Manga is basically what we know as comics, a story with pictures and text with various chapters (what we know as episode in serial or seasons). Concept of Manga started in Japan, but due to its popularity over time it spread  worldwide. And due to its high demand all top brands of manga now have been translated in multiple languages.

With the widespread use of android apps and all in one mobiles, the concept of manga to be available in apps for easy and latest chapters is increasing. So which manga apps are the best one, as there are a lot of applications available on the playstore.

The best Manga application is that contains following:

  1. All the Top Manga (best selling mangas in a year or ever, new manga etc)
  2. Spontaneous update of latest chapter
  3. Multi language translation (or English translation at least)

Following are some the Top Mangas:

One Piece


Dragon ball Fullmetal Alchemist Berserk

Bleach  Death Note Dragon ball Z

One Punch Man Deman Slayer Attack on Titan

So which are the Top Manga apps which provide all of these,latest chapter with translation at one place. Top apps with android ratings and actual images of the app along with the main features are given below.

Super Manga: (Android Rating 4.4)

Supermanga is one of the Top rated apps on playstore with top mangas chapters available in it on main screen. It also provide rating of mangas for the readers who are new at manga(.e.g. One punch man 9.6/10 and One piece 9.3/10) as visible in picture below. Latest chapters are updated frequently. You can search the manga by its name also with numerous other features, lets give it a try.

Manga apps

Manga Toon:

(Android Rating 4.6)

Manga toon is a huge collection of new and all time famous mangas. Most important features of this app
include daily manga, rankings etc to provide the reader with the easy selection. For example you get in to
app for a latest chapter of manga and here it is available in Daily tabs. Further login is very easy into this
age just age and gender to provide user with greater options.

Further features like :
New here
You cannot miss it
New comic
Hottest novels

And much more makes this app one of the most friendly app.

Manga on android Manga readerManga Pro:

(Android Rating 4.1)

This app provides all the Top mangas at one place. Its features include making a Manga favorite by liking
heart button on the manga title and its new updates will be available to you on priority. For example
Naruto is your favorite, just click the heart and have its new episodes notified.
One Important features include the brief information of manga it provides along with the list of easy
access chapters on it. All can be seen in the pictures below(list of latest chapters of One piece in the snap)

maanga android

Manga Plus by shueisha:

(Android Rating 4.1)

This app provides 2 languages one is Spanish and the other one is English like all previous apps it also
includes top mangas. New and hottest episodes are updated frequently, easy to search mangas make it more user friendly. You can also make favorite mangas here. Have a look below.

android manga

Manga Geek:

(Android Rating 4.5)

Manga geek is a amazing app with various languages like English, French, Spanish etc.(see the snap
below). It have a different dashboard. It presents the mangas as Top adventure, top action etc for the user to select
its category like we select a Movie on a website. With similar features of search etc like other app main feature of this app was its languages.

manga apps android

Read Mangas on AndroidManga Searcher:

(Android Rating 4.1) 

Manga searcher is altogether a different app, it does not include any manga by default. So how it works?
Basically you have to search for the manga you like and then select it from findings and download the
chapter by clicking on the chapter. This app is useful but it is not best for the new or random manga readers.

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best manga apps

Web Comics:

(Android Rating 4.6)

It is one of the highest rated apps on the playstore, with interface pretty much similar to the Manga toon.
Features like daily manga, must read, editors pick are similar to above.It also has coin concept like game
but that is not worth discussion if you are just a specific manga reader.

mangaa apps

CruchyRoll Manga: (Ads or Premium:$7.99)

(Android Rating 2.1)

Crunchroll manga though liked by many manga readers is very low rated app on playstore further it has
less features than other apps. It also does not include the eye catching features. But this is included
because many people like it. Worst thing which I as a user do not like is it requires to create a account
with email and then confirmation is sent to email which is in my word ‘not easy to use’ app.

Manga Apps for Android

Anime Amino:

Anime Amino Manga

(Android Rating 4.5)

This is one another amazing app, you can not only read but also post your feeds, your own fan made
Pictures and get likes. You can follow someone plus chat with someone. Its like best place for manga and
cartoon anime fans to interact with the concept is you have to discuss the manga when you read it.
It is not though directly a great manga reading app but is worth mentioning.

Funimation (Premium:$5.99)


(Android Rating 4.5)

Funimation’s android app offer ad-free anime, OVAs, extras, and the hottest, top trending anime shows. If you are English man and in love with Japaneses Manga than you must try funimation. As it has a huge collection of dubbed anime with ability to download and watch anime offline. Currently available in USA only. Stream and buy official anime; My Hero Academia, Drifters and Fairy Tail. They also offer free trial to explore their anime collection.

HiDive (Premium:$4.99)


(Android Rating 4.5)

Another USA only service HiDive. Has exclusive rights to certain popular anime studios, such as Sentai Filmworks. Their VRV bundle is most popular in the US for anime series.

Do you like the new style of posting also comment. what are your favorite manga Apps, let us know in the comments.


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