Physical comic books have been replaced by digital ones. The fastest growing IOS and smartphones industry has made app developers to introduce new applications for every niche; specially Comic Apps for IOS. That’s why, they have developed some unique and user friendly apps for comic books readers.

E-readers love to read their digital comic books on their portable devices such as iPhones or iPads. If you have a taste in reading digital comic books on your iOS device, then below is the list of 10 top most favorite comic book apps.

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comiXology - Comics & Manga

Get your favorite comic book on your iOs device by downloading this wonderful app. ComiXology is a subsidiary of Amazon. It offers e-readers a big library of 100,000 titles with famous publishers like DC, Marvel, Disney, Image and many more. This app is popular because it allows you to sync your purchases across multiple devices. Its all-you-can-read subscription is available only in $5.99 per month. If you want to download one comic app that can give you maximum reading pleasure then this app is definitely the right choice.

Comics Book Reader

Comics Book Reader

This comic app is bombarded with elegant and ideal features. It is unique because it is simple and easy to use on your iOS gadgets. Its supports CBZ and CBR file types. This app never offers you to buy comic books but you are offered to sync your collections between devices. You can organize your library and get a quick access to any comic you want. You can snapshoot any page and can read it as many times as you want. You will going to adore this app for its simplicity of usage.

CLZ Comics

CLZ Comics - Comic Database

Reading physical comic books is a much delight and this app is specifically designed to keep track of your non digital comic books collection. Enter the barcode by scanning or input it manually. This app is going to backing up online and syncing data. Although it never offers you an e-reading experience on your iOS device but this app is unique in itself as this amazing app will keep track of your favorite comic books catalogue. It costs you $15 only and you are open to add unlimited number of your favorite comic books.

Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited

Get your favorite digital comic books on your iPads by downloading this wonderful app. It may not offer you the pleasure of reading latest comic books on your iOS device, but with this app you can have more than 70,000 catalog comics on your device. If you want to read some masterpieces of past, then this app is a must go. Get your favorite comics such as The Hulk, Avengers, Superman and other classics with Marvel Unlimited.


Amazon Kindle

Being the largest digital book store, this is the best Manga and comic book app developed by app makers. This app allows you to sync several comic books among multiple iOS devices. Get your loved and cherished ones comic books available for free as well as paid. You can have oldest, classic and latest comic books available for reading on your device if you have this versatile comic App on your iOS.

DC Comics

DC Comics

If you are a lover of DC Universe, this app is for you. You can have DC heroes’ comic book titles such as Batman, superman, the Flash, Aquaman, Joker, cheetah and many other legendary ones using this app. This app is integrated with ComiXology and works like the same. You can merge your ComiXology account with DC and dive into the deep ocean of your most adorable comic books. Reading your favorite DC comic digitally is an irreplaceable endeavor.

Hoopla Digital

Hoopla Digital

You are bound to fall in love with this neat cute little app named Hoopla Digital. This app offers you a huge library where you can check your favorite content and can get an easy access to it. read your favorite e-books and comic books by downloading Hoopla Digital on your device. This app is pocket friendly as well because you can read your favorite comic books for free. Yes, with Hoopla, read your favorite comic books for free. Make your local library a part of Hoopla network and let the app work for you. despite of its bugs, this app is popular because it is available for free.

ComicRack – Comic Apps For IOS


Reading comic books with this app is a delightful experience. It supports all formats like CBZ, CBR, CB7 and CBT file types. It is well integrated with various cloud services, that’s why documents open up instantly and quickly. Very easy accessible and user friendly interface are its outstanding features making this app a heart winner. Bookmark any page or layout any page, anything is so convenient with this app. Keep your library in order by using its file manage option. Download this app on your iOS devices and enjoy reading your favorite comic books digitally.

Wattpad – Comic Apps For IOS

Wattpad - Read & Write Stories

This app gives you a whole new experience of reading comic books online as well as offline. You do not need to worry if you have deliberately or non-deliberately quit reading; you can resume your reading journey from the point where you last left it. it sync so conveniently. Use social network to communicate with writers or your friends and discuss your reading experience with them.

Madefire Comics & Motion Books

Madefire Comics & Motion Books

This iOS app allows you to get fully entertained. Make your reading comic books a great experience with this amazing app. Its sound effects, 360 panoramic views and music create a full impact on your reading. You cannot get bored with this app because every week new releases are being topped up for your amusement. Browse latest comic titles and find new and famous publishers immediately by using in-app purchases. With this app, you would surely not going to miss out any new comic book releases.

With these comic book reader apps, you do not have to worry about managing your old bookshelves.  iOS comic apps are excellent as they offer you reading your favorite comics with maximum convenience. Must give these apps a try on your iPhones or iPads and entertain yourself.

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