There are a lot of reasons behind sharing Cartoon Video Apps for IOS. Some people make animations on the go on their iphones or IPADs as a hobby while some make for fun, some are professional and some are just trying. No matter what you are following are the best apps on which you can give life to your dreams.

Toontastic 3D iphone cartoon apps

Toontastic is a 3d app and one of the very unique apps out there in the market. This app allows you to move your character or cartoons around the whole area of your story without any restrictions and with all that you can also record your voice to give animation a life. This cartoon video app has so many built-in features and thing like songs and cartoons which you can use in your animation in addition to your own animations. This app got A+ and editors choice on apple play store. This app has also won the 2017 bolognaragazzi digital award.

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Picsart – Cartoon Video App


Moving to some professional apps pics art animator is one of those apps which are used by professionals. Cartoon video app has so many great and unique features like having frame magnets and frame duplication which saves a lot of time of content maker. It also has complex animation and multi layers for professionals. You can also control animation length and speed with this app. This app also allows you to make animated selfies which is an extra but useful feature when you have to make a cartoon of yourself. This app can also add music to your animation.

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Storyboard Animator


Storyboard animator is one of the most famous apps out there in the apple app store it is compatible with almost all Apple products use for animation especially Ipad. This app allows you to create each cartoon frame by yourself and then you can arrange all the frames and combine them to make an can set timing and SFX of each panel according to your project and you can also write dialogues. You can get your project in different formats like PDF, images or HTML. This app is great for those who love to draw and sketch.

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I can animate

cartoon apps for iphone

I can animate is one of the top animation apps out in the market and this is because this app is specially built for beginners and normal people. This app has a great feature which allows you to capture any frame of video using your device camera and add a real-life frame in your animation. It also helps you if you allow this app to automatically adjust white balance, focus and exposure. It also has onion skinning so you can compare your last frame with the fresh one and can better your frame or can relate with your old frame.

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Animation Desk

Animation Desk iSO

This is the most rated app on the apple play store with 6.1k ratings. This app is famous due to its unique features like controlling the fps according to your need and playing your animation backwards if you want. It also allows you to play your animation in loops which saves a lot of time. This app also allows you to import and export your files in a lot of formats and resolutions, unlike other apps. This app alsoprovides onion skinning but only on i pad. You can also use this app to make GIFs.

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Stop Motion Studio

app store cartoons

This app includes a lot of interesting and exciting features like AppRecap. This app is very famous among apple users because it can be used by both beginners and professionals. For normal people, this app is fun to play with. For the professional, this app contains a lot of pro features like giving pros full camera control with auto or manual control over shutter speed, iso, exposure, focus and white balance. You can also use another device as a remote camera so you can do adjustments while having a separate screen to look whats going on.

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Cartoon Animation

FlipaClip – Cartoon Video Apps for IOS

Flipaclip is an animation app whose developers are visual blasters  LLC. They claim that this app will relieve your childhood and if you are a professional it will work according to your skills and will also help you to improve and polish your skills. This app allows apple pencil which all the content makers use to make their content because of its touch-sensitivity feature. This app also allows you to make and use custom canvas up to a particular size 1920 × 1920. It also supports all famous formats for import and export.

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RoughAnimator – animation app:

animation apps for ios devices

The main motto of this app is to draw animation with your hands instead of using a pen or brush. This gives a whole new experience for the content makers, of course,you will not get the same results but for fun it’s amazing. For professionals, this app also contains a lot of features like adding unlimited numbers of layers to make an animation with video and audio. It also has adjustable exposure length of individual animation, for pose to pose or straight – ahead animation. This app also has custom brushes for the professionals so no worries about that.

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Animation Amino for: MAP

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This app has one of the great and famous features which are that you can chat with other content makers with animations. You can make your own platform here in which you have your followers and fan following to see your content and appreciate you. Making an animation in every message will improve your speed and skills. If you are a beginner this app also provides tutorials on every stage of animation creation. You can also get the latest news about animation and updates all in this app. You can also vote for your favorite projects so they get some appreciation.

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Animation pro – Cartoon Video Apps for IOS

desktop-class frame-by-frame animation app ios

Animation pro does not have so many rating on the apple app store but it is one the best app every pro will recommend you and that’s because of its amazing and crazy features like adjustable pivot points, the ability to easily re-position items, specify the fill color of circles, copy-paste feature, adjustable size and resolution feature, optional display of figure and handles, dynamic grid for better sizing and so many other features. This app also allows you to put audio through Bluetooth. This app also allows you to play animation when the app is running to motivate yourself.


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Hopefully these Cartoon Video Apps for IOS will help you to learn and improve your skills and if you are a pro no worries you can use them too.



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