Want to taste the most realistic graphic experience than 3D apps for android is here for you. 3d Apps provides the entertainment that are simply off the chart with any other 2D apps. Graphics are ground breaking, Effects are natural and user experience is amazing. Due to 3D Immense popularit most high end games are designed in 3D. Today we are here with the list of best 3d apps available for android; Let’s start..

Sniper 3D:Gun Shooting Games

Sniper 3d game feels like real life assassination of targets, you will get difficult but exciting jobs to complete. In this super sniper 3d game you can level up by completing each mission. Game graphics quality is splendid and shooting experience is marvelous. Its super addictive 3d snipper game. but in free version you must bear ads. You can unlock the premium weapons very easily by playing game and collecting coins. Further In-app purchases made it very easy to get your custom skin and weapons instantly. It’s a multiplayer game so you can have fun by challenging your friends and family members. You can even participate in the global level match’s by competing in the arena. They even give the best sniper of the world title to the winner. This game has multiple playing modes such as Sniper Story, Global Arena, Squad War, Weekly Events, Zombie mode and Shooting Range Challenge to master you in the sniper shooting.

Some of the best features of 3d sniper game:

– 150+ Sniper Guns and Rifles with Ammo
– Easy game controllers and super-natural visuals
– Challenge against global players with Online and offline play
– Online FPS multiplayer warfare Game play
– You can back up your progress on the google or fb servers.

Pixel Gun 3D – Battle Royale

If you are crazy for blocky animation and sniper games Pixel Gun 3d is for you. It is the amazing pixel fighting game with more than 800 guns and weapons including cool medieval sword and shield. It is a multiple shooting game with 100+ maps. This 3d Gun game provide you different customization options such as a skin editor to use whatever outfits you like to have. You can make clans here to enjoy multiplayer team experience. Defend your clan or raid on other clans. Even play one on one against worldwide players. This game has many battle modes i.e., Battle Royale, Raids, Deathmatch, and Duels. It is the one of the fantastic choices of android fps games. Pixel Gun 3d is super addictive, you will fall in love with its smooth and fluid experience.

Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World

It’s a great virtual reality game. You can make your own avatar with 30k+ customizations. Live your virtual live the way you want. A world where you can gather your friends, buy luxuries car, houses, enjoy the beaches, play the live music. Just be part of another world with an avatar.

 Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teach is extremely interesting and exciting 3d game. It is virtual reality-based game, where you must avenge the teacher (Miss T) who have history of violence. You must complete the mission without getting caught by the teacher.  The game has 15 rooms, where you complete your task to scare the Miss T. It can be played offline. Because the game is extremely addictive its first chapter is free, and rest of the chapters need to unlock by premium.

IMVU: 3D Avatar! Virtual World & Social Game

IMVU 3D Avatar! Virtual World & Social Game

This app is meant to deliver you multiple options that include turning your image into 3D animated avatar, participate in the virtual social world, begin your own story and chat with people. IMVU allows you to enter into a fantastic virtual world, adopting your own personalized virtual life, created with your vision and imagination. It may be weird, wild, lover etc. Select your role for virtual life and embellish your avatar from top to bottom to unleash an unlimited fun!

We can create our doll version in this app. We can make customized avatars to make friends and have fun in this virtual game. Also, we can shop without limits and dress our avatar with our style. We can take our friendships to a new level in this life simulator. Moreover, we can chat with our friends using our personal animated WithMoji. In this app, we can enjoy the online social game and play the role we want in our virtual life. The virtual chat of this app gives a range of emojis and features, giving life to our 3D avatar on the chat room. Also, our virtual life is waiting for us on IMVU. So,  start enjoying this amazing 3D game with a customized character.

Real Cake Maker 3D – Bake, Design & Decorate

Real Cake Maker 3D - Bake, Design & Decorate

If you are fond of baking yummiest cakes, this amazing 3D app can cater to your taste. A fun game, loaded with so many attractive features that imparts you the real pleasure of real time culinary activity. Try your skills and become the best ever cake maker. You can go for an extensive range of cakes; birthday, wedding or simple homemade cakes. There are so many accessories for topping and dressing the cakes. Every step of this app is stunningly impressive and arresting.

> We can learn how to bake the most tasty cakes in this cooking game.
> It has hundreds of mouth-watering cake recipes to make for us and our friends.
> We can use professional baker tools to bake, design & decorate the most tasty cakes.
> We can make from rainbow-sprinkled birthday cakes to strawberry cupcakes, there are unlimited choices.
> In this game, we can beautify our cakes with tasty frosting, delicious decorations & adorable designs.
> We can also design and bake a stunning cake for the bride.
> We can Put the beautiful picture of ourselves on our very own cake.
> In this game, we can have a cake party with our fuzzy bunny, kitty and puppy friends, cute babies.
> We can make the party extra cheerful with our very own party decorations.
> We can also enter into cake bake competition, vote for our favorite cake, and win prize.

