Are you looking for some online fun? You can find many ways to entertain yourself, but the best is to choose online platforms for entertainment. You can do so many activities on the web, whereas animated memes can also make your day. Do you like making memes on the web? First, find the platforms where you can create memes. What about using online web applications for creating memes? In this article, we’ll share some exceptional meme creating platforms to let the audience know. Memes are funny that everyone wants to see today, as life is busy and full of hectic schedules, even people don’t have time to laugh. Thankfully, these memes bring a smile on your face. No matter if you are sad or tensed about things and daily tasks, the memes you see on the web make you happy.

Memes are funny pictures that you can see in abundance over the web and various social media channels. Funny memes cover hilarious content created for fun purposes only. Let’s talk about some free online animated meme creators!


Filmora FREE Online Meme Maker

Filmora is a popular online application used for creating funny memes. It’s a simple platform easier to operate where you can create so many funny memes. You can create a range of animated and unanimated memes on this wonderful platform. Further, you don’t need to sign in or log in to use this app, it’s free and gives you a quick start. You can create memes in different memes, it’s up to you whether you want to create image, video or even gif option is available too. After creating your content, you can publish it on different social platforms.


EZ animation maker

If you are searching for a platform to edit your images and don’t find any suitable option, you can use Toonclip to get all your work done. Toonclip is an easy to operate editing application where you can turn your ordinary images into funny ones. You can see so many templates in this platform for creating images, so just you need to put your script and content to get the funny memes. You can also edit your clips to get the content you required. It’s a perfect app for creating funny memes. You should try it!


Meme Generator

Clideo is a web application that many people use to create funny memes including videos and images in different formats. It’s a comprehensive video making tool that not only provides you content in JPEG format but in PNG format as well. You can get videos in so many other forms including MP4, MOV, GIF, BMP, and AVI forms. You can secure your funny memes by signing in the format.


Make animated GIFs from video files, Youtube, video websites, images, pictures

ImgFlip is another famous web application that helps you to create memes. You can create a variety of images and videos on this platform. If you want to convert your images into videos, you get this option in ImgFlip. All your funny memes can turn into videos that you can upload on social media and wherever you want. If you are using a mobile phone, you can easily upload these images by using your phone. Usually, the option of uploading content on the phone is not available on other web applications. Thankfully, ImgFlip provides this facility to users.


Create a meme from JPG, GIF or PNG images. Edit your image and make a meme.

Many people want to create funny images online. I Love IMG provides them the facility of creating a variety of images online. You can create your images easily on this app, as it is easier to use. Further, you can drag images from Google Drive and Dropbox. So, it’s a user-friendly device.


Free Online Video Meme Maker

If you have any plans to create videos, audios, image designs, and many similar things, you can find endless fun on Wofox. It’s a user-friendly application that provides you an opportunity of creating funny content with ease. A beginner can create animated videos by signing into the app. Wofox meme creators also offers sound features of creating memes that you can upload on social platforms without facing any difficulty.


Meme Maker - Make Your Own Memes in Seconds Online

If you have a taste of creating aesthetic images, Crello is the app you need at the moment. Crello is a perfect app that can provide you an opportunity of creating extraordinary special animated memes without seeking any help. It’s a friendly and easier to operate, no matter if you are a beginner or experienced user. Get in touch with Crello and start making animated images.


search gifs

Giphy is a common and popular web application used in different parts of the world by creative users. It’s an online gif making platform that requires sign in and Email ID. One has to have an email ID to use this stunning meme creators platform. Further, you can create stunning images, no matter if it comes to photos and funny gifs. Giphy provides excellent services to users who want to create animated images and videos. Now the dream of creating gif images has come true with this platform.


free online image, GIF, and video meme maker

Kapwing is another awesome meme creators platform used for creating mind-blowing videos and images. It’s a great online editing tool that not only helps you to create funny memes, but you can make fine quality images that everyone praises on social media. By using a meme template, you can create magic by using the Kapwing tool.

Adobe Express

Make Memes for Free in Minutes

If you are looking for another free online tool to make funny memes and videos, you can use Adobe Spark to get your job done. You can create so many funny memes by using this powerful tool that has got nice reviews on the web. You can edit background text on the image or wallpapers by using this perfect web application. Further, you can create many styles and designs using this application. It’s a genuine meme creating tool!

If you are planning to create funny content on social media to make people laugh, all the above mentioned free online apps are best to use. All these apps can help you design and edit funny content.

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