It is fun to add cartoon stickers in images or in multi media messages. Here are some apps for you to create your own custom cartoon sticker. Cartoon Sticker app are addictive, once you fall into love with these crazy apps stickers generators, you will be amazed. They add woo factor into your conversations. You are able to better express yourself using these stickers sometimes. Cartoon stickers add more value your content, explain your feelings very well in the chats.

Mirror emoji keyboard and sticker maker:

Emoji Keyboard & Sticker MakerMirror emoji keyboard is not an ordinary keyboard because it contains some extra features like emoji making, sticker making and smileys making. In department of stickers making this app contains a hundreds of pre installed cartoons stickers which you can also alter for you use, but if you want to make a custom cartoon stickers you will be provided will all needed tools and features. You can use your custom cartoon sticker in your keyboard or in your pictures, you can also use them on other social media platforms like Facebook, whats app and Snapchat etc.

Mojipop – my personal emoji keyboard and camera:

MojiPop - My Personal Emoji Keyboard & CameraThis app is a little but different and there  are two reasons behind this one is that this app has its own built in keyboard and 2nd this app has an amazing feature of converting real images into stickers, they look like real images but they are stickers in size and adjustment. The interface of the app is quite simple and interesting in view and very smooth in usage. This app has a built in keyboard which has built in stickers and also your custom stickers, and you can use them from there or can share them through app to other platforms.

Sticker maker:

Sticker MakerAs it is obvious from the name that this app is specially made for sticker generation. You can create stickers easily in this app because this app has a great no of tools which you only need for sticker making like background removal, size adjustment and colour tune etc. This app not only allows you to alter the built in smileys like most apps but also allows you to draw a stickers and show your skills on this app. The interface of app is not bad in looks and gives you a very smooth experience in terms of usage.

Sticker maker – my personal stickers:

Make Personal StickersIt is obvious from the name that this app is specially made for sticker making. In this app, you can easily make your custom stickers or you can change your photo into a sticker you just have to take your photo and put some features on it to convert it into a sticker for making a custom sticker, you can make a sticker of any shape any size. And any category whichever you want. The interface of the app is quite similar to other apps, but very easy to understand and you can easily learn about every tool of the app. You can use your stickers through your keyboard.

Sticker make for WhatsApp:

Sticker Make for WhatsAppThis app got hype in a very few time on google play store it has a five million plus downloads and a very good rating of 4.6 out of 5. This app is famous because it changes your face into a sticker, you have to take your photo and then have to remove background and put some features on your face and it will automatically give it a cartoonish look and you can use that custom sticker through your keyboard or you can use it on any platform. But if you want to draw your own custom sticker, you can also do that but with some restrictions.

Momentcam – cartoon and stickers:

Cartoons & StickersThis app does not make stickers directly, but you can make emoji which you can convert into sticker by adjusting their size according to your need, this app makes Custom face stickers, which means it will convert your face into a sticker, you just have to take your photo and this app will automatically convert your face into a sticker, you can also change some features of your face when it becomes a sticker, you can use that sticker in your keyboard or on any other social media platform. The interface of the app is understandable and easy to learn.

Cartoon Sticker maker App for whats app:

Sticker Maker for WhatsAppSome people think after listening the name of this app that this app only make sticker for WhatsApp, but that’s not the truth you can use stickers of this app on any other platform and even in multimedia messages. This app has pre installed stickers, which you can alter or can use as it is in the app if you want to make your face a sticker you just have to import image from your gallery and after that this app will automatically change your face into a sticker. There are some features which this app only provides like text on stickers in different languages or outlining on stickers.

Sticker maker ( viko and co.) – Sticker apps

Sticker makerThere is only one thing which make this app unique and the thing is that this app can make any image a sticker. This app allows you to free cut any picture or anything even a meme and you can convert that thing into a sticker. People mostly use this app to make any custom character or a meme a sticker and then use it in multimedia messaging or on different chat platforms. The interface of the app is quite easy and you can learn it in a few minutes. You can directly share your content to other social media platforms easily through this app.

Google Play download button - CARTOON GAMES APP FOR ANDROID


We moji – sticker apps for whats app:

WhatsApp Sticker MakerIn our opinion this app has the best editor in all of the other apps for making stickers because in other apps you can only make stickers or can alter some features on the stickers, but in this app you have a editor, you can even change every little detail on the sticker which make this app very flexible and reliable. Even you can make anything a sticker by free cutting it in this app. You can add text on this stickers in any language you want or you can put multi photos on a sticker and make it look awesome. The interface of the app is not so much confusing but not so much easy to use you should have some experience of editing to handle this app.

Sticker studio: (Sticker apps)

Sticker StudioThis app is a very efficient app because it contains all the main features combined in one place of all the famous apps like free cutting, outlining 9f  stickers and bordering of the stickers and a very big feature of making your face a sticker you can easily do that in this app. This app has sport of Google keyboard and WhatsApp, so you will not face any difficulty using stickers on any other place you can also share your stickers on any other social media platform, like Facebook, WhatsApp or snap chat. The interface of the app is not so much difficult to use you will easily learn all the features and tools in a very few times.

All these apps are based on people’s choice and rating. We love to hear from you back, which app you use from the above list and install it. Please share your thoughts in the comments. Cheers!!!


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