, you can register and create an account for free, or you can skip this step.


  • Make 3D cartoons move speedily and easily
  • Comprise video tutorials for novices


  • You have to buy other typescripts

Anim8-3D Animation Apps

Anim8 android app

If you are looking for a tool to get a deeper understanding of 3D animation and character animations, ANIM8 can be an ideal solution.

Use the top free 3d animation application for android to create five existing characters from the 3D medium. Its controls are very intuitive and efficient. Because many people are simple, this app is pursued.

Also, the top free 3d animation application for android has developed a preliminary character animator. You can start animation within a few minutes as soon as possible. Thanks to the expanded joints for proposals, you can make animation of the whole body. Also, you can use the drawing tool to sample key pose.

Moreover, the onion peel feature helps you plan your poses and timings accurately. It allows you to easily upload your work to several online platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Also, there are more than 30 articulation points in this top free 3D animation application for android. So, you can also import audio easily.

Anim8 makes 3D character animation a fun and intuitive way for beginners and hobbyists to learn. Animate a 3D character by placing 5 existing characters in 3D space with a simple interface and simple workflow. Its unlike complex and high-tech programs like Maya or 3D Studio Max. Also, it is developed by professional character animation makers. It provides complete beginners and hobbyists a plug-and-play tool to animate characters and hone their animation skills.


  • Easy to use interface in in this top free 3d animation app for android
  • You can sketch your key postures every time


  • Occasionally, you can share your 3D animation
  • Not all characters are free of cost to use

BOO – Your 3D Avatar Emoji-3d cartoon apps

BOOO app

Looking for a 3D avatar and selfie emoji maker? This good app can serve you well. Also, you can choose the color and style of your skin, eyes and hair. There are also costume options and accessories to make your avatar stand out. You can make it interesting by decorating it with tattoos, glasses, earrings, and stickers.

Moreover, with one click, you can share emoticons on all social media platforms and get likes and comments from your friends. Also, there is so much more in this top free 3d animation app for android!

Create your own 3D avatar with multiple skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles and colors and over a thousand makeup options. It contains fashion items such as sunglasses, earrings, fancy outfits, face tattoos and more. Also, you can mix and match items. There are amazing character creators who can create great memories for you.

You will have so much fun making your avatars into dolls just like in the sims game. You can use its character’s animated smiley avatar to chat with your friends on messenger, message or facetime, etc. Also, it is a cute sticker maker that allows you to edit images.

Toontastic 3D-For Android

Toontastic 3D for Android

Toontastic 3D is Google’s unique application that lets you create real-life 3D cartoons on your smartphone!

Also, this Toontastic 3D top free 3d animation app for android allows you to draw, animate, and voice your own cartoons. It’s as easy as playing. So, just move your character on the screen and tell the story. Toontastic will record your voice and animation and save it to your device as a 3D video. Toontastic is a powerful and fun way to create interstellar adventures, breaking news, video game projects, family photo albums and anything else imaginable!

What people are saying:

  • Parents choice: “Tonalistic 3D is a wonderful creative outlet for everyone who focuses on the line between the two people when all the beginners, young scientists, or all the next documentary and sophisticated artists are their area.”
  • Children are in the position of the creating, directing and have free head that can shine a creative side flexible and glittering the past story of platform.
  • In navigating the main page, you can also create your own doll show via “powerful and free experience, and rich language experience.”
  • Winner of 2017 Bognaragazzi Digital Award in “Best Children’s App”


  • Stimulate children’s imaginations with huge toy boxes filled with brave pirates, transforming robots, evil villains and many other characters and decorations.
  • Create your own character using 3D drawing tools.
  • Add yourself to the adventure with pictures and colorful characters.
  • Mix the soundtrack with dozens of built-in songs
  • Choose from three story arcs (short stories, classics, and scientific reports) for digital storytelling.
  • Export your videos to your photo library to share with family and friends.
  • Idea Lab full of fun stories, characters and landscapes to inspire new adventures.

Plot and gameplay.Top Free 3D Animation Apps for Android

Toontastic 3D top free 3d animation app for android comes with 3 templates for creating cartoons. Short – 3 episodes, Classic – 5, Scientific Report – focused on scientific topics. Choose one of the templates. Then click on any part of the story and create your own little masterpiece.

The next step is to choose settings. Intelligence centers, camps in the woods, ruins on the seabed, the surface of an unknown planet, schools, pirate ships and other decorations for every taste. Also, you can choose from a bunch of existing characters or draw your own.

