Emoji are becoming popular culture and trend in electronic messages. The simple world of messaging has been tarnished because of mobility in our life. These days, people love to express their feelings and emotions using these pictographs known as emoji. Even emoji are widely used in textual messages without texting a single word to other persona.

Combining text and emoji is a cute and funny thing. You can have new and latest emojis to communicate with your friends, followers, family members and colleagues. Add an emoji on your social media platform and win everybody’s heart. With the rise of using emoji for expressing emotions, developers have introduced various emoji apps for iOS and Android users. List of 10 top emoji apps is illustrated below.

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kEmoji Emoji & GIF Keyboard

If you are a newbie with using emoji, this app is definitely for you. It offers a dictionary for beginners to let them learn what emoji means. It is handy to use as it automatically translates your actions or emotions into emoji. It pulls approved emoji from a crowd sourced database. Using this app is easy and simple. Install it on your iPhone and dive straightly into the world of cute emoji expressions. Use one or more emoji in your messaging apps and give a new twist and drama to your expressions.



This app offers you to have your own personal emoji. You can create your own avatar and dress up yourself in whatever the way you want. you can set your own customized background and incorporate stickers on your customized emoji. SnapChat own this app and it is so much fun to play with this app even when you are not texting. Install immediately on Apple App Store and take a full ride on the world of emoji.



Only designed for iMessages, this app can mirror your facial expression with your voice incorporated. This app is an epic in itself as it allows you to use your facial ID on any emoji character. You will surely love this emoji app on your iOS device because it offers you multitude expressions on several creatures and animals. Create your own personal animation and have ultimate amusement.

Emoji Free

Emoji Free – Emoticons Art and Cool Fonts Keyboard

This app is of 28.8 Mb size and is apt for iOS 7.0 or later. This app is available in English, Danish, French and many other languages. This is what makes it more popular. This emoji is simple to use. There is nothing confused about these emoji expressions. With plenty of holiday themed emoji, this app is a heart winning thing you will adore definitely. You can use Emoji Free App on your various messaging apps conveniently. Install this app instantly from your Apple App Store and enjoy playing with cute emoji.


iMoji - Cartoon Avatar Emojis

This app is for iOS 7.0 or later. If you want to have a true emoji fun, then this app will offer you a great help. You can convert your or your friend face into an emoji of your choice. Share your customized emoji and stickers with your friends through messages. You are bound to use its built-in messenger to share your created emoji. But if you love animoji, this app is also likely adorable by you.

5000+emoji – emoji apps for ios

5000+ Emoji

The name itself indicates that with this app, you will have more than 5 thousands emoji in your iPhones. What a huge number of emojis. One will definitely find the best one to communicate the way he feels or express his emotion using one suitable emoji. Frogs, pumpkins, cats, iguanas, wizards and many other sea creatures are there to select within. This app is for free and its new animated 3D emoji with various font styles to create more powerful and impactful messages is a treat in itself. Being a fan of emoji, you will be going to adore this wonderful app on your iPhone.

SMS Rage Faces

SMS Rage Faces - 3000+ Faces and Memes

You can add your own customized emoji within your chat by using unique features of this app. You can also add stickers, memes, celebrities and other illustrations to create your own emoji and play with the art of emoji. If you and your friend want to create memes, then Rage Faces is the ultimate choice. You are offered more than 3000 faces to select within and you will definitely like one that best suits for you. This app is a true fun.

Swiftkey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

This app is although not an emoji app, but it functions like emoji as well. So this app can be considered as emoji app to some extent. When you want to add right smiley face, this app offers you hundreds of images with variant sizes and shapes. Many iOS users use Swiftkey Keyboard App to type their messages because it gives you a wide array of emoji faces.

Emoji> – emoji apps for ios


For every emoji lover, this app is most popular. It has more than 45 million users across the world. It has a huge size of 70MB and is compatible for iOS users. It has got very productive stuff. Packed with hundreds of emoji and stickers for IOS, this app is wonderful emoji app ever made. You can install it on your Apple App Store and play with your favorite emoji characters and expressions.

Moji Maker – emoji apps for ios 

Moji Maker

If you want creativity and fun together, then install Moji Maker App on your iOS devices immediately. This app allows you to create your own custom emojis from limitless number of emojis. Craft your emoji the way you and to express your emotion. Incorporate your favorite text, quote and share it with your friends and family. Its zombie faced emoji is equally popular among teenagers and adults. Playing with this emoji app is a fun and you will definitely like this amazing app on your iPhones or iPads.

These are 10 most top rated emoji apps available on Apple App Store. You can instantly install your favorite emoji app on your iOS device according to its compatibility. Developers are paying attention to create more emoji apps for fun and pleasure of iOS users.

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