Emoji makes your message powerful by adding emotions in it. Now a days you can easily create your own emoji by using below apps and can have fun.

emoji apps for android

Bitmoji – your personal emoji:

Your Personal EmojiBitmoji is one of the most downloaded app right now on plays store with one hundred million plus downloads. The reason behind so much hype is that it can be used with snap chat directly and  Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks Friendmoji, 2 person Bitmojis featuring you and your friends. There is a lot of stuff to make an emoji, like different skin tons and colouring of emoji, eyes and emotions all the stuff you need in an emoji. There is also a direct button which allows  you to use emoji in snap chat or any other social platform


MSQRDA very famous app when it comes to filters for videos.  This app became very common due to its flag filters for sports, people loved it. Because it is easy to capture a video with filter instead of painting your whole face. MSQRD is different from other famous apps like snap chat, because this app has its own filters of many types like; animals and flags for sports. It supports direct sharing so you can share your videos to other social media platforms like face book, Instagram and even its competition snap chat.

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typany emoji keyboard-diy message & photo keyboard:

Typany Emoji Keyboard-DIY Message & Photo KeyboardA very amazing app which people loved not only for one feature but for different features bundled in an app. This app is a keyboard, a messenger which you can use for other messengers, a gif and meme maker but most importantly it is an emoji maker. There are a lot of emoji built in these apps but you can also make new ones easily with this app. There is not so much stuff but more than enough for a casual user and in fact this app is not a pro app so keep this in mind while using it, it is only for fun.

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ZEPETOIt is a 3d app for emoji and character making. The only difference in both is that size of emoji is small and compressed so you can not use avatar or character in place of emoji. This app helps you to create a 3d emoji. This app offers you amazing tools you will require to make a good emoji. The interface of the app is quite interesting and simple to use. The emoji making interface of the app is very understandable you can chose all the features easily you not need to search for them in the app.

Mojipop – my personal emoji keyboard & camera:

MojiPop - My Personal Emoji Keyboard & CameraMojipop is one of the most friendly app you can find on Play Store because of its amazing feature that you can make your picture into an emoji in only two steps, one step you have to take the picture and second step you have to. Just click on the convert button to make your picture in an emoji people love this feature and make their images into emoji, you can also use emoji as a sticker in your simple pictures. And the interface of the app is also very understandable and easy to learn.


SUPERMOJISuper emoji is an app for fun it is not a pro app so you cannot make such detailed and expressionist emoji from it but you can make funny emoji which seems to be very funny in common use. the interface of this app is quite easy and this app especially for kids which wants to make funny emoji and want to send it to their friends. This app directly allows you to Share your emoji on other social media platforms, like snap chat, Facebook and Instagram. you can save your emoji and can use them in your pictures as stickers or avatar.

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Emoji face recorder:

EMOJI Face RecorderA very unique app which provides video and picture mood both. It has a lot of stuff like it captures your face in a live video and convert it into Zebra, Deer, Santa Claus, Octopus, Pig, Unicorn, Panda, Horse, White Bear, Crocodile, Beaver, Leopard, Tiger, Bunny, Bat, Squirrel, Mole, Owl, Opossum, Porcupine, Raccoon, Shark, Lizard, Skunk, Turtle, Wolf and Baby. All these things are in 3d so you can say this work in 3d works perfectly. You can directly share your videos to the all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or snap chat.

Emoji maker – create stickers and memoji :

Emoji Maker - Create Stickers & MemojiAs it is obvious from the name that this app is built specifically for emoji making, you can make emoji by using thousands of facial expressions which are built in this app, there are many emoji which are pre installed in this app, but you can also make your own emoji and you can also make your personal emoji by just clicking your real life pictures and converting them into emoji by just a single click. this app allows you to share your images on WhatsApp or on other social media platforms like face book or whats app.

bitmoji your 3d avatar emoji:

Bemoji | Your 3D Avatar EmojiBeMoji is a very unique app which provides you 3d emoji emoji and 3d avatar. It can convert your images into 3D emoji or make your own emoji by using thousands of facial expressions pre installed in this app. This app has a very unique feature that you can store the emoji in the app itself. Your 3D emoji can be used anywhere like 2D image emoji. This app has a premium version which provides you a lot more features than the basic version, but with the basic version, you can also do a lot of things.

Create emoji:

Create Emojily - Emoji Keyboard Cute EmoticonsCreate emoji is an amazing app because it contains a lot of pre-installed stuff which is exclusive for this app and you can use it in your emoji as it is or can alter them they are completely customizable it has a lot of its own emoji but you can also make your emoji by using a thousands of tools which are built in this app. you can share your images on other social media platform directly through this app. this app has a keyboard which allows you to use your emoji in  messages.

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All the apps above are based on rating and people’s choice. These are the best app you can find give them a try.

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