Top Websites to Read Manga Online

The manga has the best storyline, amazing characters and amazing twists. These graphic novels and manga can be made in Japan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t read manga online almost anywhere in the world on top websites. The best part is that you can read a lot for free on many top websites. So, below are the list of top websites to read manga online.

What Is Manga?

Read Manga Online

If you’ve never had the chance to read manga, think of it as the comic book/visual novel version of anime. In fact, it’s not unusual for an anime series to develop as a manga series and vice versa.

Also, manga features the same embellished features and artwork as anime. However, some of the themes tend to be more mature. When searching for manga to read online on top websites, make sure you’re using top websites that have interpreted it into English or your desired language. All of the top websites listed here are in English, outside of a few titles here and there.

MANGA Plus by SHUEISA – Free-Top Websites to Read Manga Online

Manga Plus top websites to read manga online

One of the top websites to read manga online is MANGA Plus by SHUEISA. The manga top websites formed and managed by the Japanese publisher SHUEISA. Also, it ensures artists are rewarded for their work. It’s possessed by the same company as the famous manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, which means you’ll be able to read what’s in the magazine on the manga website as soon as it’s published.

Astonishingly, everything is offered completely free of cost on this top manga website and also has iOS and manga Android. So, this is why it’s a top pick among other top websites. Also, it’s free and legal. You’ll find a huge diversity of new and deep-rooted titles, too, including “Leach,” “Dragon Ball,” “Naruto,” “Blue Box,” and “Black Clover.”

ComicWalker – Free-Top Manga Websites

Read Manga online Comic Walker

To prevent illegal scanning, manga publisher Kadokawa has created ComicWalker as a free way to read manga online. You can’t find all of Kadokawa’s manga  here, but there’s plenty of entertainment to enjoy.

A unique aspect of the site is that you do not need to register at all to use your name. However, if you want to build or hold a library, you have to register and it’s free.

However, there are no terms and conditions on this top manga website. It is also easy to filter by the most popular, see publication dates, and limit options to specific magazines. Some of the more popular titles are ‘Sgt. Frog, Mobile Suit Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cross Engine.

Crunchyroll – Free/Premium

Crunchyroll kisscartoon alternatives

It’s not possible to create a list of the best top manga reading websites online without mentioning Crunchyroll. You can choose from a wide range of anime as well as manga.

Many Crunchyroll comics are paid, but there are also free titles. There are also free chapters you can try out roughly before you buy. To read what you want, you need a premium subscription starting at $7.99 per month. Also, you can access the animation library. You can also find manga titles such as Attack on Titan, Kenshin’s Strike, and Into Eternity. Moreover, there are applications for both iPhone, iOS and Android.

Shonen Jump – Free/Premium

Shonen Jump Read Manga Online

Shonen Jump, the digital version of Weekly Shonen Jump, features some of the latest chapters from the popular manga for free. However, you can’t go back and start over, but it’s a great way to get a new chapter without paying.

Also, everything is delivered through Viz, so if you want to save space or build a library, you’ll need a Viz account (which can be created for free). If the free offer isn’t enough and you want to read the previous chapters, you need to subscribe. Get 15,000+ chapters for $1.99/mo. This is one of the cheapest manga subscriptions to read manga online on top websites, especially if you like Shonen Jump games.

Moreover, several famous titles include Dragon Ball Super, Black Clover, My Hero Academia, and Boruto: The Next Generations of Naruto.

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ComiXology Unlimited – Premium

Comixology read manga online

ComiXology is an Amazon company that only handles comics, graphic novels, and manga. Individual books can be purchased from the main site. But overall, the best deal is ComiXology Unlimited. As the name suggests, you can read what you want for a flat monthly fee.

The only downside of this top manga websites is that not all games are included in the unlimited plan. For example, Attack on Titans is on, but Black Butler is not. We’ve been wanting to see more titles included in its subscription plans, but it’s still hard to beat the $5.99/mo price for the variety it offers. In total, you have access to over 25,000 comics, graphic novels, and comics. Also, you can get discounts on your purchases. In addition to reading on the web, there are applications for iOS and Android.

MangaKakalot – Free


In MangaKakalot, top websites to read manga online, you can find popular manga series as well as lesser-known series. The top manga website layout makes it very easy to sort by genre. Also, you can see the most popular, find the latest releases, or even pick finished episodes.

At the time of writing, the most popular titles were Return of the Mad Demon, Millennial Alchemist, and Resurrection from the Ruins. However, you can find many famous names like Attack on Titan and Naruto.

It’s important to note that MangaKakalot lives in a gray area of ​​legitimacy. The title has not been officially licensed, but no action has been taken by the artist. Also, it doesn’t actually download anything, so it’s one of the safest comic sites in the gray area.

MangaHere – Free-Top Websites to Read Manga Online

Manga Here

MangaHere is the top websites to read manga online that offers you Ten Thousand plus series completely free of cost. Also, you’ll find most any genre you could possibly want, including everything from paranormal to comedy. It’s very easy to find something new to read based on what’s most famous, the genre, new updates, new announcements, and more.

Also, you can find both well-known and lesser-known titles here. Some of the presently most prevalent series on MangaHere include “Black Clover,” “Solo Leveling,” and “Tales of Demons and Gods.”

MangaHere positions that all data on the top manga websites is licensed under a fair use license. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean everything on the website is precisely legal.

