Record, Send and Save Animoji on iPhone

Now, you can record, send and save Animoji on iPhone and to all other mobile phones. So, in this article we are going to tell how to do that.

Except from iPhone SE series, Face ID included in every released iPhone from iPhone X. Also, it can recognize that who are you and where are you looking by using an array of scanners. So, these scanners can map your face into emoji with its ID sensors which is quite amazing.

Getting into details what it exactly can do on your iPhone and how to record, send and save Animoji on iPhone. Also, we will see what options it has in third party apps.

What is iPhone Animoji?

Animoji is animated emoji and its animations recorded by using your own face. So, it’s upgraded Snapchat filter with extra potential. Also, Apple uses Face ID scanners to check the fifty plus facial muscle movements. It precisely notes your facial expressions and smiles from your iPhone camera.

You can record the audio alongwith Animoji. So, you can sing, talk or rant or do whatever you want. Many users use Animoji to get the expression and use as iMessage sticker for entertaining conversations.

To get and record Animoji, you will need an iPhone with Truth Depth cam for face ID. Also, you can update the iPhone to get iOS 13 or later. If the person to whom you want to send Animoji has an Android phone, you can still send Animoji as picture or video.

What options iPhone have for Animoji?

Just like emojis, iPhone makers continuously add new features and Animoji to iPhone and through updates of iOS. Now, it has more than twenty Animoji that you can use. However, iPhone does not sort them in types and categories. Main types of Animoji are given below:

  • Mouse, Bear, Shark and many other animals.
  • Unicorn, Dragons and other mythical things.
  • Alien, ghost and other supernatural beings.
  • Many random objects like famous Poop.

Method to send and Save Animoji in Message App.

Messages app of iPhone can access all the Animoji options. So, start the app of messages and click on chat. After that, click the App Store and launch the iMessage App. Then, search for the Memoji icon with focus camera sign like given below. After that, swipe left side to check the Animoji options available. So, position yourself in front of device so that iPhone can detect the expressions.

record send and save animoji on iPhone iOs

Also, swipe right side for the first Animoji, you will see a new emoji button. Memoji works just like Animoji. However, you can change and customize according to your choice.

Static Emoji:

You can also send a static emoji by using expression maping feature. Just swipe the liked emoji, select a face and click on upload. Also, you can use ready made Animoji stickers to record, send and save Animoji.

send animoji on iPhone

Record Animoji:- Save and Send Animoji on iPhone

Just click the record option and get 30 seconds animation then upload it. After upload then send.

Similarly, you can send to third party apps by starting new message thread.

record video memoji


So, these are the methods to record, send and save Animoji on iPhone. We hope that you will understand and use the Animoji easily.

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