With the launch of every new iOS device, some new features are being introduced by Apple to create more fun and entertainment for its users. Apple has opened new horizons for developers to create new stickers apps to make messaging a real fun experience.

iOS sticker packs including many cartoon characters, memes and animated characters to use. You can add any sticker in your message to make it eye catching and heart winning. Old emoji and text messaging has opted new shapes with iMessages apps. You are offered a huge library of animated stickers, GIFs, and several font styles and sizes to add fun to your messaging experience.

Among various iOS cartoon stickers apps, we have selected 10 top rated sticker apps for iOS users. They are:


Grumply - Penguin Stickers

This iOS sticker apps is consisted of clumsy looking penguins; perhaps that’s why it is named as Grumply. Using this app is a real fun because you are offered more than 60+ cute looking grumpy penguins. This sticker app will be a heart winning for every one as its funny penguin does everything you and I do. Even one of the stickers show grumpy penguin sitting in loo! Download this app from your Apple App Store and take a fun ride with adorable and munchkin looking penguin. They are entertaining and most loved cartoon stickers app by iOS users.

Cookie monster stickers

Cookie Monster Stickers

Install this sticker app on your iPhones or iPads from your Apple App Store and give a new twist to your messaging. Leave using old fashioned emoji and place any Cookie monster sticker on your message. You have more than 60 cookie monster stickers to choose within. Using this sticker pack is indeed a real feast in itself. Paste any selected sticker in your conversation and share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms.

Pizza Friend

Pizza Friend

Loved by all, this amazing sticker app has more than 30 wonderful animated stickers. Having one slice pizza face, you can share any of one or more stickers with your friends, family and others. You can express your emotions like hug, pity, fear, horror, surprise, disturbing through your Pizza Friend sticker app. It is free to download from Apple App Store.



It is available only for iPhones and iPads on Apple App Store, this sticker app is a fun to play with. Among many cat featuring stickers, KleptoCats app is amazing and most wonderful. This pack of stickers combines emotions and cuteness together to give your messaging a new dimension. Nap, cuddle, hunger and many other emotions can be expressed using cat character of this sticker pack. The one who adores cats will definitely going to like this funny stickers app on his/her iOS device.

SMS Rage Faces

SMS Rage Faces - 3000+ Faces and Memes

This sticker app is specifically designed for your iPhones or iPads to give a new life to your messaging expedition. You can create hilarious and funny messages using a sticker from SMS Rage Faces App. It will break the tiredness and monotony of your old looking messages. So you are definitely going to amuse with this beautiful app. You can use your own face and memes as well to create a quick message. With thousands of emoji stickers and many sticker faces, you can make your messaging a true fun.

Buzz Bees

Buzz Bees

One of the simplest sticker apps on your iOS device with expressions to show as many emotions as you want. Add any tiny bee sticker in your message and share it with your friends and followers on social media. You can use these stickers in your posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Simple yet elegant looking, bee creatures are amazing fun thing.

Pun Palls – Cartoon Sticker Apps for IOS

Pun Pals Stickers Punny App

If you love vibrant colors, this App is for you. This app has so many fun and colorful stickers that you can add in your conversation. You are select animal puns in your messages and can make your conversation so much fun and play. These animal stickers really boost up one’s mood. You will find using these stickers really awesome. Install this iOS messaging sticker packs and have fun with your friends. Simply add one of these 27 stickers in your conversation or just sent it right away to your friend just by tapping one of the stickers.



This sticker app for ios has more than 70 stickers to play with. History in this sticker app will entertain your friends and foes equally. 50 historical faces inn this sticker pack express your mood reflections and swings. You are bound to like this sticker app for ios because it offers a delightful treat to you and your friends with whom you share your expressions.

Pusheen animated stickers

Pusheen Animated Stickers

Any Facebook user must know the grey furry cat known as Pusheen. This adorable cat is surely loved by you and your friends. This cat allows you to express your subtlest mood swings and you can share your emotions with your friends and followers. These animated stickers are so much adorable and irresistible to use. Place any sticker in your conversation and amuse others by these adorable stickers. It is for free to install on your iPhones and iPads from Apple App Store.

WWF Origami

WWF Origami

This Cartoon sticker app for ios is inspired by WWF Together App. This sticker pack has some very amazing animals’ origami. You can place any wildlife sticker in your conversation and amuse your friends. All stickers are epitome of creativity and look so cute and beautiful even though they are very less in numbers. These stickers are static as well as moving. So using these stickers to inspire your loved ones is a proper delight.


Above mentioned top 10 cartoon sticker apps are available for free on your iOS devices. You can install one or more sticker packs app on your device and use these cute and funny stickers in your conversation. Share your chat with your loved ones on Facebook, WhatsApp, and SnapChat and feel the true pleasure while messaging each other.

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