Cartoons are one of the best memories of one’s childhood and its fun to make cartoons no matter you are a artist or not. Here are the apps for every one who loves to make cartoon on casual or pro level. You can make professional level cartoons in these apps. Cartoon maker apps take very little time to get expert.

Comic and cartoon maker:

comics and cartoon makerThis app does not let you draw a cartoon like professional apps with a brush and pencil. But it creates a cartoon of yours, you just have to import your picture from the gallery to this app and this app will automatically convert your image in to a cartoon, it will provide you a cartoonist look which you can change by applying different cartoon filters and can adjust their brightness, colour and tune. This app is meant to be easy to use and it is easy. The interface is quite simple you just have to do two to three steps to get into the app and create your cartoon.

Sketchbook – draw and paint:

SketchBook - draw and paintThis app has specially focus on sketching and sketching is the heart of every painting and drawing. So if you want to draw a cartoon You will get a perfect sketch of the cartoon from this app because you will get every tool to draw your sketch of cartoon and this app is not only limited to sketching you can also paint your cartoon with brushes and different tools this app provide you for that, you can also make new colours and brushes for your need. The interface of the app is customizable you can adjust shortcuts to your screen. And can. Adjust different things according to your need you can directly share your content to other places.

pixel studio – animation maker:

Pixel art editorPixel studio is one of the fastest and flexible art editor in the Play Store right now. There are a lot of feature which make it unique some of its features are shaped tool, gradient tool, tile mode for mark textures, tile brushes, Dot pen, text tool, pixel art, onion skin, mini map and so many other. This app is a heavy app, so you should have minimum 2gb of RAM in your device to use this app otherwise it will stuck and maybe possible it doesn’t work in your Device. The interface of the app is not so complex but you have to learn some of it before use it.

Ibis paint x:

ibis Paint XIBIS paints is a professional app, it’s a very versatile and popular drawing app on play store, it is so popular that it is downloaded forty five million times in a series. It contains a lot of material like seven hundred fonts. And three hundred twelve bushes, eight fore filters, six screen tones, twenty seven blending models. Over twenty five thousand other materials. It records all your drawing process, so you can undo and redo. It has a stabilization feature which maintains your balance of drawing. The main concept of this app is to make this app a fully functional and smooth app.

Medibang paint – drawing:

MediBang Paint - drawingMedibang has 10 million plus downloads on Play Store right now and there is a reason behind this and that is this app has a great number of creative tools in it and one example is that it has one thousand brushes at a time and you can customize all of them according to your need. The interface of the app is especially designed for the smartphone, so if you are a smartphone user this app is for you. You can draw a cartoon easily. This app allows to share your content with just a single click.

Adobe illustrator draw:

Adobe Illustrator DrawAdobe illustrator draw is one of the most famous app because it the Winner of the Tabby Award for Creation, Design and editing. this app is also editors choice on google play store. Reason behind award winning is its awesome features like zoom up to 64x to apply finer details, sketch with five different pen tips with adjustable opacity, work with multiple image and layers, rename, duplicate, merge and adjust each individual layer, insert basic shape stencils or new vector shapes from Capture, send an editable native file to Illustrator or a PSD to Photoshop that automatically opens on your desktop. These amazing features makes this app best.

Art rage – Cartoon Maker Apps

ArtRage Draw, Paint, CreateThis app is famous for its best features and tools some of them are Natural painting tools include Oil Brush, Water colour, Palette Knife, Paint roller, Paint tube. Sketching & Drawing Tools include airbrush, ink pen, felt pen, Pencil, wax / chalk pastel, eraser. Utility Tools include Flood Fill, Colour Sampler. Special Effect Tools include Glitter Tube, Gloop Pen. Tool settings reflect natural properties like paint thickness or pencil softness. Tools can apply texture and blend under the digital brush. Store your own favorite settings as custom pre sets. Canvas texture can be adjusted to create coarse surfaces, smooth papers, and more. Supports the Samsung S-Pen for expressive variation in strokes. S-Pen side button support for colour sampling.

Artflow – Cartoon Maker Apps

ArtFlow: Paint Draw SketchbookArt flow is one of the most realistic professional apps yet it is very simple but very powerful app it is because it contains a lot of professional features in simpler manner one of its features is that this app supports touch sensitivity, which means if you are using a stylus or a s pen. This app will detect how much pressure you apply to draw a line or something on the device, but for this. The device should also support touch sensitivity feature . This feature gives you so much realistic feeling while drawing and making sticker.

Flipaclip – Cartoon Maker Apps

FlipaClip: Cartoon animationThis app is a fully professional app for making cartoons, cartons stories and comics for making cartoons this app has a great number of tools like pencils, brushes, colours and so much other stuff. This app also supports touch sensitivity and  also supports  all type of stylus which is available in the market But for touch sensitivity feature your device should also have touch sensitive feature. The interface of the app is totally professional and you can fully customize shortcuts and other things to your front screen while drawing. You can also share your content with just a single click to other social media apps and With other people.

These apps are used by thousands of people and they love it you should also give them a try. Share your thoughts with us, We will love to hear it from you.


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