It’s not only great fun to create avatar cartoons online but also the need of time. Due to privacy threats, now the social media users prefer to have a cartoon avatar as their profile picture instead of their original/real picture. This cartoon avatar is the cartoonish copy of your original picture. And in the most cases its look more cool than original picture due to vast verity of filters/effects and color scheme styles used on the original picture.

Now the question is how to create avatar cartoons online?

Its pretty simple, today BestCartoon sharing with your top 10 sites that can create avatar cartoons online. Let’s start.

Placeit – Make Your Own Avatar

Create Your Own Avatar

With this simple online avatar creator, you can generate your personalized avatar in minutes. And the best thing is you don’t require any designing or photoshop experience to make your avatar. All you need is choose from a template to start with, and there are numerous options available to do so. Its editor is super easy to play around and have a large accessory library to customize your selected instantly.

Once you generated a avatar, you can purchase and download it for your gaming channels such as Twitch profile or your social media profiles (Facebook/Instagram etc.)


create anime avatar

If you are looking for extra simple avatar maker solution, then Avachara is here for you. You signup required to generate and download your avatar. All you need is click on the shapes available on the menu and your amazing Avatar is ready to use. A lot of customization available for your face, eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, and hairs. Further, you can also play around with different dresses, accessory items, and wallpapers background. The best thing about Avachara is, it’s totally free. Once you made your cool avatar, you can download it instantly for your social medial profiles (FB and Twitter).

Face Your Manga

Download and Print your avatar

This is very popular site to create your avatar online. About 14 million Avatars are generated and downloaded by the users, from this site. You need to login to generate your manga face. High resolution prints are available after purchasing your creation. The best thing about this online platform of manga world is that is you can search pre-made avatars and download them instantly i.e., Mr. Bean, Katy perry avatars. This online site iPhone app version is also accessible.

Marvel HQ

create superhero avatar

We all in love with Marvel superheroes, because their costumes are fantastic. Now you can make your own superhero avatar using Marvel avatar maker tool. The steps are straightforward with a lot of choices. All you need is make some selections and your Avatar is ready to download.

My Blue Robot

Build your own Avatar

Another great website to make your avatar online is Blue Robot. Again, steps to create your avatar online is pretty simple. You have wide range of choices to choose from, for example, select the skin tone, face structure, hair styles and colors of cloth etc. Once you completed the selection process, your stunning avatar is ready to download.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our sites collection. We are keen to know the output you have using these sites in the comments below.

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