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Stories delight every one of us and the following collection of stories apps have much more than simply an opportunity to read stories. If you have a knack for writing, you can also share your stories with others. Moreover, you come across a great majority of people who have the same interests as you have. Hence this fine collection of story apps also helps you build your own circle of online friends. Much of the content on these apps is children-specific. Yet it can also interest adults who love to read classic moral stories which are available in abundance on almost all these apps.


tell a story to kids

Webtoon is a platform for all those who have a story to tell to a vast majority of people around the world. There are storytellers of all age groups whereas for stories there are diverse genres such as romance, comedy, action, fantasy, horror and even more. If you still don’t have something special to share with others then read what others have shared on Webtoon canvas. Webtoon is accessible to everyone and anytime. Currently the users of this fantastic app are more than 50 million.

Free Stories, Audio stories and Books – Pratilipi

stories, books, poems, articles, magazines, novels, essays

This free story app has a lot to impress the reader and writers! It provides you access to a huge number of stories in twelve Indian languages. Through this unique app, you have an access to 85+ Lakh readers and 1.5+ Lakh writers! Pratilipi comprises not only stories but the entire library stuff such as books, poems, articles, magazines, novels and essays. This is a virtual library for kids especially to keep them engaged with a very positive activity in their spare time!

A home of English and Hindi classics and audiobooks! The stuff here is absolutely free to read and listen and the app also allows download of eBooks in eBook in epub, mobi or txt formats. The app comes with options to customize the font size of the texts and also change the style, background, line spacing to make your reading easier. To access books easily, they have been placed in different categories and each book is further linked with its audio version.

Fairy Tales ~ Children’s Books, Stories and Games

Fairy Tales is a kid reading app with interactive mini games and fairy tales

Designed especially to delight kids with very interesting stories displaying fully narrated and animated characters. The app also offers them interactive mini games! There is a considerable range of fairy tales and bedtime stories available on this wonderfully crafted app. You can find here traditionally popular kids stories such as Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Ugly Duckling and great Aesop’s Fables along with the new stuff. The app features two modes “Read to Me,” and “Read it Myself”.

Baby Shark Best Kids Songs & Stories

1,000 videos featuring Pinkfong, Baby Shark, nursery rhymes, cars, ABCs, numbers

This app comes with 100% Kids safe content and is packed with excellent educational and entertaining content for kids of all ages. It provides you access to 1,000 classic videos of stories and nursery rhymes which help kids to draw images and learn alphabet and numbers. The videos are available in several international languages and can also be watched offline. The videos are free from ads and are made with HD graphics and feature lovely characters.

Best Kids Stories: bedtime +

Stories will be updated, so don’t miss the latest updates

Another unique app with so many interesting stories and funny cartoon characters to make kids happy and engage and ignite their academic interests! It provides them access to most popular stories that include classics such as Aesop’s fables and bedtime fairytales etc. The stories have been especially simplified to kids understanding and made interactive with animated and adorable characters. Videos can easily be downloaded and watched offline too.

English Stories Offline

500+ moral stories for kids in multiple categories with moral lessons.

English Stories Offline is offers access to more than 500+ best stories in numerous categories. These stories are especially remarkable for their moral and motivational lessons which have a great positive effect of kids’ thinking and behaviour. The stories are available in fourteen different categories which can interact kids of all ages. The app is free and allows you to read stories offline too.

English Story with audios – Audio Book

stories with transcription and audio.

This nice app is to provide you with English stories with text and audio. This combination can serve a dual purpose of both entertainment and education. If you are not a native English speaker, you can help your kids learn English with the help of this app. Give them transcript of stories and let them listen to the audio. It will be enormously helpful for them to develop their listen comprehension and learn to speak English.

Bedtime Stories for kids

 incredibly popular game series Bedtime stories! This time, free educational kids games

This app is specially meant to read Bedtime stories! No subscription is required to download the app. In this app, you have kids’ educational games too to make your little one happy. The dreamy bedtime stories take kids into their imaginary wonderland and help them enjoy a sound sleep. This app also comes with a special type of game, Lullaby which is meant for both boys and girls. The characters in stories and games are funny and kids enjoy their pranks a lot.

1000 English Stories

read speaks daily good stories

This app is a home of 1000 best and enlightening English stories which will inspire all kids. This free app allows you to download stories and read them offline. You can also upload your own stories and provide others the opportunity to read stories written by you. It will prove a fine collaborative experience for kids and it will engage them in a very positive activity and will develop their reading and writing skills.

Nearly all kids love cartoon stories and some of them even like to write them. This collection of adorable cartoon stories apps offers both these opportunities to kids. They can read stories of multiple categories including the classic Aesop Tales and bedtime fairytales or stories of their famous cartoon characters. The content in these apps is kids safe and has educational value too. Certainly these stories apps will benefit and delight your kids the most.

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