Your favorite Apple iPhone comes with some very limited ringtones by default. You may get bored with restricted number of ringtones. Do not get worried because developers have put effort to introduce unique and new ringtone apps for iOS users. You can download your favorite ringtone app from Apple App Store and can make your ringtone stand odd one out. Many cartoon ringtone apps are available on Apple APP Store. You can find your favorite ringtone from any ringtones apps and can download them on your iPhone. here is a list of 10 most top rated cartoon ringtones apps is described below:

Cartoon Sound Effects and Noises

Classic Cartoon Sound Effects and Noises

This app is especially for iPhone and iPads users. You can have 13 brand new sounds by downloading this app. Loved by kids, teenagers and adult, these 13 sounds are reminders of your early childhood period when you keep on watching your favorite cartoon all day long. You can select any sound and can set it as your ringtone, text tone, tweet or Facebook post. If you want to revive your old memories when you love watching cartoons, this app is the thing that will make your day. Free to download, this app is surely to enliven your memories.

Best Ringtones : Top Music

Best Ringtones : Top Music

Install this app from your Apple App Store on your iPhones or iPads. You will simply adore these simple ringtones because they replicate your favorite cartoon sounds. You can enjoy your favorite Loony Tunes, Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo sounds by downloading this app. Nothing can beat the pleasure when your favorite cartoon sound will play as your ringtone on your iOS phone. You are offered some very amusing bangs and jingle sounds. Select any sound of your choice and make it your ringtone or alert tone.

ZedgeRingtones Apps For iOS

ZEDGE™ Wallpapers

This app offers you 27 categories to select ringtone of your own choice. The main feature of zedge is you can customize your favorite ringtone. Adjust the volume and pitch and make your own ringtone. You are offered a huge range of alert tones as well. So using this app is nothing but a treat.

Ringtones for iPhone! (music)

Ringtones for iPhone! (music)

This app is wonderful because it offers iOS users a wide range of ringtones and alarm tones. You can customize your favorite music track and make it your iPhone ringtone. You can easily get an access to your favorite ringtone using this wonderful app. Instantly install this app on your iPhone and amuse yourself with amazing ringtones.

iMyFone TunesMate


This is one of the best known ringtones apps developed for iOS users. Using this app is a wonderful experience. If you are a music lover and wants to make your own ringtone, this app is the ultimate solution. You can customize your favorite music track using this app’s features and set it as your ringtone. It is very compatible for iOS 12. Reviews and feedback claimed this app a favorite and heart winner. Give it a try if you are really bored with monotonous iPhones’ default ringtones.

Marimba Ringtone Remixes

Marimba Ringtone Remixes

If you are looking for some real funny and comedy ringtones and sounds for your iPhones and iPads, then go for this amazing app. This app is updated on daily basis so you are likely to have latest and trendy comedy ringtones on your smart gadget. This app is becoming very popular day by day because having a funny ringtone for your incoming calls from your loved ones is much fun. Set your favorite funny ringtone and enjoy the hilarious rhythm.


Tuunes Ringtones for iPhone

This one app is superstore for several ringtones, alert tones, music and many other sounds. You are open to more than 150 ringtones from multiple countries. No ringtones app can compete with this wonderful app designed for iOS users. It is legal and easy to install on your iPhones, iPads or iPods. Licensed version allows you to sync many music genres across the globe and you are given the opportunity to use it free trial and afterwards you can easily subscribe to its paid version. Install this app from your Apple App Store and tickle yourself with ringtone of your own choice.

iRingtones tones

iRingtones tones

Install this app on your iOS device and set ringtone of your choice. This app supports Spanish, French and Mandarin languages. With this app, you are given a huge selection of ringtones. Listen them, select one of them and set it as your ringtone. It sounds very pleased to ears when your favorite ringtone plays for your incoming call from your friend or family members. This app also comes with other features like themes, backgrounds and games to be downloaded. One must love the simplicity of using this app on your iPhone.

Scary Ringtones – Ringtones Apps For IOS

Scary Ringtones

If you loved having comedy ringtones, then you will bound to like scary ringtones app as well. This app contains some very interesting horror and scary sounds to set as ringtones or alert tones. Actually, it is hilarious when your phone rings with a scary ringtone. Your pal may get furious at you when your iPhone tolls a scary themed ringtone. Scare your friends by installing this app on your iOS device and setting a scary ringtone or alert tone. Its size is 23.5 MB and it is compatible for iOS 9.0 or later version.

Audiko Ringtones – Ringtones Apps For iOS

Audiko Ringtones for iPhone PRO

It is a licensed app on your Apple App Store. This is one of the top rated ringtones app that allows you to create and share millions of ringtones. This app allows you to trim your favorite sound track stored on your iPhone and use it as your ringtone. You can easily sync iTunes from your phone and transfer them easily and quickly into your iPhones. This app comes in 57.78 MB and can easily install on iOS 7.0 or later. You are bound to love Audiko App when you will have it on your iOS phone.

You can install any above mentioned ringtones app on your iPhones or iPads and set any ringtone as to show your incoming call alert. Having your own ringtone will make you distinctive as well as it will show your real taste in music and sound. Make your iPhone bright and stand out among other iOS peers with unique ringtone apps. We have other huge collection of IOS apps here.


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