Making Memes are pretty simple, fun and easy with your android device. There are many perfect cartoon apps to generate perfect memes for you, we have literally gone through from hundreds of Playstore apps to compile top 10 list for you. Lets start without any wait now;

Now a days memes are best part of most of the people because they make people laugh or happy but memes are also a source of income in different ways, so here we brought 10 best apps for you to make memes.

GATM Meme generator:

Meme GeneratorThis Meme Generator App is very simple meme creator app. You can choose from thousands of memes and create your own memes instantly. You can check live preview while creating your own memes. The best thing about this app is the memes are watermark free. The memes can be searched and view in list form, you can also mark favorite memes.

This is one of the most famous apps out there in market because its free and Do not force you for watermark. So you can make your memes without any logo so you memes look professional. This app also has a great feature ( built in search tool) where you can search any thing image or text in case you need so you don’t have to leave the app and search separately which wastes your precious time. The interface of the app is quite simple and understandable so even a new comer can easily use this app and can make people happy.

Meme generator free:

Meme Generator FreeThis app is favorite and famous due to its insane features like more than one thousand high quality meme templates which will save a lot of time while making memes. This app also has its own content which is updated weekly and you are free to use that in your memes. For meme makers this app is not only a meme generator it is also a source of content for them you don’t know when a thing becomes meme. This app also allows you to make your memes without any watermark. So you can be logo free in a world of logos.

Memedroid – memes, gifs, funny pics and meme maker :

Meme MakerThis app is not for only English man there is support of too many languages so this mean this app is not limited for English speaking community. You can make memes in any language and can cover your language area. This app also allows you to save your customs, like you made a custom template or meme and want to reuse it in any other meme so your hard work and time both will be saved. This app is connected to your main gallery and automatically uploads funny memes by himself, this thing looks disturbing but its fun to see new memes everyday in your phone.

Meme generator – meme creator :

Meme CreatorThis app is best for those who doesn’t know any thing about editing and memes making because its interface is quite simple and understandable. So you will easily understand and learn from just one tutorial. You don’t need special classes for this app. This app allows you to share directly to the other social media platforms. This app has an amazing feature of direct camera which allows you to take a picture from camera and convert it into a meme and make real life memes. This app is quite smooth and reliable for meme makers.

Memasik – Meme maker free app:

Meme Maker FreeThis app is best if you want to find the dead memes and use them in new memes because this app has a great data base and you can find almost any meme on this app. This app also has a great interface which attract all the users. This app has almost all the tools for the memes like crop transparency and all other stuff. This app has a fast share button for social media and other platforms. Some people get offend because this app contain all types of memes and you can get easily offend so keep that in mind while using it.

Meme generator – create funny memes:

Meme GeneratorThis app has crazy no of 5M plus downloads on play store and a great no of positive reviews about its performance and powerful editing tools. This Meme Generator App  also has pro tools for editing and taking meme to next level like colour adjustment and texture control. This app has a great variety of built in materials like stickers and templates and all these are updated on weekly basis so you no need to go anywhere for content. This app also has direct share of content to social media apps like facebook, dropbox and what’s app etc.

Comic and meme creator :

Meme Creator for andoridThis app is more than a meme making app. It is a platform for content creators  which means you can like and comment on memes of other meme makers. This app has so many free cut anime characters which you can use in your memes and a very few apps provide you this feature on the other hand in other apps you have to take a picture and have to crop that image to make it free cut. This Meme Generator App also allows you to share your memes directly on other social media platforms like face book and whats app.

Meme generator and creator:

Meme Generator & CreatorThis is an amazing app with a good rating of 4 out of 5. This app has a lot of  tools like colours, different size and font colours. This app also allows you to use your camera to make a picture meme or make your own selfie a meme which is every meme creator’s dream. The interface of this app is quite easy and understandable nothing like pro apps so you will not face difficulty in making memes. You can share your data on social media platforms directly through this app without any logo or mark.

Pixlr :

Free meme creatorThis app is one of the most downloaded  editing apps on the play store with a crazy no of downloads 50 million plus. This app is famous for its built in unique feature auto fix which at the moment adjust your image colours. This app has  a great no of tools for your memes like overlays, transparency tool, free cut etc. This app has a great no of built in stuff like collages and stickers for your use. This Meme Generator App does not require any log in you can use this app by just downloading it.

Pizap photo editor, meme maker, design & collages :

MEME Maker appsThis Meme Generator app has 10 million plus downloads on play store and thousands of positive reviews.  This app has a great data base which provides you more than a million stock images for your use. This app also claims that no other app in the play store has more stickers. This is a very great claim for an app but this claims shows how great their data base is and for a meme maker a great data base means a great source of content and a great time saver. Almost all the features of this app are great. You can directly share your meme on social media platforms.

Mematic – The Meme Maker

The Meme MakerYou can make professional Meme using this Meme Generator App. This app is absolutely fantastic. One of the easiest way to make memes beyond doubt. It is clever, intuitive and great fun. You share/upload memes to any social platform straight away.

Add captions to pics or access collection of memes in this meme maker app.

All the apps above are totally free and you can make memes without any worries. Make memes and make people happy.

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