The following repertoire contains amazing and hilarious cartoon faces apps that can be helpful for those people who don’t want to share their real faces on social media platforms. However, it is not just hiding identity on Facebook, twitter, Instagram; these fine apps are helpful for creating fun and give pleasant surprises to your mates. If you have a creative knack to draw sketches, some these fantastic apps also allow you to display your art by turning your own and your friends’ photos into sketches. There are several options to ease your task, saving and sharing images with others on Android devices.

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FaceQ – Cartoon Faces App

very fun and powerful avatar maker

This inspiring app is a special treat for those who want a user-friendly, fun and powerful avatar maker. It is extremely helpful for those who have just staring cartooning images and want simple and interactive options. Nothing is ambiguous here. The simplistic options provide you the best cartoon avatar making features and even without having much knowledge using such apps, you can easily combine various face parts and create a fabulous avatar.

Sweet Snap – Beauty Selfie Camera & Face Filter

Sweet Snap unique filter, stickers and beauty effects.Create your own GIF emoji

Sweet Snap is a gorgeous app with so many fun options. It has been rated as the best one on Google Paly and is currently in use by over 100 million people around the world. It offers you unique filters, stickers and beauty effects to create remarkably funny GIF and emojis. You can also use funny stickers of a wide variety and add theme music to your animated videos.

Face Changer

Replace face parts Funny eyes, noses, make them bald

Face Changer is truly a unique app with its several amazing options to caricature all facial features with the mastery of a pro. This funny photo app will prove the best fun time activity and will never let you feel bored even for a moment. It is loaded with tools to twist and edit your own and your friends’ faces. To create more fun, you may make them bald, expand or curve their noses and change ears.

Beauty Face Plus: face morphing

most amazing app for face morphing and eyes morphing

Beauty Face Plus provides you the best options for face transformation particularly wearing animal faces. There are 5 great options available to you. You can choose from face off, face morph, part face, split and face blend. Now think of which animal attracts you more. Is it a tiger, cat, monkey or boar? With this app all this morphing is possible and even more. Change the look of our eyes, lips and nose, Beauty Face Plus will prove a magic app to put a stunning face on your face.

Ugly Camera – funny selfie

Ugly Camera creates strange ugly face picture

It is not just the cartoons that make you laugh; faces developed with ugly camera may also evoke laughter and tremendous funny vibes. Select any photo from your album and this app can turn that image into a strange ugly face within no time. There are multiple effects available to you to make the images more hilarious. The app also provides you many filters for getting more impressive and stunning results. It is up to you what you choose a still photo or go for an animated GIFs, Ugly Camera is equally supportive for both.

Face Cam | Avatar Face Emoji

personal 3D avatar maker and memoji camera

Face Cam allows you to develop comic images using its fantastic 3D avatar maker and memoji camera. Develop your own or your friends’ facemojis and display them on social media platforms to get funny comments.  To support your artwork, the app offers you tons of magical video filters. You can easily enhance the quality of your photos and videos. To further spice up them, use the multiple memojis avatars option and make facemoji together with your friends, schoolmates and colleagues.

OPixels – photo editor of comic art & face aging

dit your own photos with comic effects, art filters, face aging and trending stickers

Having this inspiring app, you have multiple options to edit your photos and share them in talents galleries, it offers you. Play with features such as comic effects, art filters, face aging and trending stickers, it imparts you in tons. Your best artworks will be displayed on the OPixels gallery pages that can earn you thousands of likes from other lovers of comic art. You have numerous styling options in this cartoon faces apps like neon, glitch, duotone, glitter, funky, hip-pop, landscapes, hot body, celebrity, colors to name just a few!

EMOJI Face Recorder

face and your emotions to awesome 3D models - Zebra, Deer, Santa Claus, Octopus, Pig, Unicorn, Panda, Horse, White Bear, Crocodile, Beaver, Leopard.JPG

If you are an animal lover, this cute app for Android is made for you. It allows you easy and interactive features to turn your profile pic in Animoji just with a few clicks. Along with this feature, you have lot more to explore in this app. It provides you with hundreds of cool celebrity avatar emoji that are closet to your own facial expressions. You will also find this app supportive for creating funny posts and stories and also add magical backgrounds to share on TikTok, Instagram, SnapChat and YouTube.

Doodle Face – Cartoon Faces Apps

Doodle Face turns you into an expressive comic character with customizable eyes, noses, mouth, hairstyles and lots of crazy stuffs. Create your own avatar

Doodle Face is supportive to redefine your profile pic on Facebook or Twitter! The simple interface of this app comes with several options to customize the features of your face and give it a stunningly unique comic character look. Select from an extensively wider range of 800+ customizable facial components and give surprise to you friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and other social media platforms. Develop our own avatar, play games or join and gaming groups online, Doodle Face is supportive for all this fun!

Face Changer Camera

Funny Face Changer Video and Photos - Face Warp Camera - apply funny face warp effects on your video. Ugly Camera

Immensely compatible with all Android devices, FaceQ is the best funny face changer. It allows you to turn into cartoons both images and videos easily. You have also options to add funny face warp effects, swap faces or turn them into animal faces or use option of ugly camera and distort the features and facial outline. There are still more amazing options which allow you to turn faces upside down or shift features like eyes on forehead etc.

This collection of Cartoon Faces Apps for Android brings to you the most hilarious opportunity to amaze your friends and family members by creating their caricatures and let them utter wow! They are helpful for enjoying that inalienable part of your childhood that always delighted you. Customize your own photos and decorate them with colors, badges and a lot more accessories.

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