Trend of avatar is increasing day by day because you can not use your pic at every place because it is too simple and old. If you want unique look in your profile you need an avatar so here are some apps on which you can generate your own avatar.

avatar apps for android

bitmoji your 3d avatar emoji:

Bemoji | Your 3D Avatar EmojiThese days world is moving very fast in technology and day by day new things are appearing and 3d is one of them. 2d is now talk of old days and 3d is today so this app brings you in modern era and makes you unique by providing you 3d avatar and avatar videos for your work. This unique avatar will provide your work a modern look. This app also supports a keyboard which makes it easier to send avatar and emoji to your friends. It updates outfits and features of avatar according to current fashion.

Avatar Maker: anime:

Avatar Maker AnimeThis app is more a tool then an app because this app helps you as an avatar tool to create an avatar without drawing just by selecting all needed parts of an avatar and by combining them this app himself make that avatar for you so you don’t need a good drawing skills to make this. This app is very flexible and provide you thousands of  character options and also colour compatibility so you can fully customize your avatar. The interface of the app is simple and easy to use so you no need to study the instructions to use this app.

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Supermii – make comic faceq:

SuperMii-Make Comic FaceqOne of the top rated apps on play store right now. This app has great customization in avatar making, thousands of Moe materials and a lot of facial features for your avatar. Best feature of this app is facial expression which shows about your avatar’s mood or your face type either you have a smiling face or a angry one. This app has quite interesting features but all are not in much details if you are a professional artist and want to make a professional avatar. You can share your avatar to other directly from this comic app.

Bitmoji – your personal emoji:

Your Personal EmojiBitmoji is one of the best app used by snap chat users because you can use your avatar and emoji directly from your keyboard. You can make your avatar by using so many stickers and tools built in the app. This app is one of the most downloaded app on play store in department of emoji and avatar, it has 100 million plus downloads only on play store right now. Reason behind so much hype is snap chat support like if you use it with snap chat you will unlock a new feature 2 person bitmoji.

cartoon maker – avatar creator:

Cartoon Maker- Avatar CreatorThis app also works on the same principle of making avatar by combining  different  face parts instead of drawing an avatar because if you want to make avatar in that way you should head towards a drawing app instead of an avatar generating app. Making an avatar is quite simple in this app you just have to pick a face shape, then skin tone, hair colour, length, type, style, jaw shape, eyebrows, a mouth and so on and at the end all will be combined and your avatar will be alive.

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Face Q:

FaceQFace q is a very good app if you are looking for a simple app to make a simple avatar. This app is very smooth and easy in terms of interface. People who just creates avatar for common use and just for fun this app is specially for them. In this app you just have to combine various parts of the face not in much details because the app developers have put everything basic after combining and adjusting colours you will get your avatar. You can share your avatar or can upload it on and other platform.

Mojipop  – my personal emoji keyboard and camera:

MojiPop - My Personal Emoji Keyboard & CameraMojipop is a very unique app which works as a camera or photo filter as well as avatar generator. You just have to take your photo and this app will convert your photo into an avatar and as after the process this app will provide you tools to adjust your avatar so with uniqueness this app is also very customizable. The app is very smooth and reliable in terms of usage and the interface of this app is also very easy to use. You can directly share your avatar on different social media platforms like Facebook , snap chat and Instagram.


MSQRDThis app is quite different from all other avatar generating apps out there in the market because all the apps provide a cartoonist look avatar while this app keep every thing near to real. This app provides a filter to make your real face an avatar with just a filter and the filter is live so this mean you can make video and pictures and can show to other and for sharing this apps directly allows you to share your content from app to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and whats app.

Doodle face:

Doodle FaceDoodle app is one of the most simple and easy app to use in play store. This app . This app has 800 plus customizable eyes, noses, mouth, hairstyles and lots of crazy stuffs. This app is very interesting because you will never get bored because this app provides you little games with your avatar characters and it is a lot of fun to play with your own character which looks like you. Interface of app is very easy and understandable. You can create your own avatar and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snap chat, Tumblr & etc.


AndroidifyEvery one now a days is bored of making same and same avatars daily so if you are also bored of that this app is your best solution and also if you want something unique in your work like a new type of avatar this app is yours dream. This app provides you a new look avatar, android look avatars which are robotic look avatars but after you do customization with their faces and clothes they will some how look like you. In technology field a robotic avatar is very successful and field related avatar.

All these apps are most rated apps on play store and you can enjoy them for free.


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