Gone are the days when people prefer paperback and hardback media to read comics. We are living in an era where latest android and IOS technology has made everything mobile and digital, same the case for Japanese Manga.

Manga are famous Japanese comics that are equally popular among people of different ages. They rather represent Japanese culture. Their fame spread all over the globe and even the U.S. people love to read these comics on their iPhones and iPads. Various Apps are being launched to make Manga series reading conveniently by translating them from Japanese to English version.

Following is illustrated a list of 10 most famous Manga Apps for iOS users:

Animo Anime and Manga:

Every Manga lover would definitely like this application on his/her iOS device. Its user friendly interface with social networking platform is a heart winning thing. Being an Anime and Manga series lover, it allows you to interact with thousands of people who equally share your interest in these comics.

Anime Amino

Manga Reader:

Dive hassle free into Manga world by downloading this ultimate Manga Reader App on your iOS device. its remarkable features include bookmarking, cloud syncing and three reading modes. You are allowed to curl, scroll and continue your reading page as well as three reading directions make your reading a true fun in itself. Using its search option, you can filter any Manga series by its author’s name, genres, title and rank.

Manga Reader - Manga Viewer

With its 20.5MB size. It is ideal to download on any iOS 8.0 device. Use Apple App Store to download Manga Reader App and make your reading a wonderful experience.

Manga Storm:

This is another most favorite Manga App loved by Manga lovers. Its amazing features include bookmarking, three different reading dimensions, cloud syncing, auto update checking, and manga list organization. You can continue your reading even when you are offline.

Manga Storm

Manga Storm App is unique because reader can covert manga files to CBZ files and take pleasure in reading to other comic reader apps. You can continue your reading process from anywhere you last left your reading as this App saves progression automatically. Either by swiping or by tapping, you can flip to next page. Once you complete reading a chapter, you are ready to read next chapter because Manga Storm load the next one for you. Its huge library makes Manga Storm one of the most powerful Manga apps.

You need 9.0 iOS device to accommodate its 24 MB size.

Manga Rock:

Manga Rock App is amazing because it contains 24 resources and 7 different languages to select within. Once you have this go to App on your iPhone or iPad, you are welcomed to discover and read any Manga series.

Manga Rock Pro

Its features allow readers to have an ultimate reading experience with this app. You can easily customize its settings. Adjust your reading in vertical or horizontal direction. Brighten up as much as you want. and zoom in or out your reading the way you want. using Manga Rock Cloud, you can easily get backup and download any manga series of your choice.

It has 94.5 MB size and requires 9.0 iOS device to install.

ZingBox Manga:

Manga Reader - Comic View

This app ’size is 36.1 MB and needs iOS 8.0 to install. This app can be downloaded as free through Apple App Store. What makes this manga app so favorite with manga readers is its user friendly interface. It have smart features like paper rolling, paper turning and portrait mode. You can easily download your favorite manga series either online or offline.

Make your own wish list, keep track of latest manga series updates and get a preview of upcoming manga series. Download ZingBox App and enjoy seamless manga reading.


You can install this app through Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Using this app, you can have an awesome and cherished reading experience. An Noble’s award winning app will make your reading journey a true fun. You can customize your manga reading whatever the way you like to read your favorite comic.


Crunchy Roll Manga:

This popular website offers readers to read any manga content through streaming. Later on, it has introduced iOS mobile App for manga lovers. You are allowed to enjoy your favorite manga series from Japan. Its premium account is one of the most amazing thing about this app. You can enjoy your latest manga comic as soon as they get published in Japan.

Manga by Crunchyroll

Manga Bird –Manga Apps:

Manga Bird

If you are looking for a manga app that allows you maximum access to reading manga series, this app is the ultimate choice of any manga lover. This app offers you the biggest manga library in 8 languages and more than 20 manga websites.

Make your reading worthy by using its 2 directional reading. You can likely use its day and night mode. Bookmarking and image cropping are two eminent features of Manga Bird App.

By using Apple App Store, you can install this Manga apps for IOS (20.1 MB sized app on your iOS 8.0 device).

Manga Zone –Manga Apps:

With this iOS manga app, you can enjoy your favorite manga comics for free. More than 15000 manga comics are on your iOS device to read from. Its keep on updating, so enjoy your reading in effortlessly way.


Viz Manga – Manga Apps

Developed by Viz media, this is an official app to read manga series for free on your iPhones or iPads. You can enjoy translated manga version of manga comics by installing this amazing app on your iOS device.

The above mentioned top 10 Manga Apps for iOS users enable them to enjoy their favorite Japanese manga series comics in an uninterrupted and seamless way. You can install any of these manga apps to enjoy your manga reading stuff to its maximum.


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