Best Places to Find 3D Printing Models

Searching for the best 3D Printing Models? Don’t worry, below are Best Places to Find 3D Printing Models.

When the patents for 3D printing expired, the industry literally exploded. Numerous 3D models are now available on the Internet, from D&D characters to spare 3d parts for washing machines.

With a plethora of paid and free design sharing sites, here’s what you need to know about where to find the best 3D printed models.

3d printing models for free

What to Look For: 3D Printing Models, File Format, Slicers, and G-code

There are hundreds of thousands of 3D printing models on the internet, which can be a bit confusing. Also, websites that offer 3D printed models are especially useful because the files you can download are in the right format. Some sites even check member designs to make sure they are actually printable.

Also, most of these 3d websites are community-based, so you can read comments or see other people’s photos of completed projects.

Files must be in STL or OBJ format, so check this before uploading. Once you have the file, use a slicer program to convert it to Gcode. Then, just copy the Gcode file to your SD card and insert the card into your 3D printer. okay, right?

Before Using a Design-3D Printing Models

You need to check whether the 3D model has a creative license or not. For example, in Thingiverse 3d website, creative licenses appear under the license heading on the left side of the model’s main page (under tags), which looks like the classic Benchy model.

So, tap Creative Commons – Attribution – No Spin-offs to open a link explaining he terms of reproduction, including commercial use. Also, it takes a lot of effort and time to make a 3D model. So, if you publish your work, you need to include a designer. This is a great way to support the 3d creative designers.

Moreover, depending on the site, the designer may include a link to donate, or in some cases this option may be built into the website. For sites that offer payment options, you can design the site for an additional discount or pay directly to subscribe.

Each 3d site is different, so check the percentage of profit that goes back to the designer if you choose to apply. Now, that you have an overview of what you are looking for, take a look at the 3d websites below to find the best 3D printed models.

3D Printing Models Websites

Below you will find the best 3D printing websites, model repositories and marketplaces offering free 3D printer models to download. Also, with each you can see a variety of 3D printed designs for home printing. Some of these sites even include showcases for selling 3D printed designs. So, if you’re a 3D modeler looking to earn extra cash, it’s the perfect platform to showcase your work.

Also, uses an equation that takes into account the total number of 3D printed models on the site to rank the 3D model repository. Defined by Googly’s cunning magic and several tiebreaks due to the site’s popularity (according to the Amazon Alexa Traffic Rank), this ranking should provide a fair assessment of the site’s usefulness as a source of print models.  If we’ve missed your favorite site to download free STL files, please let us know in the comments and we’ll check back for future updates.

Best Places to Get Models for 3D Printing

You are lucky here because the online world is crowded with all kinds of 3D models and free stl files. Just download and start 3D printing right away! Many models are available for a specific price, but there are many free models and stl obj files available in cyberspace. Also, this model is ideal to start your 3D modeling adventure.

Let’s take a closer look and evaluate various free 3D models and stl printing sites. This will allow you to make an informed decision about one or two of your best 3D prints.

Thingiverse-3D Printing Models

Thingiverse best 3D printing models website free

A famous and very established 3D Printing models website. It started out as a companion site for a DIY 3D printer kit company. The main strength of this site is its education section. Also, you can find themed 3D printing projects here (think TRex skeletons or Lego renaissance figures).

You can then find complete lesson plans, activities, and background information on that topic on the Models page. If you are working in a classroom, this can be a great way to introduce 3D printing technology to young people.

Where to get free STL files and models for your 3D printer: Thingiverse and Alternatives.

They participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program and may receive a commission if you purchase from a link on this 3D printing model website. Also, they participate in other affiliate programs.

Now that you finally have your own 3D printer, it’s time to put this amazing machine to life. But, you can only do this if you know how to print and, more importantly, where to find the stl source files.


In the first case, you must rely on your own experience and your ability to read and understand all operating instructions. But for the latter, you have to go online and find the right files to create all kinds of cool 3D objects. In fact, a website is the best choice for any kind of 3D work in its infancy.

So, if you have the knowledge and experience to design your own source files, you can take the DIY 3D printing approach. But before that, it is important to check the best options available on the internet.

The most popular website for 3D printed models. Best of all, it’s completely free. If you like the models presented here, simply download them.

Also, this 3D Printing Model website is actually an online repository of various 3D models, allowing users to share individual work as well as purchase and mix work from other users. Certain types of stl files and related topics for 3D printing can be discussed in detail here.

This can include a variety of model, design, parameter selection, processing and control issues. This site can also help you choose a 3D printer. The overall design focus is very consumer-centric, where you can:

  • Load model
  • master
  • Free stl file sharing
  • Digital remix of models
  • discuss
  • Purchase items through third-party vendors.

