Cartoons are a complete realm and this realm has a large fan group in the world. This page contains 10 state of the art 3D cartoon apps which you can use to create animations, decorate them as you like, record voices, add backgrounds and mesmerize your family and friends. The apps given on this page are also distinguished for the fact that they enable you to create animations with surprisingly great ease. Then wait not more and try your visionary mind and enjoy an unlimited fun time.

Bot3D Editor – 3D Anime Editor

Bot3D Editor - 3D Anime Editor

This app features the easiest 3D Animation editing tools that would the most apt for beginners. You can produce vibrant 3D characters with lots of options including dressing, voice recording and export and share. This app is equally compatible with IOS smartphones and tablets and can give amazingly stunning results. You can import sound files and add them to characters with the best lip-sync results.

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D IOS

Toontastic 3D is packed with features to help you create a complete animated story with all the regalia of a wonderful animation. There are multiple options for the animators to draw, animate and narrate stories with 3D characters. You have tools to move your characters, add sounds and select backgrounds to make your animation interesting and entertaining. Find accessories to adorn your swashbuckling heroes, villains and robots. All this is possible with a few clicks!

AnimeMaker – 3d cartoon apps

Make a Flip-Book Animation

AnimeMaker is designed with a purpose to facilitate 3D animations making with so many amazing tools. With this app you can draw easily with a touch, create flipbook animation, undo, erase, copy and paste animations. Another impressive feature is that it allows you to adjust the movement speed of the animes. Choose from a list of 20 frames in the free version. You can also save or upload easily. For more option you have to opt for subscription.

DigiCel FlipPad Animation App

Makes Animation Easier

Though not packed with several features yet this app is smart enough to make smooth and natural animations. Its onion skin feature distinguishes it as one of the most genuine and supportive app for animation lovers. You can paint images easily and within no time. It allows you to add sound to your 3D cartoons and share them on social media platforms with a single click. With the help of its in-app upgrade to FlipPad Pro option, you can also use Apple Pencil and enjoy several unique features.

Animation Desk

Animation Desk iSO

The fascinating features of Animation Desk will attract all animators. Its amazing editing tools let your creativity to come to life! You can use videos, images and PSD layers to make animations and give them fantastic touches. Its innovative tools include over 40 brushes, import/export photoshop layers, copy and paste and sequence development for a storyboard to name a few. There are so many other smart option for your exploration and enjoy the best fun time.

Stick Nodes – Animator

Create stickfigure animations!

Absolutely compatible to all your IOS devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini for the stunning HD animation results! This app is popular with young animators in particular for the convenience of drawing GIFs and MP4 videos. IT innovative features include Automatic frame-tweening, sound effects, and options to move and zoom. You can also and create unlimited shapes, color/scale and choose between realistic or cartoony characters.

FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation

FlipaClip Cartoon Animation

Want to enjoy playing director? Select this app which brings you so many impressive drawing tools to draw 3D animations.  Think of a complete story and turn into an impressive animation. This powerful and fun animation app has numerous helpful tools to materialize your dreams into realistic 3D animation with beautiful frames. The app also helps you to share your work on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social media channels with ever-increasing community of animators.

Magic Poser – Art Pose Tool

Pose Tool for Artists

Try the latest version 1.40.5 of Magic Poser and draw fantastic animations with exclusive poses for which this app is especially used. It supports you to create any number of poses of 3D human models with its super easy and intuitive tools. Along with a variety of human poses with options to set head-to-body ratios, this app is also highly supportive to create scenes and background setups. Get also premium props, accessories to decorate your artwork and characters with medieval shields and swords and much more. There are lots of features and tools to explore for you!

Procreate – 3d cartoon apps

Sketch, paint, create

This app is a special treat for those who love to draw sketches, paint or create images and caricatures with the mastery of a pro. For its amazing features, this app is the first choice of many aspiring artists. Its interface contains an extensive range of brushes, innovative artistic tools and an impressive graphic engine. All these supportive tools allow you to display your creativity into 3D stunning and beautiful animations.

Animation Creator HD Express

Create, animate, share.

This app comes with a refined and enhanced interface that makes it possible to create 3D animations with great convenience. It will serve you as the best Animation Creator HD! You can easily navigate editing options while making animations. The app is also helpful to zoom, export GIFs and videos and even playback them. Remember to download its Version 1.11.3 which has more promising and user-friendly features.

Apps extend our options for playing games, listening music and even creating cartoons. If you are having an IOS device, you can have an extensive range of apps for you. The apps made for IOS are numerous and cater to all tastes and whims. Your smartphone open up the whole world in the palm of your hand. And if you are in love with making GIFs, caricatures and animation, you have plenty of options here. The above list of perfect animation apps is carefully selected and each app introduces you to something new. Certainly you have fixed your eyes by now on some of them. So go ahead and select which photos or videos you want to turn into 3D animation from your gallery.

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