So, once you decided to make the main character, click the “Start” button. You can now move your character around a location and speak with your voice what’s happening on the screen. When you’re done, hit the red “Stop” button and start selecting sound effects that match your chosen story and location. In the end, we save episodes until we get the complete manga and start making the next one.

The location is bright, beautiful and cute. Though, it doesn’t get worse than what you see on the screens of children’s TV channels. Also, it applies to heroes. The sound and all aspects of this awesome app are top notch.

This top free 3D animation app for android is a tool that will appeal to both adults and kids who want to make their own cartoons.

PicsArt Animator

Picsart animation maker for android ios

It is a creation of an animation author and an easy-to-use cartoon app. It provides the maximum functionality. Make a cartoon video, animated GIF and fun picture with some simple steps – do not require advanced technology! Just do graffiti, hanging and surprise your friends.

Also, if you are looking for more developing, we cover you! PicsArt Animator Jampacked with 3D animation features such as duplicate frames, layers, fully equipped drawing tools, animation stickers, emoticons, and so on! Did we refer to all these tools free? Believe in us, this is the only 3D animation and carrier application you need! Download and create animation.


  • Use animated stickers and add your own movements.
  • Draw animation by frame
  • Scroll through frames using the animation timeline.
  • Duplicate, insert, delete frames
  • Draw on photos and take animated selfies.
  • You can create using advanced drawing and sketching tools.
  • You can utilize multiple layers for complex animations.
  • Animation length and speed control
  • You can save your animation as a video or GIF and share it on social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Record the sound and voice of the animation.
  • Create your own emoji with the Emoji Me feature.

FlipaClip-3D Animation Apps

FlipaClip create animation on android

Move your dream and bring it to your life! The FLIPACLIP top free 3D animation app for android creates FameBrame animation fun and easier.

So, do art with the growing community of animators and artists! Make a cartoon, create a movie animation, create a unique and exciting animation every day! Find animated works on YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok and other popular platforms in the world and look for an inspirational animation Flip flip!

Also, a movie, sketch, hot, animation or training, Flipaclip provides the best experience of drawing and animation. It is easy to study the idea for your lifetime, easy to study enough, simple and intuitive control to create cartoon animation!

Learn photo animation and frame-by-frame animation:

Draw a picture. Draw a video to turn into an animation GIF or a video. Making animated videos and cartoons with PRO as FlipaClip!

Also, this top free 3D animation app for android comes with everything you need to start an animation. Draw a cartoon with a frame to frame and brings it to life. Then, add audio and share animation work with the world!

Moreover, make a video and participate in the competition! Animated photo pictures can be achieved.

Flipaclip is a perfectly featured 3D drawing application for android because it provides a wide range of tools and free CRANDBYFRAME stories on your smartphone easily and quickly.

Your screen is a blank canvas-3D Animation Apps

With a variety of brushes and colors, you can paint anything you want. So, let your imagination run wild and bring your ideas into the visible world.

Also, this top free 3d animation app for android is especially useful for those who want to create sketches and short stories. Or just have a good time with all the necessary tools, layers and other intuitive features to aid in the procedure.

One of the best features of the FlipaClip top free 3D animation app for android is the animation system that brings your drawings to life. Also, digital pen is supported in this 3D animation app. This app has a great set of tools that will make you a lot of fun and save your time and effort.

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Part 3: FAQ about Top Free 3D Animation Apps for Android and iOS-iPhone

What is the best app for animation?

For 3D animation applications, we recommend using the Bot3D editor. An easy-to-use animation editor where editing is done with just drag and drop. Knowing how to use keyframes gives you more control over your animations. For example, you can create poses in different ways based on keyframes.

How do you animate a 3D object?

So, the best way to animate 3D objects is to use keyframes and built-in templates. Beginners may not know how to create a 3D object. So, the template allows you to simply choose one and start customizing it.

Where can I animate for free?

There are tons of free animation programs out there. Pencil2D is a solid tool for simplifying animation. To animate objects, simply download them to your desktop. But it’s even better if you have a general idea of ​​how to make an animation. Otherwise, it may take some time to learn first.


The top free 3D animation apps for android and iOS/iPhone are perfect for those who want to learn new skills and develop their creativity. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find an app that meets the above needs. Also, you can  use advanced video editing tools like FilmoraGo to add additional effects to your work. So, why not start right now?

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