Community-3D Printing Models

Moreover, it is the world’s largest 3D printing community. Its greatest reputation is that it firmly believes that the world of 3D printing is not mutually exclusive. This is why the page highly recommends everyone to create and re-run 3D models and other stl files. This has nothing to do with a lack of general technical knowledge or previous experience.

Also, this repository strives to make sure that all 3D models provided here are licensed under their own Creative Commons license. In fact, this is the guiding spirit in maintaining this open platform. This means that anyone can use or modify the models, projects and free stl files presented here.

The best way to become an active member of the Thingiverse community is to try and do 3D designs yourself. The Also, its repository is not made up of experienced designers, engineers, or CAD/CAM drawing experts.

Actually, anyone can sign up, browse, upload and download models and free stl files. However, this is not the only way to get involved. Just publish your 3D printed design in free STL or in any format you want to earn trust in this community.

You can also create your own models and templates for the best 3D designs in the Customizer app. We currently use Thingiverse’s proprietary API for 3D printing purposes. The site is so popular that a lot of cults have spawned around it.

Prusa Printers-3D Printing Models

Prusa top free 3d printing models website stl files cad file pla files

In addition to making 3D printers, this website also has a project sharing website. A section called Makes allows people to submit photos after the project is complete, which is very useful if you want to check the quality of your design first.

Also, a unique feature of this site is a map showing world events, workshops or print shops around the world. Prusa Research sets a new standard for FDM 3D printers with the iconic Prusa i3 design. Moreover, covering all the basics, the company also offers proprietary open source software (PrusaSlicer, proprietary fiber – Prusament, excellent documentation, Prusa user database, and a very arranged free of cost files).

This newcomer to the repository space launched in 2019 is growing rapidly in scale while maintaining high quality standards. Currently over 49,000 free models are available for download as STL files. Can be used on any FDM machine.


Youmagine 3d printing website

YouMagine lets you collect designs into collections, which is another way to find new projects. The collection ranges from 3D printed machine modifications to medical mask models. Also, you need to just tap the download button to download the design. This will bring up a pop-up where you can donate to the designer if you wish.

Their main slogan is that “Everyone will find something for themselves.” On this website you can search and navigate seventeen thousand plus open source 3D printing models. Also, you can get free stl files and designs available for 3D printing.

Moreover, all the models are ready to print and can be downloaded at choice. The site has several sections with both generic and featured images displayed prominently at the top.

Community members independently curate all designs and contribute to the collection. There is a full section on various 3D printer updates and other collections that include miniatures, jewelry and other everyday items.

Where to get free STL files and 3D printing models for your 3D printer: Thingiverse and Alternatives

They participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program and may receive a commission if you make a purchase using a link on this site. Also, they participate in other affiliate programs. Now that you’ve finally got your own 3D printer, it’s time to actually experience this amazing machine. But, you can only do this if you know how to print and, more importantly, where to find the stl source files.

The blog section is also very useful and is divided into several sections. Here, you will find all the information you need for beginner and advanced tips and tricks on 3D printing and working with free stl, SLA printing or anything else.

Competitions for the best model design are held here regularly, with 3D printing tools and hacks. All in all, this website is a great way to find your first 3D printing project. And even if you are a high-level expert in the art and science of 3D printing, you can still learn a lot from the community here. This is a members-only site and you will need to log in with your Google or social media account before downloading.


Thangs 3d design download free top best

To find something a little different in Thangs, you can search for models based on similar geometric shapes. To do this, simply download the old STL file in the search box or type the form into the search engine, cubes for example.

Also, on each page of the model, before uploading the file, you can change the convenient viewing options to display the model from different angles with rendering mode and color.

Interestingly, this website allows you to limit your model search to only the Thangs website or open your search on other sites on the Internet.


my mini factory 3d designs

Along with its free library of STL files, MyMiniFactory makes sure all your files are printable by making sure they are software-tested and community-tested.

To support artists at MyMiniFactory, you can purchase designs or choose a paid website subscription to receive design discounts, including your own printed materials. This 3D website has been around for a long period of time. In fact, over 7 years it has earned an enviable reputation as one of the best repositories for 3D models and stl files.

Also, it has created an almost completely decentralized ecosystem for 3D models that can be used for free or for a fee for 3D printing. They ensure that all objects appearing on the site are 3D printable. In fact, all models hosted on the MyMiniFactory site must go through a rigorous curation process.

This means that all stl files uploaded to the site are individually carefully checked and verified to be suitable for 3D printing on a popular standard desktop 3D printer. The site has 18 categories, from jewelry to fan art and education. You can download it directly from the website or browse the store.

You can even create your own shop on the website and make money with the original models posted there. The site also regularly hosts contests for up-and-coming talent. Also, there is a blog section if you need some helpful 3D printing tips.


