According to Wikipedia; Manga are comics or graphic novels created in Japan or by person using the Japanese language and conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. They have a long and complex pre-history in earlier Japanese art. The term manga in Japan is used to refer to both comics and cartooning.

Manga is very famous now a days in the whole world, and are loved by a lot of people. Manga comics,Manga stories and Manga characters are real fun. So if you are a manga lover or a artist looking something good to make manga bestcartoonapps providing you list of some Great Manga apps.

Draw anime and manga:

Draw Anime & MangaThis is one of the best Manga cartoon app, if you are new in drawing manga. Manga is not so difficult to draw but if you want to make a perfect character you can use this app and it doesn’t matter if you are pro you can simple draw a manga of your own without any help but this app is specially very good and supportive for the basic and new people. This app will guide you line to line and will tell you where mostly people make mistake. If you are making a comic then this app will make possible to make a character same through out all the comic.

Medibang paint – draw:

MediBang Paint - drawingMedibang is multi functional app for drawing you can create any thing you want but for manga it has all the tools you will need like brushes, Sharpe pencils of different depth and width. This app has different layers system if you want to make a perfect manga. Interface of this app is quite amazing and nobody never complaint about it. This app is one of the top ranked apps currently on the play store right now. This app give you access to share your content directly from the app to other platforms or with other people.

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Creanime (anime character maker):

Creanime (anime character maker)Creanime is like a game where you can dress  up a manga character but more than dress you can change every thing of that character so in this app you don’t have to draw a manga or sketch it but instead of that you will be given a number of manga / anime characters which you can choose and can customize them according to your choice and taste.  Only the limit is your imagination. This app more than just fun you can create a whole new manga character like making some famous character a ninja.

Sketchbook – Draw and Paint:

SketchBook - draw and paintThis app has a crazy no of downloads ( 10 million plus downloads) on play store currently and a thousand of positive reviews and happy users. In every animation or drawing sketching is the base and heart of drawing, sketch book is specially made for high end sketching and it has a great no of tools and pencils for sketching your manga. Sketch book is not limited to sketching you can paint and draw your full manga on this app and it has amazing tools for others like sketching ( a lot of brushes, different text fonts and amazing colours and so much other stuff).

Infinite painter:

Infinite PainterThis app is one of the most liked app when it comes to amazing features. This app has amazing gestures and all of them works perfectly. A great no of tools and functions. But this app is not just famous for its features, it also has great customization with tools and interface, like it allows you to customize the drawing screen according to your need ( which tool you want and where on your screen). You can do all in this app so you do not have to search for tool every rime you want to use it.

Artflow: pint draw sketch

ArtFlow: Paint Draw SketchbookArtflow is a professional app. Many manga artist use this app for manga comics and animations. This app has pressure simulation support which means if you has a pressure simulation support device you can draw like a real life, as much you press the pen darker the line will be like a real pencil. You can customize your brushes according to your need. This app has palm rejection which means if you draw on this app like you draw on real paper this device will reject you hand’s palm which means there will be no mess and you can draw comfortably.

Art rage as a Manga Generator App

ArtRage Draw, Paint, CreateThis app is very famous among the manga artist because this app has a great no of amazing tools and features. If you are making a manga character and want it colourful then this app is best for it because this app has realistic colours and paints. A lot of tools for painting and you have the option to make your own colour and how you want to do it by pencil, brush or wax all on your choice. This app interface is quite simple and easy to use and you can set it according to your need.

Adobe illustrator draw:

Adobe Illustrator DrawThis app is Winner of the Tabby Award for Creation, editing , design and Play Store Editor’s Choice Award. This app has cloud service for you so you can save and access your data via internet at any place. You can also recover your data if you mistakenly deleted your data because of cloud service. This app is very stable and smooth. You can work on different images at a same time, it has all tools for multiple image working like merging duplicated and shifting etc. This app has a great no of features to create your manga.

Painter mobile – Manga Apps

Painter MobileOne of the best manga app out on okay store because of its amazing sketching tools and paints. Customization is at another level. You can mix the colours naturally and can make new colours or the colour you want to make. This app support stylus, and it also supports pressure sensitivity which means you will experience real life drawing. This Manga Generator App also supports two finger gestures like using one finger you can move picture but if you use two fingers in the same way it will rotate the image and so many gestures like this are built in this app.

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Ibis paint X – Manga Apps

ibis Paint XIbis paint x is one of the most reliable app you can found on play store it has 45 million plus downloads on play store and one of the most downloaded app on play store. Learn completely from tutorials on YouTube about this app. Most of the pro artist use this app, because it fulfill all their professional drawing needs.

All these Manga Apps are used by both artist and creative people its on you now that how you use them exclusive android apps. Manga Apps delivers the best manga generating experience on Your smart screens. Create, Explore, View, Modify and download Your Manga’s for free and even download customized generator Manga’s for free.

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