We are living in a world where everything has become digitalized and things are controlled by our fingers’ little movement. There are lots of technological innovations which has made a number of daily tasks easier for us. These developments have also revolutionized entertainment opportunities for kids and adults alike. By swiping right or left or tapping on the screens of our mobiles, we can do today wonderful things which were not possible only a decade before.

One such impressive development is the introduction of picture animation apps that have opened new horizons of creativity. Now you can effortlessly convert your favorite photo into any caricature or cartoon of your choice.

Apps developers have put a lot of effort in introducing some amazing cartoon story apps for iOS users. By downloading these wonderful cartoon apps, you can create simplest as well as most complex cartoon story on your desired topic in whatever the way you want. Here we go with 10 most popular cartoon story apps for iOS users.

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D IOS

It is an award winning app that allows you to turn your favorite photos or characters into cartoons. You are allowed to give life to your cartoon story by recording your own voice in background or you can even play music behind your cartoon story. With so many built-in features, Toontastic 3D is a wonderful app of iOS platform. You can easily install it from Apple App store.

With its amazing storytelling feature, students narrate their stories through animation. It is the best help kids can ever find to sharpen their creative knack and scribe stories. Many educators have also been benefited from this app along with their students who find it a wonderful learning tool.

PicsArt Animator

PicsArt Animator - GIF & Video

Create your own cartoon story by installing PicArt on your iPhone or iPad. This app is specifically designed for professionals. Its unique feature allows you to create frame by frame. You can use play mode to see animation timeline. By using its multi layering feature, you can even draw complex cartoon story and can control its length and speed. You will surely adore this wonderful cartoon story app with its so many unique features to experiment with.

Animation Desk

Create animations and cartoons

One of the most heart winning apps on Apple App Store is Animation Desk. It is free to use plus you can easily draw your cartoon story using your favorite photos, images and videos. With availability of 45 brushes, you can draw your story in any form. Import your animated video and make your cartoon story in layers.

I can Animate

Stop Motion Animation

If you are a beginner and do not have knowledge of drawing cartoon story, this app is the ultimate solution. Use it for fun and enlighten your creativity in whatever form you want. Add its real-life frame onto your captured video and get amused yourself. You can use its editor options such as copy, paste, undo, delete to draw a picture perfect cartoon story of your choice. There is also a lite version of the same available.


Draw, Animate & Share Videos

This iOS app is for free and helps improving and duplicating old flipbook style animations. Professionals draw unique cartoon stories by using this app as it allows them to polish their storytelling skills. Along with kids, you can also use this app if you have any interest in drawing cartoon stories. This app would surely revive your childhood memories. Supporting all formats to import or export the animated content, this app offers you to use customized canvas. For its idea features, this app is a winner for sure.

Animoto: Social Video Editor

This is also one of the best cartoon story apps on iOS platform. Use its features to make animations containing beautiful videos and music playing in background. With your cartoon story, you can win the hearts of your audiences.

Professional Stories Creator

You can easily combine text, video, music and images into one beautiful cartoon story to amuse and educate your audience. Use its unique features to share your content on social media platforms. Its huge built-in music library and 50 video styles help you to create your desired cartoon story. Use this app to create video newsletters, fund raising videos and marketing videos.


Draw frame-by-frame animation

Download this app from your Apple App Store and take the delight in creating an animation with your hands. It never offers you to use pen or brush to draw your cartoon story. It offers various video and audio options for professionals so that they can draw unlimited number of layers into their animation. Custom brushes are available to make storytelling a real fun experience.

Stop Motion Studio

Let's Make a Movie

This is another most popular cartoon story app for iOS users. With this app, you can make slow motion video. You can draw any stop making video. It allows you to use various editor options to make animation a super easy thing. Its overlay mode, integrated mode and grid mode offers you to create unique content. You will surely like to download this simple iOS App on your smartphone.


Stop motion to GIF, MP4

You can share your favorite animation with your friends and family using this iOS App. You can easily download this app from Apple App Store or you can purchase its premium version. Both editions are a true pleasure seeking experience. You will love this perfect app. Android version of the same is also available.

Animation Amino for MAP

CHAT with other animators, make new friends, and collaborate

You can chat with strangers by using this amazing app. With this app, you can easily draw your favorite animations and share your cartoon story with your friends, family and others. Even if you do not have any expertise in creating animations, this app offers you free tutorial to learn from. Use them and create your desired cartoon story. Combine fun and knowledge together and increase your fan following.

With top 10 cartoon story apps, you can easily draw the attention of your audiences by making some exclusive content. Incorporate images, videos and music by using any of the above apps to make some extraordinary cartoon stories to educate your fans and friends.


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