Story telling is an art. When you draft a story on a paper, its quiet difficult to share your feeling and context of the wording. And when you draw a story, it comprehensively explain all the minor details you are referring from your feelings and emotions. In the post we use computers to draw stories but now as most of the artistic work can be performed on your smartphone devices, So Best cartoon App presenting you top story maker apps for android. Some of them are so equip with tools like you drafting a Hollywood level cartoon series on them. But for Regular android users or artists they are as good as they require. Lets Digg into them (top Cartoon Story Maker Apps).

Every character is meaningless if does not has a background story or any story or comic. So here are some awesome app for you to make your own story.

Toontastic 3d

cartoon story generator apps for androidToontastic 3d is an amazing Cartoon Maker story app. It makes 3d stories of the cartoon. You do not have to draw each frame by yourself you can use the advance animation tool to move you character in a scene which reduces a lot of work and looks amazing. This app won parent’s choice award. This app has an amazing rating on google play store from many big sources like common sense media. The interface of the app is very smooth and interesting in term of usage not so much complexion in using the tools. You can directly share your content through the app.

Cartoon comic strip maker

Cartoon Comic Strip MakerThis app is a storyboard teller it is not a video storyteller, so this app makes comics instead of 3d moving objects and characters like other apps. You can not add audio or speech to the story, but you can add text to the pictures of the comics. Some people takes it wrongly that comics and animation storytelling is different both are storytelling and both are equal. The interface of the app is very smooth and reliable and you will not get any difficulty while drawing your comic. You can share your comics directly from the app.

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Anitales make story

Make Story app androidIs not a professional app, this app is for kids and for fun. This app is specially made for the kids who want to express their feelings and emotions by cartoons or want to be creative. Making cartoon is an art but making a story of them is creativity. You can provide this app to your kid to enhance and polish their creativity. You can provide it to every kid  who loves drawing or do it as a hobby. The interface of the app is quite good and amazing for the kids to learn new things like how to make a sentence and new words.

Plotagon story – Story Maker App

build cartoon Story androidThis is the best app if you are not a professional artist and want to create a fully professional animated scene. You just have to do a few steps, first you have to write a script or text what you want for a character to say, second you have to make the character, third you have to select a background from the app and after all this you just have to press play button and in a few seconds your whole scene will be created you can create different scenes to make a full story. By combining all these scenes you make. All the process like moving  of mouth and expressions is done by the app.

Flipaclip – Cartoon Story Maker

Cartoon animationThis app is one of the most famous app on the Play Store right now with the 10 million plus downloads and a very awesome rating. The reason behind this is its amazing feature and uniqueness, the uniqueness is that this app usually sets a contest for artist where they can show their content which they made on this app and can win prizes. Except all this there are hundred of tools for story boarding and cartoon story making. You can make animated videos or comic type stories both are available on this app the interface so app is quite easy to understand and you can learn with few steps.

Pics art animator: gif and video

PicsArt Animator GIF & VideoFrom a very long time pics art is a well known editing and creating app. Pics art is famous for its amazing features some of its feature you should know are   use of animated stickers and add of  customized movement, drawing of frame-by-frame animations, use of  animation timeline to scroll through frames, duplicate, insert, delete frames, drawing with advanced drawing and sketching tools, use of multiple layers for complex animations, control of animation length and speed, save animations as video or GIF and share to social networks like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, record sounds and voice overs for your animations.

Stop motion studio – Story Maker App

Stop Motion StudioThis app is indirectly a cartoon story generating app this app one of the best editor you can find on Play Store for story making. If you have frames of cartoons and you want to combine them to make a story this app is the best you can bring them into the app and can make a story then you can make a voice over or can make a lot of edits like colours, tuning and all the pro editing skills you have you can apply it on the story through this app. The interface of the app is a little bit confusing but ok for pro users.

Draw cartoon 2 – Android Story Maker

Draw CartoonsThis is one of the best apps you can find on Play Store to make a animated videos. This app has 10 million plus downloads right now on the Play Store and a very good rating. This app makes animated video with the help of key frames you have to set the movements of characters and the background  to make a scene. You can create a story by combining all these scenes. This is a professional app so you should have the knowledge how to create a scene and movement of animation characters. This app has a huge library of built-in characters for you so you can choose them or can make your own.

Pixel studio – Cartoon Story Maker Apps

Art Animation MP4 GIFWhenever you launch something new there is always some old school people who wants that thing in an old way, so this app is for them. This Cartoon Story Maker App make animated videos in 8-bit style pixel like you have seen in old TVs, you can see the each pixel, so in this app you make a scene and a story In pixel animated scene. This is very easy to draw it does not look so modern and good but this is something different and people love it. If you are making something for a school project or for fun this is something which will make your work unique and different.

Stick nodes – Cartoon Story Maker Apps

Stick Nodes: Stickman AnimatorStick man characters are very famous nowadays, you have seen so many games, animated videos and Movies of stick man characters, this app is also a stick man production. It is a stick man animated app, you can draw an animated videos with stick man characters in it, This Cartoon Story Maker Apps does not allows you to make any other character, except stick man, you can customize your stick man characters, like how you want to make it? But you cannot make any other type of character. You have to draw the movement of the character frame by frame and you can also add audio and speech to your animation to make it real.

All these Cartoon Story Maker Apps are based on people’s choice and rating. Best Cartoon App will share more apps related to this category, if you are interested, do let us know in the comments. Also check above awesome android apps and tell me how you rate them.


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