Avatar app for IOS can boost your entertainment, providing you the opportunity to develop your own image in your favorite cartoon character. This fun is matchless particularly when the options are extensive The following are the select list of 10 avatar creator apps for IOS to satisfy your search and save your time to hunt for them on the internet. They are user-friendly and require only a few a step to get ready your customized avatar. The users can choose the skin color, hairstyle and even the color of their eyes and adjust the contours of your face to comic and cartoon character.

Boo – 3D Avatar & AR Chat

BOO - Your 3D Avatar Emoji

This app is distinguished for providing the users with the 3D avatars. You can also select skin color, hairstyles and other facial feature after your own accord. There are many options available, even in dress selection. Further, you can adorn your avatar home with numerous options. Again your options are too many for decorating the home. The most enticing part is the option of recording your own voice for your own avatar and it personalizes the character. Give a surprise to your friends sending greetings with your avatar speaking in your own voice! In case you wondering its also available on android as well.

Myidol: 3D Avatar Creator

Myidol · 3D Avatar Creator

Using this unique app, you can turn your selfie into caricatured 3D avatar. This app is designed with 3D facial recognition technology which makes it easier for you to develop your image which looks just like you. You can opt for the same skin color tone, hair color and can select even create feelings on your face.

ChibiStudio – Avatar Maker

ChibiStudio - Avatar Maker

This app brings you the opportunity of developing a wonderful animated story without any hassle. It offers you a huge bank of fragments to mix and match and create several characters, both male and female and fantastic scenarios. From ninjas to knights, all popular cartoon characters are in your reach. The features of this app widen your choice to creating fantasy, contemporary, fiction and school stories with stunning accessories.

MomentCam (iOS)

MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

This awesome app was rated by the Facebook as app of the year in 2015 for its so many impressive features and ease of use. MomentCam helps you create avatars from your selfies and photos. The customization options make this app more attractive and worthwhile for the users. You can take option in outfits, backgrounds and accessories and even select feelings for different characters.


MSQRD — Live Filters & Face Swap for Video Selfies

Here comes another fantastic app for IOS. It enables you to turn faces into several interesting images from zombie or vampire to that of animals. You can create a huge masquerade developing faces of your family and friends and have fun.


LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World

This app is an ideal choice to create your avatar resembling exactly with your facial contours. The app also provides you with a range of options in costumes, accessories and scenarios. Just take a selfie and start create an interesting image of your own. This app also allows you to interact with people who use it.

Avatar Factory – Avatar Maker

Avatar Factory - Avatar Maker

Avatar Factory allows you to create an animated avatar and thus has more attraction for users than other app. Its various options include recording of your voice for your image and allow your image to walk and dress up it with multiple costumes and accessories. Some of the features are really exceptional and are not available with any other similar app. This brilliant app also provides you the opportunity to integrate with all social media platforms.

Anime Avatar Creator

Anime Avatar Creator

This app is another worthwhile addition to this list of interactive and user-friendly 3D avatar apps for IOS. This will help you cute and amazing avatars following only a few simple steps. Go for mini me or generate avatars of friends and relatives, it imparts you so many features to decorate your avatars and match them with popular cartoons and comic characters. It is really a fun to use this app translate your imagination into reality. Use your virtual look as your profile pic with real time facial expressions and feelings.

Mirror: Emoji Face Maker App

Mirror: Emoji Face Maker App

Ideal for those who want an extensive range of options! This app provides you a keyboard to generate 3D avatars. Think of a personal emoji and it can be made instantly. The characters options also include cartoon emojis, animojis, animated stickers and avatars. With just click, you can upload and share your avatars with your fellows on social media platforms. This app unleashes a world of possibilities and bring you the best fun time!

Meing – 3D Avatar & Chat

Meing - 3D Avatar & Chat

Meing maximizes the options of creating too many cartoon characters. Feel free to opt for chibi, Goth, vampire, emo and superheroes. Each character can be adorned with all the essential features and gear.  For its smoothing and unhampered functioning and an extensive range of options, it can be rated as one of the best 3D avatar app for IOS and Android. Additionally, this app allows you to buy many other accessories such as hats, glasses, caps and masks. Using its QR codes, you can easily share your avatars on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

All app included in the above list are the wonderful apps which will really entice you with their multiple options and for ease of use. They are the best proof that advancement in digital technology has revolutionized the world of entertainment also. Drawing cartoons and 3D animation has always been a work of artists. But now every one of you have an easy access to this fun. You can select an app which can suit you well and enable you create the best avatars in your mind. Most of them are meant to give you the best 3D animation results. Create the caricatures of your friends and give them a pleasant surprise. To double your fun, you can use your cartoon images on social medial accounts and get noticed by everyone.

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