Cults 3d models

Another site where you can pay for design is Cults. There are free and paid designs with additional features that you can gift your designers.

When browsing the community project, you’ll notice that many people are using GIFs to display 3D objects in their libraries. This will help you get a quick overview of your 3D model.

Cults also claims that the files available on the site are guaranteed to print, so you can at least expect the correct file format.

NASA 3D Models

NASA 3d resources

Did you know that NASA has a resource page dedicated to 3D printed models of space-related artifacts?

You can find models of famous robots like Curiosity Rover and Perseverance, or detailed models of supernova remnants.

If you have a space-loving kid or want to combine two of your favorite hobbies, check out the NASA resource.


CG Trader 3d models

CGTrader is a marketplace for buying and selling 3D designs. However, the site is not limited to CAD files, and offers free 3D printer files that you can download for production on any 3D printer. Of the over 1.3 million 3D models available, approximately 282,000 are marked as 3D printable.

Also, most of them are free to download after you create an account on the site. The resolution isn’t as high as the paid version, but it’s good enough for beginners who are relatively new to the art of printing 3D models, stl and obj files. Once you have gained enough experience and feel confident, you can also take advantage of the paid stl files and models available on the site.


Pinshape 3d Website

It is owned by 3D printer maker named Formlabs. Pinshape describes itself as a 3D marketplace that “connects manufacturers and designers.” You can get several free of cost STL files for download from over Eighty Two Thousand designs. Also, it serves as a platform to buy and sell premium 3D printer models.

This is an interesting place if you are looking for free STL files for toys and games, miniatures, jewelry and fashion, consumer electronics, gadgets, people and creatures, and art.

Moreover, this includes 3D modelers and designers who make sure that every stl file they download is 3D printable and compatible with the most popular printers. You can share, sell or download the original design here.

If you are new to the game, there are many project guides and tips to help you not only get started, but also improve your workflow. Blogs and tutorials can help you understand how your printer works, so you can optimize it for your needs. Also, there are complete 3D printer-specific page sets for your specific needs.


Turbo Squid free STL Models top best

One of the oldest websites on this list, TurboSquid is easy to navigate and offers over 1,024,000 free and premium 3D models. More focused on digital content creation than 3D printing (such as AR, VR or games), TurboSquid still offers a limited selection of free 3D printed models. The ability to filter by file type helps you find files. Check out the STL box and you’ll see over 73,000 designs for 3D printing.



The Hum3D website has over 24,000 3D models in different categories.

There are more than 9 500 different car models in this collection. Here you can find even the rarest cars that are not available in other stocks. Every model is created by 3D artists of the company and first published on the Hum3D website. You can register and sign up for big packages which allow you to download models at very attractive prices.

Also, the site has a separate section with free 3D models, you can download them without registration. Special mention should be made of the Car Render Challenge. Dozens of professional 3D artists take part in this contest every year. Thanks to a large number of sponsors, the organizers offer very cool prizes for the winners. If you are interested in 3D design we recommend you pay attention to Hum3D – every 3D artist can find something interesting for himself on this platform.



3D export 3d printing models

It is a premium 3D model marketplace for professional creators and designers and 3D artists. In addition to regular and low poly 3D models, it shows 33,300 plus 3D printable designs. You can also filter your search to find a small collection of free 3D printed STL files focused on decoration. With 23,000 plus high-quality 3D printed models and almost 70,000 community members, the website stands out in the 3D printing world.

This site provides step-by-step instructions for different 3D printing, as well as different models and stl files that can be downloaded with a free or paid subscription. You can get free promotions with its paid subscription offer and high-definition 3D stl files are sent directly to your email address every week. Also, there is no fee or any charges for this promotion.

Moreover, in addition to 3D models and stl files, this site provides detailed instructions for scripting, CAD, rigging, sculpting, texturing, game development with files of other types. It also provides links to a variety of blogs, ebooks, ezines, and other related resources to help beginners get started and quickly learn the different aspects of stl files and to print in 3D.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or a relative beginner. Even if you download tons of fresh and free 3D designs and stl files from its vast archive, you can learn a lot easily. As you get experience with the passage of time, you may want to check sales and buy stl designs from online stores.

NIH 3D Print Exchange

NIH 3D Printing Exchange

The NIH 3D Printing models Exchange is a fantastic and popular resource for the scientific community. A platform for sharing, distributing, and downloading scientifically or medically accurate 3D printer files. The collection includes almost 10,800 free STL files for Scientific Objects, Heart Library, and Molecules of the Month. Also, there is a section on low-cost prosthetics for 3D printing and corona-related 3D models.

