Drawing is one the most favorite hobby of every childhood. Here we bring top cartoon apps for IOS to you to enjoy and relieve your childhood.


paint on iphone

Procreate is an exclusive I pad app which is powerful enough for pros. This app has ultra high definition canvases up to 16k on I pad pro 12.9″ 10.5″. This app is perfect if you use apple pencil to make cartoons. This app also contains 3D touch for pressure sensitive painting. This app has a great response time. This app has a great no of undo and redo almost 250 levels. Engine of this app is 64 bit and colour is also 64 bit. This app comes with auto save so you will never lose work.

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Affinity designer – CARTOON APP FOR IOS

design on iphone

Affinity designer is another awesome app if you use apple pencil for your digital drawing. This app supports both colour formats CMYK and the most common RGB. A wide variety of brushes, styles, paints, inks, pencils, pastels, gouaches are found in this app. This app exports your final project in almost all famous and common formats like JPG, PNG and PDF etc. This app is directly connected to the I cloud and saves your current work there so you can start your work anywhere on any device with the help of a decent internet connection.

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Adobe illustrator Draw

Adobe Draw ISO

This app is best if you make detailed images because this app supports zoom up to x64 in which you can see every minor detail of your content. Adobe draw comes with five different pen tips and all the tips have various customization. This app is also connected to the internet so you can open and save your project anywhere on any iOS device in adobe illustrator draw.  Adobe supports full layer feature like its desktop mode. This app is specially optimized for apple pencil so if you use apple pencil you will feel great experience with this app.

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 paint on iOS

ArtRage is a fully developed drawing and painting app. ArtRage has the ability to customize tools according to your needs like making custom brushes and layout tools. App developers claim that this app has the most advanced simulation of real point on IOS. The best simulation can be seen in oil paints, you feel so real when oil paints work like real. ArtRage also supports 3D touch which is a great feature for every drawing app. Apple pencil is also supported for pressure  and tilt. This app also has a wide range of layer blend modes.

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Ibis paint X

drawing app IOS

This app holds a position in most downloaded apps with 35 million downloads on app store. This app has a crazy no of features like 2100 materials,  990 fonts, which provides 142 brushes, 37 filters, 46 screen tones, 27 blending modes and so many other features. If you are a beginner don’t worry there are thousand tutorial videos out there on YouTube, and we have a list of top video cartoon apps for IOS HERE. It also has SNS feature which helps you to learn drawing and shading perfectly. Like pro apps this app also allows you to add as many layers you want  there is no limit for that.

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Medibang paint for Ipad

free digital painting software

Medibang is one off the most famous drawing apps on app store and reason behind it is its easy to understand friendly interface. this app has a great features for beginners which help them to draw a sketch of a picture by placing a duplicate copy beneath it. This app is connected with I cloud and provides you  an online platform where you can work with other online artists or your friends . mostly people use it for group projects where they can work as a team from their places.

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Linea sketch

Sketching apps for iphone

Linea is one of those apps which are famous for their crazy no of features. Linea has some of great features like zip line, elegant layers, minimal UI, grid and templates, flexible exporting which means you can export your final project in any formats  you want this app exports in almost all famous formats. This app also supports apple pencil which is an essential feature for today technology. This cartoon app for IOS has great gesture which allows you to undo you previous act just by doing double tap. Many artist appreciate that because this saves a lot of time.

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Paper by WeTransfer

 sketching app

Paper is one of the few apps to get some awards. The best thing about the paper is that its interface is quite simple and easy to learn and due to such a famous app there are thousand of tutorials on internet about its interface and. Tool usage so you can learn any time about any thing. This cartoon app is also used for professional use so its 2 in 1 app you can use it in both ways as a beginner or as a professional. This app also allows you to share your media to the social media platforms.

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Auto desk sketchbook

artwork ISO

This app helps  the designers ,artists and students so they can create some  creative things through sketchbook. This app has tools to make drawing and design for specific purpose. The best things about sketchbook is use of pen and color while creating sketch and it is beneficial for artist and designer. The performance of this app on even smaller apple products is quite impressive. It supports apple pencil 2nd generation. This app also has some customizable tools for better use. This app also contains some features which are specially for beginners like grid lines or line support.

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Artstudio pro: Draw paint Edit

most powerful painting and photo editing app ios

Artstudio pro is the most powerful app available on app store. As the name says this is for professional use only, a lighter version of this app is also available for the beginners but this is specially for the professionals. This app can open multiple documents at a time. This app sports 64 bit painting. This app also allows you to import and export you files in almost all famous and common formats. If you want use this app you must have a good apple device running IOS 10 or above. Best suitable device for this app is IPad.

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These are our top cartoon apps for IOS what is your list. Please share with us in the comments. Hopefully we will also update the list from your comments.


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