Top Free Memoji apps 2022

Expressing yourself with generalized emoji’s are no more fun. People are now using Memoji to make their very own emoji’s. Memoji’s are the personalized version of emoji’s. Android and IOS have many options to get your own personalized emoji’s or you can say memoji. Today we are going to share with you top memoji apps for android and IOS. So let’s start.


Bestcartoon favorite one in the memoji apps category is Bitmoji. It is the only app you need to make your memoji instantly. It will create the super cool avatar of yours, within a few seconds with a simple selfie. You may be wonder how a simple selfie generates an unbelievably realistic cartoonish depiction of yourself.  A little tweaking and playing with the app will make your memoji just more resemble you. A common refrain about successful memoji is, “How does your memoji is so much look alike you.

This app provides you different customizations for face shapes, hairstyles, mustache,eyes and eye brow color, skin tone and fashion dresses, shoe etc. Once you made an expressive cartoon avatar with the app, you can send it to your friends and family over any texting or social media channel. You can share your memoji’s on snapchat, WhatsApp or even in any other texting apps. With memoji’s comics, memoji’s GIFs, you can share your real expressions or thought on the subject matter, and  can give real reactions effortlessly. .

Bitmoji is Ads free platform and can be integrated with many other apps such as Snapchat. And the best thing is your personalized sticker pack is ready with thousands of readymade stickers instantly. Further, due to these high-quality stickers your emotions feel real to the recipient.  You can personalize and edit the avatar as per your need and mood. Further this app roll new and special option for sports and holiday season to keep your mini-me up to date every day. In future you may be use your memoji in the games using this app.

You can update your avatar on the web as well by logging into your account. Further, Once you installed the bitmoji chrome extension you can use your avatar in any website like Gmail, outlook etc. You will start loving it once your avatar is looking just alike you. For Max usability you need to change your existing keyboard to bitmoji keyboard in the android. But you can also use other keyboards like Gboard sticker option to view the memoji from bitmoji.

Memoji’s are more fun when using with friends using Friendmoji option. Where you can make a group of avatars with your friends. The app is updated frequently so new and updated features are launched with every new version. It is available on play store and Appstore as well.

Mirror: Avatar creator, make own personal stickers

This app is made by Mirror AI and they claim that its the most advanced 3D avatar maker app on the play store. You can build your own cartoon characters, cute pics of yourself, Funny memes and ofcourse the memoji with AR stickers and advanced avatars options. This app provide you big emoji stickers to have fun with friends and family.

3D Emojis Stickers For WhatsApp – WAStickerApps

You will love the range of options available in this memoji app. These memoji’s are particually updated for Whatsapp. So you can instantly share the latest and update sticker packs in the whatsapp. You can download the sticker pack on one tap.

3D Avatar Creator, emoji maker&keyboard | Bemoji

This app have 1000+ options to customize the memoji like hair color, hair style, bread style and unlimited fashion items. The best thing is you can animate your memoji with this app. Enrich your chat with beautiful 3d memoji’s using Bemoji. Its AR camera can generate a full pack of emoji’s with just a click.

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