The NIH has its own website for sharing medical applications and various 3D prints. They invite people to help create a library of health-related 3D models, stl files and images that will help save lives.

The NIH 3D Print Exchange now offers a variety of models and stl files in an accessible format while keeping this primary purpose in perspective. This is to ensure that these prints and stl files are fully compatible with the many types of 3D printers available today.

3D printing and stl file exchange thus provide a unique set of tools and related information for creating and subsequently sharing 3D printed models that will prove useful to the science of biomedical. To log in and use many of the site’s features, you must first create an account.

Threeding-3D Printing Models

Threeding 3d website#

This is an online store for free and paid 3D printers. The platform allows individuals and businesses to buy, sell or simply exchange any 3D printed design. Over 11,300 STL files available for download. The site also provides a 3D printing service, allowing you to create and send 3D printer models with the click of a button.

GrabCAD Library

GrabCAD 3d Library

GrabCAD want to help mechanical engineers build better products, faster.” The site provides tools to help users collaborate on 4,850,000 projects. Some of which include 3D printer models. GrabCAD doesn’t have to be the first port for a variety of everyday printing. But, it’s still useful for complex parts for designers and engineers who put a lot of pressure on modeling. But you need to be careful. Although, 10,000 models are marked as 3D printable, not all of them are actually printed.

In addition to free STL files, this site offers free 3D printing software GrabCAD Workbench and professional 3D printing service GrabCAD Print. One of the largest online communities for 3D professional engineers, manufacturers, designers and students. Also, it has nearly 8 million members and their online store has an almost unlimited number of designs.

A detailed guide and step-by-step instructions for everything you want to know about 3D printing technology, including how-to tips and tricks. If you run into obstacles while learning 3D printing games, there are many experienced engineers and designers who will be happy to help you.

More Details:

Their competitive section opens up a whole new world of possibilities for free stl and other 3D printing applications. Because you can try out pricing sponsored by companies like NASA GE and Stratasys. Also, its extensive Computer Aided Design (CAD) library has a huge number of free 3D stl downloads that even the most discerning 3D printing enthusiast can use.

There is also a section with lots of engineering problems, and that solution offers the right to a lot of interesting prices. You can also ask your 3D and stl related questions and their experts will answer them soon. Finally, the blog section provides up-to-date information on the latest developments in the 3D printing world.

Free3D-3D Printing Models

Free 3D Models for Printing

Free3D is a good starting point if you are looking for free 3D models to use for animation or game design. Along with an extensive collection of over 418,000 premium models, the website also has a small collection (over 7,300) of STL files marked as 3D-printable. Obviously, not everything in this section can be easily 3D printed with an FDM 3D printer, but you can find some gems.

XYZprinting 3D Gallery

XYZ Printing

XYZprinting, a Taiwanese 3D printer manufacturer, has a dedicated gallery of free STL files for download. It couldn’t find a DRM system, but you need to register on the site before you can access 3D printer models. Most of the items shown here (a total of around 1900+ models) appear to be unprinted as rendering predominates over photographs of real objects.

However, it is endorsing to have dedicated storage facilities for stereolithography (SLA), double extrusion and color 3D printing.

Zortrax Library-3D Printing Models

Zortrax 3D Library

In previous versions, Zortrax’s free library of STL files was integrated into the ZSuite software and therefore only available to owners of Zortrax 3D printers. The company has separated the library from its software and made it publicly available on the Internet. This means that anyone can view and download free STL files and create them on any FDM system. This is also a complex move. Most of the over 1,100 3D printer models are optimized for use with ABS filament. Manufacturers that don’t normally use this material can give it a try.

Dremel Lesson Plans

dremel digital lab 3d printing models

American manufacturer Dremel has a carefully curated syllabus portal that complements the Idea Builder line of 3D printers. With the excuse that Idea Builder can only 3D print with PLA filament, this set of 3D printer files has been optimized to work without frustration. Also, the free STL files are ideal for printing in the classroom and come with teacher textbooks. Training courses are only available after registration. Explore the standards-based curriculum created in collaboration with

Lighthouse College and educational thinkers. Log in or create an account to download a PDF for printing. You will learn statistical sampling techniques, especially quadrant techniques, and how well they generate samples that are similar to the general population.

In this lesson, students explore sampling techniques and collect data to study the adaptive characteristics of butterflies. So, practice your measurement, design and engineering skills by creating a custom modular photo frame.

Also Check:

A Universe of 3D Models to Explore

Each design exchange site is slightly different, but you will likely find a design you like.

Whether you’re looking for models for free or for a fee, verifying your creative license and uploading images of your printed models will help support the growing community.

And who knows if one day you will design and upload your own models? Competitions are gaining popularity. So, check your favorite websites to see what you can win by building your own 3D printing models.

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