Manga Fox – Free-Read Manga Online

Manga fox

Manga Fox is almost identical to MangaHere and top websites to read manga online. In fact, the two sites are linked together in the site footer. You’ll find most of the same series, but each series has its own community of readers. So, you’ll find a variety of popular titles. Sometimes, you may find TV shows on one site but not on another. So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for on MangaHere, try Manga Fox or vice versa.

Because the two sites are very similar, Manga Fox states that the content is available under a fair use license. You’ll find popular titles like Attack of the Giants and One-Punch Man, as well as Wedding Peak, One Piece, Tales of Demon and God, and more.

Also, no registration is required to access the Manga Fox website. You can read good manga online for free by visiting this site. You can easily download comics in different file formats.

Additionally, this top website offers different types of comics such as Action, Sci-Fi, Crime, Drama, Horror and Adventure. Therefore, we have ranked this site #1 on our list of the best manga sites.

The good news is that you can see all the latest manga and most recently updated manga right on the homepage. Also, MangaFox’s advanced search options are very extensive, and you can add multiple filters to narrow your search and find the manga you’re looking for.

Advantages of this top websites to read manga online

  • Like KissManga, MangaFox has a large community where you can talk and discuss comics you read.
  • It was one of the first manga sites to offer free online manga comics.
  • Also, it is one of the most well known and best manga reading websites on the Internet.
  • You can find different types of manga comics: Action, Adventure, Drama, Comedy, and more.
  • There is also a forum where you can have a chat with people who are similarly interested in manga.
  • There is no registration or subscription needed.
  • The most famous comic book website.
  • The best place to read manga comics on your mobile device.

BookWalker – Free/Premium

Book walker

BookWalker is an e-book bookstore top websites dedicated to comics and light novels. There is always a big sale and the prices are quite affordable. Also, there is no subscription model, only some games are sold.

There is an always updated list of free comics and light novels. However, the choices are limited. At the time of writing, only 54 options were available, but it’s still a great way to read for free.

OverDrive – Free-Top websites to Read Manga Online

Overdrive read manga online

OverDrive is a service libraries use to deliver digital books, magazines, audiobooks and many more. Also, it’s completely free of cost as long as you have a library card from an active library.

Moreover, many libraries also offer manga to check out. It works just like a library. You’re able to check out manga and then return them, all from within your browser or mobile device. (iOS and Android applications are available.) Communicate your library to see if they contribute and what manga series are accessible.

Manga Rock-Top Websites to Read Manga Online


This top manga online website is one of the top websites to read Manga online. On this top online manga website you can get almost every Manga story. You can offer your Manga creation to the manga website for journal. Also, the it offers work for editing, interpreting files.

So, this top website to read manga online is best in the list, and free to read Manga. It is one of the most well-known Manga websites.

So, the good news is that its management truly translated some popular Manga such as One Piece, Black Butler, One-Punch Man, Fairy Tail, The Seven Deadly Sins and so many other. However, unlike other manga sites, MangaStream only hosts a small collection of Manga chapters that they are translating more. It is done to admiration and backing publishers and inventers.


  • This is another great manga website on our list of the best free online manga stories.
  • If you want to read interpreted versions of famous manga, such as Black Butler, One Piece, Fairy Tale, etc., this is for you.
  • You can get the new manga comics since it was released in Japan here.
  • If you want to read it right away, try this website as it will be released (and sometimes even before it’s released in Japan).
  • The best place to read comics on your mobile device.
  • Submit your cartoon artwork.
  • Sites about cartoon jobs and employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Free Manga Sites Lawful?

It depends on the site. Free websites with content licensed through the publisher are completely legal. For example, MANGA Plus is free, but all content is available through official channels, so it is free and legal.

Most free websites aren’t technically legal because they only collect content and don’t pay the creators a license fee. Some of them have actually been dismantled, while others continue to evolve. Also, anything that doesn’t offer a download or read offline option is less likely to go offline. But don’t be alarmed if a DMCA notice suddenly closes a free site stuck in a gray area.

Another question is whether the site actually hosts comics. Sites that simply provide links to other sites are not actually illegal. However, sites that host or store content are illegal. You can still read comics about them until the law requires them to quit their jobs.

What’s wrong with the scan?

The most common illegal cartoons are scanned images. This is a translated copy that is scanned for transmission to the reader. Also, this is done without the permission of the copyright holder, which means they receive no credit or compensation.

Again, this is a gray area of ​​legitimacy. Although, legally readable, anyone uploading the content could face huge fines if the copyright owner decides to take legal action.

Is it safe to read manga online from free sites?

Yes and no. Ads and pop-ups on free manga sites always run the risk of containing malware. Ideally, don’t click anything other than the manga title itself. Otherwise, problems may arise. Reduce all risks by reducing the amount of ads by using an ad blocker in your browser. Also, protect your users by updating their real-time antivirus software.

Can we download manga from website online?

Yes, but get to the legal site in this case. If you illegally download cartoons, etc. from the Internet, the risk of infection with malware and other viruses is very high. Normally, no action is taken against bootloaders (mostly downloaders), but illegal downloads can result in tracking and fines.

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There is no single site on the internet that has everything to read manga, but a combination of the above will help you find the titles and episodes you’re looking for. Yes, be careful as some sites are not completely legal. However, law websites and subscriptions offer plenty of great reads without risk.

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