BOO – Your 3D Avatar Emoji-3d cartoon apps

BOO - Your 3D Avatar Emoji

Looking for a 3D avatar and self emoji creator? This nice app can serve you well. It features options to select skin, eyes and hair color and style. Then there are dressing options and accessories to decorate your avatar with tattoos, glasses, earrings and stickers to make it distinguished and exciting. It allows you to share your face emoji on all social media platforms with just a click and get likes and comments from friends. These are just a few glimpses, there’s much more in this app!

We can make our own 3D avatar with big variety of skin tones, eye colors, hair styles and colors and over thousand makeup options. It contains fashion items like sun glasses, earrings, fabulous outfits, face tattoo etc. We can even mix and match the items. Also, it has the amazing character maker to make excellent memoji of ourselves.  We will have so much joy to dollify our avatar like in sims games.

We can use the animated avatar emoji of our own character to chat with our friends in messenger, imessage or facetime etc. This is also a pretty sticker maker for us to edit images.

Draw Car 3D-Top 3d Cartoon Apps

Draw Car 3D

This superb app brings you more than creation of self-caricature and emojis. It features a novel idea – creation of a 3D car, as smart and incredible as you ever wanted it to be. Think of a drawing and you can turn it into a real shape. This app also allows you to join a race which is packed with thrilling levels with opportunities to glitch through roads, crossing obstacles and bridges and many breathtaking turns. Every moment is filled with an unlimited dose of entertainment.

Struckd – 3D Game Creator

Struckd - 3D Game Creator

Struckd – 3D Game Creator is a virtual gaming platform of the next level and available free for download. It is altogether free from coding. Thus you can create your own cartoon games applying your genius or participate in games created by hundreds of other people around the world. The options are several from racing games to puzzles and setting the levels of games as per your own accord. You can invite friends to join you to play and share without any problem.


  • It has drag and drop game formation technology for anyone.
  • We can Set up our own dialogues and make our game discrete.
  • We can control over game basics by adjusting stats like attack power, drive speed and others.
  • Also, we can share our game worldwide and fascinate players all around the world or play with them and our friends together in Multiplayer.
  • It has quick growing gaming community and new games every day.
  • It has cross-platform building on mobile or desktop.
  • This app has over thousand free game elements like Characters, heroes, animals, robots, etc.
  • It has the most prevalent game mechanics like we can build our own racers, adventures, jump and runs, physic puzzles.
  • We can navigate amazing virtual 3D worlds like Pirates, dungeons, foreign planets, etc.
  • This is social, creative and kid friendly.

ColorMinis – 3D Coloring & Material Design Game

ColorMinis - 3D Coloring & Material Design Game

ColorMinis is the best app to create 3D anime models with the ease of a pro. You can apply a broad range of magnificent hues to color the models using its huge color palette and give them natural look. To give a tinge of reality to the models, the app features options to create impact of the real and life-like materials. You can also adjust lighting effects and enhance the images by applying filters.

Home Design 3D: My Dream Home

Home Design 3D My Dream Home

A dream home is the one of the deepest wishes of all of us. This unique app helps you translate your wish into virtual reality. Its amazing features gives you access to the professional tools of an interior designer and decorator. Begin by creating a design, customize it according to your likeness and then decorate it with your preferred accessories. For the interested folk, the app offers one-hour trial allowing you use all of its features and even save your cartoon home on your android device.

3D Avatar Creator | Bemoji

3D Avatar Creator Bemoji

It is another top 3d cartoon apps for the creation of 3D avatar, gifs, emojis & memojis, applying its user-friendly options. Its exclusive features include the possibility of creating your own image with the real facial outline and skin and eye colors, hairstyle and your preferred outfits. The social media platforms such as SnapChat, Instagram and TikTok are in your access with just a click. Feel free to share your artwork on them and get maximum likes. This app features an exclusive Bemoji and emoji keyboard that is rare with other apps of this nature.

3D Movie Effect: Photo editor maker movie style

3D Movie Effect Photo editor maker movie style

Have your every dreamed of yourself as a movie hero or heroine doing all those superhuman actions which they are known for? 3D Movie Effect allows you to materialize your dream with the help of its excellent 3d movie effect photo editor. The features are easy to use and provide you access to lots of stickers, background, special movie effects and lots more. The best part is that it is all free – no subscription, no credit card details.

3D Engineering Animations+: Top 3d Cartoon Apps

3D Engineering Animations +

This is one of the top 3d cartoon apps. This app in all respects is innovative and impressive. Its Animation Dictation feature allows you to alter the existing 3D animated models and replace different parts with what you think more suitable. There is yet another interesting feature, Eagle’s Eye Mode that gives you a peep into the skeletal view of an animated model. The app also provides you with an access to online library to import myriads 3D models’ parts. Every week, the app has something new for you.

The major plus of all 3d Cartoon apps given here is that they are easy to download and maximum of them are free. They are user-friendly and don’t occupy much space but the fun they provide you with is unlimited. They are comprehensive enough in drawing and editing options to replace the need of software that would surely be expensive to buy for you. This repertoire will cater to varied tastes and whims and will help everyone to let loose their creativity on the screen and produce outstanding top 3D cartoon apps animations.

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